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I am the Third Wave.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cpt Toellner, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Yet another refugee from another site, I am regrettably associated with these folks.

    I have over ten years of roleplay experience, but have had a difficult time getting back into the grove for the last year. So for some time, I may just patrol the OOC parts of the site until I regain my footing. I'm eager to meet new people, as well as see old friends who have already made it here.

    Who knows, something here might change my ways. Until then, I will be subjigating the General Chat forum, I uh mean, instilling my new regime, no......

    I'll just be lurking then.
  2. And yet another migrating traveler appears, a welcome to you!
    *blab blab*
    Please do enjoy playing roles.
  3. Well, hi Toes. :wave:
  4. Hey man welcome to the forum. Hopefully you're able to get yourself into roleplaying again! The general chat section is a fun place to be. I always end up laughing with alot of the posts there. Enjoy Iwaku!
  5. Hi there Captain! *Salute!*