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  1. A group of Loric children escaped from Lorian when the mob adoring attacked. They were the loric's last hope each had a cepan some of the cepans stayed together in a group and some took their garde with them and left the group. The mogadorians are not of earth looking for the garde. Some of the cepan brought their own children with them to earth.

    1. Nudity is allowed but sex scenes must be "fade to black"
    2. No Mary-Lou's and Gary-Stu's
    3. No over powered characters
    4. Be active if you don't post every 48 hours without talking to me prior you will be kicked.

    Character Sheet
    Age: (10-20)
    Cepan or Garde:
    Legacies: (if garde)

    Character: Xavier
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Personality: WIP
    Appearance: 6ft, brown hair and eyes, slightly muscular build, Caucasian but has a slight tan
    Force field generation
    Energy projection
    Control of the elements
    Other: has two chimera named Angelo and Angel
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