I am the New Kid in my Old Town

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  1. When Erin was six years old he lived in a town called the 'Hollows' he had ton of friends but one day he had to move... Now 10 years later he is back!
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Erin William Roberts
    Sex: Male
    Erin couldn't believe it... He was moving back to place when he was a kid! He was excited. Maybe he would see all his old friends again. They certainly would be surprised to see him. The thought made him chuckle.
    His mom smiled at him through the review mirror, "What's so funny Erin?"
    Erin looked at his mother, "Oh nothing." then smiled.
    Once they got to the new house Erin got out and stretched his legs. He looked at the new house. It was a small pale green and white house. It will definatly be enough for two people.
    "Umm Erin dear..." Erin turned around to see his mother having trouble holding a box. He laughed and took it from her, "I got it mom."
    His mother smiled, "You are such a sweetheart."
    And with that for the rest of the day the started unpacking.
    Erin got up earlier than usual... he always had a habit of being the first one up. He took a shower, then afterwards got dressed, he put on a black sleeveless shirt, which showed off his muscular arms, camo pants and black sneakers. Then he jogged downstairs, ate breakfast and headed for school. Once he got there he was surprised at how many people went to Hollow high. He took a deep breath and walked in.

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  2. Amelia woke up with a start. Groaning in response to a featherlike tug on his shoulder, Amelia slowly regained consciousness as the seconds flew by, yet her mind still deep in slumber. Subconsciously raising her head up from its resting position against her chest, Amelia nearly let out a painful cry when her neck collided with the edge of the wooden chair. She felt the familiar force of life bringing her back from her sleep; a loud yawn escaping her lips. Recovering from her dreamless state, Amelia heard a gentle voice chiming through her ears, calling out her name. Groggily, she reached out to rub at her eyes. Someone, possessing long beautiful blonde hair was hovering above her. She couldn't tell who it was with her world blurring before her. But the young woman appeared awfully familiar. ". . . Who?" she croaked out, "are you?"
    Perking up at the sound of a small furry ball nuzzling her abdomen, Amelia wordlessly glanced down to see her beloved feline curled up on her lap, purring in satisfaction. Blinking twice to recover from her sleep, Amelia glanced around her surroundings. Streams of sunlight flowed in through a crack from the window, causing Amelia to abruptly avert her gaze away. The posters glued all over her purple colored wall stared right back at her. Nothing appeared suspicious from what she could tell, in fact, the only noise she heard was her ragged, uneven breathing. Subconsciously curling both hands into tiny ball of fists, Amelia took a sharp intake of breath in a vain attempt to cool herself down.
    As she originally suspected.
    She had yet another one of those creepy dreams.
    ". . . . ."
    Once she regained full consciousness, Amelia's cat purred ever so smoothly, nuzzling its head against her exposed thigh. Masking her confusion with a tight smile, Amelia softly caressed the creature before hesitantly peeling herself off her comfortable position.
    She headed for the bathroom, mindlessly doing her everyday morning routine before climbing down the chairs to find the house empty.
    Of course, her parents weren't home.
    ". . . Pfft. As if I expected anyone around anyways," she grumbled to herself, wordlessly sauntering out the home and begun her way towards school.
  3. Erin grabbed his schedule and walked at the same time. He looked at each door and eventually found his first hour class then he looked down at his watch. It was 6:30. That means half and hour before school starts. I should just take a detour around the high school then, he thought and started walking.
  4. Jaky aka Dragon Art. was near her locker with an what she calls an everyday outfit. and yes she normaly at school very early. It was normale to people who knew her she was an (cosplay) desiner. today she was Blood from Alice in the Coutery Of Haerts. she loved dressing as guys. her pale skin help alot with the Cosplaying beacuse every character from an anime she find is white. 'I feel bad for all the black kids out there' she thinks to herself. she also notice that some one said there was a new but not so new student she onder if it was 'him'. she turned around and walked into someone not mean to. "hey watch it the amazing Jaky aka Dragon Art is walking he-" she cute her self off when she notice who she bump into "No Fing way Erin?" she amazed at what she was looking at
  5. Erin looked down at her, blinked for a moment then had the biggest grin on his face, "What? I don't get a hug?" he teased.
  6. NO" she yelled then said "you get a kisses" she kissed him allover the face. "OMFG it real is you i thought my 98% crazy just want up" she was amazed. "and what the hell you leave me and your other friends what the F man" she kicks him in the knees
  7. He laughed and wiped his face, "Yeah sorry about that. My mom that was a good idea at the time. But boy I missed you!" he smiled, "And now I am here to stay!"
  8. She wiped away fake tears "that was so kind of you to say" she said then hugged him. "ok now tell me about the life out side this town" she said she has been out of town before but only for alot anime cons she juges for
  9. Erin shrugged, "There is not much to tell."
  10. He was up early which isn't unusual since he was out tagging old building and the school roof with symbols and markings, he had just finished tagging and was walking down the hall when he heard a familiar voice that he had not hear in a while but it was true when he saw a familiar face and said " HEY YOU, YEAH YOU, THE ONE WHO LEFT ME HERE ALL THE FUCK ALONE! " he said laughing as he walked towards Erin.
  11. Erin recognized that tone anywhere. Despite the fact that both he and Con (that's what Erin has called him ever since they were little) have deeper voices now, they were able to pick out each others voices, it was actually pretty impressive. Erin turned around to faced Con. He had the biggest grin on his face, "Con! Hey man!"
  12. " You little assmunch come here! " He said running over to eli and embracing him into a bro hug and then letting him go laughing " Man i missed you and damn you got big " He said laughing again inspecting eli and walking around him as if he was a police officer.
  13. she was about to say something when someone called out to Erin then when she notice who it was she smiled and called back at him"HEY WHO YOU CALLING ALONE YOU HADE ME AND I FOUND HIM FIRST" she yelled at CC. she was going to have to ask him soon but not now. "Stupied what do you want." she asked CC.
  14. Erin laughed and hugged back, "Thanks man! I missed you too! And I am not the only one who got big!!" Erin looked at Jaky and laughed, "Good to know your guy's personalites haven't changed."
  15. " i aint change for nobody " he said getting in jaky face and said " Pfft you hate me dont lie " he poked her nose and walked past her and stood infront of eli again " How was uhm you old new place lol you meet alot of cool new people like me "
  16. "your lucky i cant hit you or use the fake gun on you because are pissing me off" she hissed at him. she clamed down and smile. "well I got to cosplay so your going to see a pissed off me for a day."
  17. Erin laughed and shook his head. Then he stopped walking and looked around then looked at two of his old friends, "Hey. Does Amelia still live here?" truth was when they were younger Erin had a major crush on her. The only person that knew about it was Con.
  18. " you mean the lovely Amelia who everyone is madly in love with or hates " he rubbed his chin " i wish i knew were she was, she owes me...and wait..." he had a smirk on his face " IS THERE STILL THAT LITTLE BOY INSIDE OF YOU! " con said hopping around laughing.
  19. Erin's cheeks burned, he could feel he blushing really bad, "W-what makes you say that?!" to be honest even though he has been gone a while he still thought of Amelia and wondered what would have happened if he stayed there.
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  20. " OOOOH! OOH! THERE IT IS! " he mushed Erin's face up and danced back and forth " hahaha i got you bro i'll be your wingman