I am more scared of you, than you are of me! Plaaaay with me?

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  1. Please be gentle with me, I am scared. ;_____; I am Diana and I am seeking PARTNERS for one on one roleplays! Specifically people I have never played with before, so I can meet neeeeeew people!


    I will be SLOW. Like, super slow. Posting sprees will be rare with me. ;_; And sometimes you'll have to poke me to remind me to post. I promise it is not because I don't like our roleplay, it's just because I get busy. I'll always let you know if I need to drop our rp, and you can tell me if I am too slow for you. (It won't hurt my feelings!)

    I post around three or four small paragraphs. My typical post will look like this or this or this. My post size and style starts to reflect my partner's after awhile, so I will end up posting more/less in response to how you play with me.

    I am HAPPY to play with roleplay newbies or people that think they're no good. As long as I can READ your post (punctuation and spell checking) I can play! But I won't be able to review or critique your posts. I am not good at that. I just like to play. O_O

    I prefer partners that aren't afraid to plot with me and bring ideas and scenes to our roleplay! Someone that is aggressive about moving scenes and the story forward and not afraid to tell me what they like to do. People that like to chat about our roleplay, the characters, world they're in, and all the possibilities! We can chatty over PMs, because my online hours are WEIRD.

    I don't require bios but I like to chat a bit about our characters before we begin playing so you will fall in love with me just as much as I love you. :D *points above about plotting*


    I am a ROMANCE GURL! Yep, one of those girls. >:3 It dun matter what kind of romance, or if it's a slow burn, quick burn, main feature of the story, or just a small tidbit on the side! I'm also okay with sex scenes, as long as you are an adult. (I feel like a creeper doing dirty scenes with people young enough to be my kid. ;_;) I love roleplaying the dynamics of romance and relationships.

    I only play straight females. That's just how I roll!

    I can play a myriad of NPCs and villains as long as I am not the only one doing it!

    I love me some Mary Sue/Gary Stu and "Guilty Pleasure" roleplaying. You know, those things you are embarrassed to admit you like or want to do? Twilight Done Right, super powered teen angst, ripoff plot of a movie/anime. I don't care if popular opinion says it's lame, if it sounds fun, I am on board.

    I DO NOT like: Furry, Mecha, Real Life people/stars, Canon Fandoms, LOLSORANDOM stuff, anything that is High Concept Pretentious Mindfuck stuff. It's just really hard for me to get in to. If you bring up something I am not keen, I'll let you know!

    I will squee to death over: Crime Drama, Vampires, Fairy Tales, Space Pirates, Supernatural Stuff, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Thrillers, High School, Magic School... a lot of things!

    If you want to try and seduce me, I have a Dianathings list and a to bone list. Please don't laugh. ;__;

    I prefer using real lifey pictures and art, unless we are playing an anime-styled roleplay!


    My roleplay resume is also filled out on my profile! :D


    These are just some things at the top of my wishlist! If you are not interested in any of these, you can poke me with some ideas YOU have that you think I might be interested in.

    - A Maid and her Master/Boss. Any genre setting! This could be light and fun, or super serious. I don't have any plot ideas for it.

    – Mistaken Identity. Plot to kidnap a rich lady goes horribly wrong when they kidnap a Staffer instead. Whoops! Hilarity ensues? Any genre setting!

    – Manga Come to Life: The girl who secretly draws dirty manga to make money for college finds out the STAR of her manga is a real guy and has just moved in to her apartment building.

    - The author of a vampire romance novel series and the werewolf vampire slayer that saves her life! (example opener.

    - The Betrothed: Two people have been betrothed since they were children in order to unite two kingdoms. The prince is finally there to claim his future bride and take her back to his kingdom. Only on the way there, everything seems to be going wrong and trying to prevent them to reaching their destination.

    - The eccentric and adorable rich lady and her exceptional butler!

    - Dammit. I really do want to do a Twilight style story with better characters and plot.

    And if you want to spend hours searching, MY ROLEPLAY BLOG has hundreds of characters and plot bunnies. O_O If anything there catches your fancy, we can do that.


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  2. While you say you're more terrified of us than we are of you...I'm actually extremely frightened to make point of showing interest in this; but you have a lot of awesome ideas...The pain in the ass musician/assassin with his manager sounds fun....but so do a lot of your other ideas but I like music so this would be my first choice...

    If you've got an interest in me, I'm sure willing to play. (Yes I'm a girl but I can play male characters; I've plotted out two neat males recently anyway.)
  3. Yaaaaay! *Grabs Arius and runs off to the PMs!*
  4. I would be interested in the mistaken identity or The girl who thinks she is invisible and means nothing!( I prefer the second one over the first) , if you are looking for more partner.
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  5. Yaaay! *clappy!*

    Also for other people snooping, I am stiiiiill partner hunting! I will be for awhile! :D
  6. OOH! DIANA, PICK ME! PICK ME! *jumps up and down and waves hands frantically in the air*
  7. I have a pretty wide selection of cool roleplay ideas that I'd love to show you, if you're at all up to looking at them. I'm a huge sap for romance {not really big on sex though, honestly, just the dumb, dorky fluff-and-cute stuff}, I'm slow as shit with replies, and I play mainly straight males, so we've got some common grounds already.
  8. *Pushes Vay back in to her sex closet!*

    YES! :D Send me a big 'ole PM filled with those ideas and we'll see what is most spiffies!
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