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So, hangovers?

  1. Every time T^T

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  2. When I overdo it, yeah ;_;

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  3. Never =^.^=

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  1. [​IMG]Im curious; how many Iwaku citizens are those fortunate folk who never get hangovers?

    I don't get em. Neither do my sister or my brother (though our eldest sister faces morning torment every damn time)

    I woke up still drunk one time, but I don't think that counts
  2. I've never had a hangover.

    But then again I don't drink either. :3
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  3. That doesn't count, Gwazi, quit wreckin the curve! :P
  4. Drunk Orochi is boring. Coz Drunk Orochi is on the floor either asleep or physically incapacitated.

    I can safely say that most of my the stupid/crazy decisions I've made were done sober.

    Never had a hangover.

    My body goes into stasis mode when I get sufficiently hammered and will refuse to reboot until after a physical memory dump.

    Stasis mode usually last between 30mins to 2hrs, depending on how much I disdain I have for my liver. I'm good to go again when I wake up.

    On especially crazy nights , I usually find myself either at home or at a friend's place or at a total stranger's couch wondering where the fuck I am.

    It will take a while before I realize that it's the next day and it's already night time and I have been in Odinsleep for 18hrs and skipped a day of my life.

    Still no hangover so it all works out in the end.
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  5. I've never had a hangover. I can get absolutely obliterated on alcohol and not have a hangover the next day, I just sleep longer instead. In exchange, I'm part of a line of alcoholics genetically, so if I ever drink too often, I'll get addicted very quickly.

    Wheeee biology~
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  6. ^
    I didn't vote though, no worries :P
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  7. I do not get hangovers. I just wake up super early and want a lot of grease foods.
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  8. You people are Weirdos!>_>
    Not having a hangover.

    I don't recall last time I had a hangover, a few years ago I think. But then again I do get a slight headache the next day IF I overdo it and sleep the whole day through lol :)

  10. I never get hangovers. Hangovers are for nerds.
  11. I think part of the reason some of us don't get hangovers is because we aren't imbecile drunkards who can't stay within their limits. :ferret:
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  12. It's extremely rare when I get a headache. I'll still wake up drunk after a druken CAH night.... lol and nights out at the bar. However if I even have a twinge something might come I just do hair of the dog. But yeah... rarely get them. Or I should say used to... since drinking is off the table tI'll Hopespawn arrives.
  13. I'm not going to pretend I don't get them like some of these obvious story tellers. I get them only rarely because I take the time to prep myself for them. I eat a decently filling meal before drinking, plenty of water during and after drinking, and if I can muster it (and I usually can), a bacon sandwich after all that. Years of heavy partying in my youth have made me a little more tolerant than average, but not impervious.
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  14. I don't get hung over, I get pregnant. =/ The last time I was actually drunk was a month and a half before my 22nd birthday. The day before my birthday I found I was pregnant thanks to a trip to the ER. Needless to say, it wasn't hard for me to pinpoint when it happened.
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  15. I say I never get a hangover, but I'm actually not entirely sure?

    I mean, I've felt pretty tired and lousy and shit the day after a night out, but I've never experienced the sorts of blistering headaches my friends to complain about. Some people I've spoken to count any sort of feeling crap the next morning as a hangover, whereas others only count it if you feel truly awful. No matter how ridiculously wasted I've gotten, I've only ever had the former, which was pretty mild - just felt like being sleep-deprived, which I was anyway, but a bit worse.
  16. If y'all don't have a hangover you're obviously not doing it right!

    Haha I kid, of course. I have a friend who doesn't get them so I know it's weirdly possible. I'm generally really grumpy the next morning because I don't want to wake up. :)
  17. and thus began the shotgun wedding
  18. You're not kidding. I was six months pregnant when we got married, and my mom did everything but sign for the marriage license. @_@
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  19. It's a romantic comedy
  20. The only thing funny about it was it took 7 JD and Cokes to get me pregnant in one try. =/
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