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  1. Hello there everyone, welcome to my cozy little spot. Please sit down and have a spot of tea. Would you like Earl Grey? Chai? Chamomile? One lump of sugar or two?
    And of course, let's not forget the muffins! Please help yourselves to the selection I have here. I've got vanilla, chocolate, green tea and whatever flavor you wish cos they're imaginary!

    Right, comfy?

    Let's get down to business, I'm looking for an RP partner. Someone who will be patient with me as there are times I will reply back to you so fast you wonder if I'm just sitting in front of the screen waiting for you to reply or I will reply so slow that you wonder if I'm still alive. Most of the time I will tell people if I am to go away for something or am busy but there are times when I might not get the chance to, so you need to bear that in mind when RPing with me.

    Now, let's get to the juicy bits. I RP all sorts of genre, I can assure you I am no novice in this but I don't think I'm that advanced either. I just like writing stories and sometimes it's more fun when another person writes with you. So below is a list of genres that I tend to do.
    - Fantasy
    - Adventure!
    - Sci-fi/futristic
    - Comedy
    - Romance (not always necessary)
    - Post apocalyptic
    - Modern life/ slice of life (depends really sometimes I'm not too good if it's purely slice of life with no interesting other genre mix like magic, etc)
    - Mechs (oh yes, I love mechs but describing them can be a bit tedious and tough xD)
    - and many more! Basically suggest something to me and if I like it, we can give it a try to flesh it out a bit more and give it a try.

    I will be brutally honest if I don't like or if I think I cannot do the RP, but no worries even though I say I will be brutally honest, high chance I'll tell you nicely, with a box of multiflavored imaginary muffins!

    *ahem* Anyways, I can play both male and female characters. I'm not sure which particular gender I'm good at but I have a lot of male characters in my repertoire than female (cos I like drawing guys, hee hee). Although it'll be nice to play as a female once in a while. I mostly do heterosexual pairings, MxF but if you want me to do MxM or FxF I can try. I have more experience in the former than the latter, FYI.

    Despite my age not being displayed I can assure you I am over 25 years old so adding mature themes to the RPs we will be doing is welcomed but not necessary. For those "oooh love scenes" we can choose to either play it out (with amazing detail! lol, joking, just some detail) or just do the good old, fade in and out, time skip thing.

    Hmm, what else should I add...my mind's blank right now so I guess I'll end my request here. Once again thank you so much for visiting my little spot and feel free to bring back a muffin or two! Just watch your head on the way out, the door frame's a little low.

  2. Did I heard Space? I'm the best at Space.

    Hmm... Just my imagination... Sure you didn't said Space? Hmmm... Probably not...

    Anyway, I've been reading some of those letters you put together and I may say I'm quite interested in making a nice Sci-fi adventure with you! That would be awesome...

    Oh, by the way... Here, I brought a little thing...

    By the way, did I told you how much do I like Space?
  3. Lol, you remind me of the yellow space core from Portal 2.
    Sure I need help brushing up my Sci-fi writing skills, what do you have in mind?
  4. YES!

    I have many plots space / Adventure related!

    I had one where a Faster than light jump fails and sends the spaceship to the unknown, one with space mercenaries and that kind of action-explosions things. Another one with mystery and action where a ship goes into uncharted space, and so many other things! All SPACE/Action related!
  5. Sounds cool! Could we make a mix plot where we're two rival mercenaries but due to some unforeseen circumstance (like a faster than light jump failing) sends us to a totally unknown part of space with aliens and stuff that don't take too kindly on other species apart from their kind. And that we have to cast our rivalry aside to survive in this new and treacherous frontier? Or what else do you have in mind? ^^
  6. That sounds real nice... You know I can't stop looking at the cat in your avatar? I can't stop picturing him thinking something like: Yo, are you gonna' eat all of it? Can I has a piece?

    Anyway, yeah, that plot setting sounds really cool, the only little thing I see missing is a reason for two rival mercenaries to be in the same ship.... What about if they just don't like each other? You know, they are part of the crew of the ship but they just hate each other because... Reasons? I'm not good at hating people....
  7. Well they don't hate each other per se. They're just really competitive with each other when it comes to missions and kills that they keep count. Maybe it could be that they went to the same training facility together or something...which brings me to question, what will the genders of our mercenaries be? Are you willing to include some form of budding romance or would you prefer to avoid it all together? And as they have to work together, they realize their much better as a team than going solo, especially in the new unexplored regions of space.

    As for the cat in my avatar *whispers* that's the whole plan...heh heh heh
  8. Yeah, I like that rivalry thing. Will keep things interesting. As for romance, I don't mind at all, in fact, I think it would add an extra layer of depths to the characters if they got attached to each other enough to fall in love. The only thing is I would like to keep it straight, and I usually play males so.... If you don't mind, of course. No romance is also cool.
  9. Sounds good! The romance doesn't have to happen immediately but it grows especially as they spend more time together. Cool, I don't mind playing an aggressive female mercenary for this one, in fact I sorta have an idea floating around in my head already. Need to start sketching to bring her to life! So what else shall we think about or shall we just wing it? Also I may not be too good with sci-fi terminology as much as you but I'm willing to learn!
  10. I'm more of a 'wing it' kind of person, so I would start the RP and just let our characters develop with the story.


    Now, the not-too-bad news are that here is quite late and I'm about to go to sleep, so you could either start the RP now or wait until tomorrow when I'll be able to start it.
  11. I think it's best if we start tomorrow. It may be morning here, but I might need to return to bed once after my medication kicks in, lol. Do we need to make character profiles too?
  12. Nah. Just a fancy picture and a little description as part of the first post will be more than enough.

    Well, then tomorrow it is. Hope you get better ^^
  13. Thanks. I look forward to tomorrow then! Good night!

    I have a bunch of ideas, though I mostly rp mxm. If you're still looking for partners, I can spot you some of them ^^