I am new and don't know how to do crap! Please help!!

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  1. Hello! I want to start off by thanking you for opening this up and taking time to read it.
    How can I make my own RP?
    How do I take a character spot in an RP?
    How do I use my character?
    Please help. I am really excited about this website. I have never RPed before and I could also use some pointers.

  2. How can I make my own rp?
    Simple. You create a new thread in the appropriate forum (Fantasy, One x one, Jump in, Sci-fi, whichever fits what you have in mind.) Describe your idea and tell them to submit a character sheet if you require one. One thing to remember is that every roleplay forum has a sub forum where you tell people about your idea and where you have your OOC chat and such things. In the main roleplay forum you only write IC posts (In character posts).

    For example: There is one x one roleplay and the sub-forum one x one roleplay requests & plot discussions. There is horror roleplay and there is horror signups & plot discussions. Discuss plots in the signups and put your In character threads in the proper forum that's named x roleplay. (Always make a signup thread if it isn't put in the jump in section, otherwise people might not write because they don't know that they can jump in)

    How do I take a character spot in an rp?
    You simply read what the game master requires from the players and if you meet the requirements you write your character in the sign up thread (Or if a character sheet isn't necessary then you simply tell them that you want to join). Often the game master will simply say that you're accepted, but sometimes you might be denied if your character doesn't meet the requirements. Read the requirements well if there are some. Just go to the signup threads and look through some roleplays and see what you want to join. If you're uncertain then you can always PM the game master first and ask questions before you post in the OOC (out of character) thread.

    How do I use my character?

    You simply go to the IC (in character) thread once it's created and start writing posts. In the jump in section you won't have to write in the sign ups if nothing else is stated in the first IC posts, but if it's in any other roleplay forum (Fantasy, modern or other) then you'll probably have to check out the OOC thread for that rp first. If you can't find it, then you can always check with the Game master (the person that made the first post) for a link and ask if they accept more people.

    You should ONLY write as your character in the IC threads, if you want to talk about what should happen or want to ask something, then you either go to the OOC or if there is non, send a private message to the other participants in the rp.

    If something were unclear it's just to ask again :)

    Read a couple of posts in some forums and You'll probably understand a bit what's going on ^^
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  3. Everything @redblood said!

    Condensed Version:

    How do I make my own RP?
    1) advertise your idea to get players! You can post a thread in Roleplay Talk (Use the 'Interest Check' prefix), or a signup in the OOC subforum for the genre you want. In an interest check/advertisement, what you want to do is describe the roleplay you want to make, and ask if anyone would like to participate. You may set requirements for players to join if you want.

    How do I take a character spot in an RP?
    You can find signups and recruitment threads in the forums I mentioned before, so click around there and find people who are looking for more players. From there, you contact the Game Master and ask to join. Make sure you read their post carefully first. Roleplays that have already started sometimes accept new players, too, but remember to always ask permission before starting to roleplay (Unless it's in Jump Ins in which case you don't need permission.)

    How do I use my character?
    You post an In Character (IC) post in the roleplay thread! In an IC post, you write about what your character is doing, saying, thinking, and the things that are happening in the scene. Three basics of writing a post are:
    1) Forum Roleplays usually prefer you write in third person ("He jumped/Jack jumped", not "I jumped") and past tense ("Jumped/ran", not "Jumps/runs")​
    2) Pay attention to other people's posts, and try not to contradict them (eg: saying that Mary was standing when Mary slipped and fell last post). Deciding what the other characters are doing/saying instead of leaving it to their players is also a big no-no​
    3) The best posts are the ones that give people something to react to. Don't just reiterate what other people are saying; add your own contributions! You should ask the GM before having something major happen though, as it may mess up their plans for the plot. (big things being stuff like 'a character who everyone thought was dead was in hiding this entire time!' 'The building everyone is standing in becomes the target of a terrorist bomb threat!' etc. Smaller things would be a mugger approaching someone, the weather changing and forcing people indoors, a stray, injured animal coming along, etc)​

    Like redblood said; we separate OOC and IC on Iwaku, so make sure you only put character posts in the roleplay threads, and do Out of Character (OOC) in the OOC/Signup/Discussion/Interest check thread. To clarify; an OOC post is anything that is NOT a part of the roleplay