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  1. My uni records and puts all lectures online so you can watch later.


    7 lectures behind after first week = 4.67 hours of catching up = doing it overnight on Sunday and no longer being behind


    [I promise all these threads about uni will stop once I catch up and don't have as much work to put off doing and thus procrastinate here]
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  2. Its okay. Sometimes there is people like me now that come and to say "You did a good job! Keep going!" to make our own and hopefully your day a bit better. So hold on in there and good luck!
    (You never would believe that encouraging others cloud make you feel good about yourself.)
  3. How did you end up behind in the first place?
  4. well, Uni is one of those places where they give you lots of freedom with none of the responsibility

    its quite easy to fall behind

    my own experience was - oh! opportunity to do adulting! so i never got behind because i liked to read a little ahead

    and by reading ahead (which is faster for me than 1.5x recording speed), i had more time to play, goof off, party, RP, play D&D, and go to anime conventions

    work hard, play harder

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  5. Didn't do any work over Christmas. Pulled an all nighter the night before the first day to do the work I was meant to do over the holiday, and well, things kinda backslid from there. I've done three or four all nighters in the past seven days I think, and so ended up sleeping really weird times, through lectures and stuff. Getting my shit together now though, I'm basically caught up.

    Raz is right, pretty much, albeit in a very truncated fashion. My uni is extremely research-oriented by necessity, so it potentially exacerbates this problem, but generally lecturers and tutors want nothing to do with you unless they have to (with a couple of exceptions). They want to get on with their research, not teach. You're basically just given notes via lectures, and that's about it. Uni is all about you motivating and teaching yourself. I thought I'd adapt to the change well, but I really didn't - at school I never had to lift a finger to cruise through exams and get As, so I thought I'd adjust well as I'd never taken school seriously enough to be coddled by it. I never really snapped out of that no-effort attitude once I got here, and I underestimated the difficulty of the course and the high expectations of my uni and, I can only assume, universities in general. People had warned me that "this time my lack of effort would come to bite me on the ass" a million times, and it never has. This time it's finally come around and bitten me on the ass.

    Protip: if you go to uni (if you aren't there already, though as I remember you're now in your last year of high school?), just get on and work in the first term. So many people doss off and regret it, including me, and those people will tell you not to bother worrying or working because "first year barely counts for anything." Don't listen to the mes of the world, for your own sake. xD
  6. Unfortunately "reading ahead" doesn't work when you're doing theoretical physics. xD There aren't even any assigned textbooks, just ones recommended, and those only for extra problems to practice on. You just gotta wait until the next lecture, for the most part, although a few of my courses have handed out full lecture notes for the entire course at the beginning. Though, again, they tend to be summary notes and not nearly enough to get a solid understanding.
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