I am lost ;-;

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What do you think of me now, as far as my first impression? Do you think I'm rusty or okay?

  1. Rusty. You should probably strive to improve a lot.

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  2. You're fine, you just need a bit of polishing.

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  3. Don't worry about it kiddo!

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  1. Just joined and kinda lost... anyone want to help?

    Um, I suppose I could start and say that I'm really interested in Harry Potter right now and I'm looking for a small group rp or 1x1. I just started watching it again so it got stuck in my mind.

    Just post below if you would like to give me advice on the website and how it works... Or if you're interested in working out an rp with me too. I'm primarily looking for an HP rp though, as I said before - but I'm not limited to just that.

    What I would love to do is a semi-lit or literate rp, just as long as your okay with maybe 5 or 6-liners. In the past I have always done regular rp's and never pushed myself, but I want to change that now so I can improve my writing skills. They suck right now... I'm not even going to lie. It's not particularly terrible, but it's not great either. As soon as I become more active I should be much better.

    I'm fine with M/M and adult scenes - just through IM'ing privately.
  2. Well hey, no issue! I was like you when I first actually started rping! Hey, no issue whatsoever!
  3. Awe, it'll be okay! =) If you're really lost, just read the Community 101 and Roleplay 101 on the Home tab. Don't worry about how you role play. And try not to use words like "literate" okay? The admins don't like it. ;)

    I mean... Hi there nice new person! 8D Welcome to the site! Akiko is correct, Community 101 and Roleplay 101 are theeee best places to go for quick how-to info! And if you have any more questions, there is always the community hub!
  5. Hey there. Welcome to the Iwa Forums!

    Enjoy your stay and have fun. xD
  6. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
    Enjoy our stories ;)
  7. Thank you all guys! c:
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