I Am Nine: The Death of Diana


Nino Notachat

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I have no idea if I am going to continue this, or have Nine kill other people...^^ But, for everyone's enjoyment- THE DEATH OF DIANA! I hope she likes it- I'm going to consider this my "I love my sissy!" present for her. XD

Enjoy! <3

I. The beginning

"No...!" Reality hit once I opened my eyes. My hands were shaking. Every single muscle and nerve ending pulsed as my heart pounded. Shaky hands met my gaze. Were those hands mine? They were covered in blood. They weren't...couldn't be mine.

I shakily brought my right hand up and licked. Jesus. Blood. Not just any blood- it was exactly like mine. The taste of iron hit my senses hard and it sent me reeling. Staggering, I arose from the bathroom floor and tried to catch my breath.

There was so much blood....It was painted across all of the walls, my clothes and the floor. Trying to figure out what had happened, I stood. I leaned against the wall. My right hand came up to my face again, and I inhaled the scent of blood.


Reality hit me hard. I thought I had been able to control my anger- it had been YEARS since my rage got a hold of me. Since then, my sister packed us up and we moved away. She had been protecting me ever since...

Panic soon replaced my confusion, and I scrambled and slipped on the bathroom's tile floor. God, there was so much blood! Finally, I clawed myself out and down the hall. The walls, our pictures...bloody handprints were smeared all the way down, to Diana's room.

"No..." My heavy breaths stopped and felt like tacs in my throat. It was hard to swallow now, let alone breathe. I slammed into the wall and knocked a picture of me and my sister down. I remember that time...it was during the Chinese New Year festival. My chest tightened. If only I could remember HOW this happened...! Finally breathing shakily, I mentally ordered my feet to obey.

One in front of the other...do as I say, until I get to her room!

"Diana! This isn't funny, are you okay?!" We are the only people who know about my abilities. Both of us found out about it when I was five- the hard way. I let my anger get the better of me for the first time and took out an entire city park with my mind. Diana was unscathed, but she quickly packed me up and protected me ever since. Finally, I made it to her room- and once I placed my shaky, bloody fingers on the splintered door, a wave of memories came rushing through me.

"No! I already told you, it's not safe for you to be out in the city alone!" Diana slammed down the plate she had been holding and it shattered. They were arguing because Nino wanted to actually do something by herself. The older sister continued to slam things and stomp; it was obvious that Diana only wanted to protect her, but she was stubborn.

Stomping her feet as well, Nino followed after her ranting sister and sighed. "What, you can't imagine your precious little sister doing anything without you?!" Neighbors started to hear the yelling and quickly left their houses.

It would be best not to get involved with a fight between sisters. They had NO idea how right they were.

Apparently, Nino's words upset her sister and she gave her a hard shove into the bathroom. A loud crash came, and fuming Nino came crawling out as Diana headed to her own room. The fight was on now, and panting Nino got to her feet. "Diana, I'm warning you!"

"You can't hurt me!" Diana hissed back, from behind her closed door. "You wouldn't DARE! You need me, whether you want to admit it or not! You're helpless!" Before she could say any more, the door exploded in her face. Splinters dug into her skin from the massive blast and they bled profusely. Diana was shocked, and right then and there- she realized that maybe...just MAYBE she had pushed Nino too far. The realization was quickly confirmed, as Nino's blank, dead eyes met hers. Cocking her head to the side, she poked at one of Diana's wound and smirked. Whenever her abilities came, the youngest wasn't herself. It seemed like some entity momentarily took over Nino's body.

"Your precious little sister doesn't need you anymore. She's got ME, now."

Diana didn't have time to react, as Nino reached out and simply crushed her skull. It was all over, and when she woke up- somehow, she was in the bathroom again.

"Diana..."I didn't have to indulge my worries by looking into her room. I already knew what happened. Now, it was time to get out of there. I scrambled up from the floor and ran to my room. A small bag packed with food, clothes, money and a few trinkets was set next to the front door. I went to grab my iPod, cellphone...and even stopped in the hall to grab a few pictures of my sister and I.

With one last look at what was once my home, I headed out the door. However, I failed to notice the letters scrolled out across the wall, in blood. The front door slammed behind me and I strolled out onto the sidewalk, lighting a cigarette. The police would see it when they got there, but it wouldn't be the first time I had seen those words.


Yes, I am Nine- and someday the entire world would know it.
Murderous wench! D:< I'll get my revenge!