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  1. Winds of fate bring a stranger among you. Upon the emerging shoots that unfold into leaf and splendor I have wandered a phantom plane to the nation shores of Iwaku. I am here to grow with you and diversify my rp skills as well as improving upon my writing. So I am currently on a mystic/ urban legend kick but open minded and versatile to whatever we can think of together. I will probably be posting 3x a week and maybe as often as 5 posts depending on how my work week looks. I am 26 years of age I rp in fantasy, sci-fi, dark fantasy, post apocalyptic, horror and whatever our minds can concoct. I hope to hear from you.
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  2. Welcome Steelmail! I hope you enjoy if here, seems like you will!
  3. ehrmgosh, I can't believe you've played Car Wars. That's awesome.

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you have many great adventures and tell many epic tales.
  4. Thank you for the welcome, it's always nice to get feed back. At the moment I am trying my hand at sci-fi in the jump ins.
  6. Lol yes! another person who knows what "Car Wars" is! YAHH! the "Mad Max" movies are a cult classic; I see them making a return even now. My favorite is still the original, with "Road Warrior" following in second! Both premises are simple storylines but sometimes "simple" means "solid". I found the "Thunderdome" storyline to be too weak with a lot of "Hollywood" fillers. At that I have yet to see the new one. Thank you also for a warm welcome.
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  7. oh man, I really have to recommend the new one. I saw it this week and it was great :D

    gosh, now I really have an urge to see if I can grab some people and convince them to play :P
  8. Welcome to the forum, Steelmail! Saw you around, but never officially said welcome :)
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