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  1. Two people at the opposite ends of the country have dreams about the others life growing up. They try finding each other through clues in their dreams.

    Meet Adeline, she had grown up around animals all her life until the barn was sabotaged by a mysterious person. When she was letting all the horses out she smelled something funny but thought nothing of it. As she was walking out the barn exploded, leaving her wounded. At the hospital she fell into a coma and started having dreams about a man (your character) who was in another town.
    When she woke up she was curious about you but nothing more, but then the dreams came often and more detailed about the mans life. The urge to find the man became unbearable and she set off to find someone shes never met.

    Name: Adeline Euros
    What they look like: Picture above
    Personality: A very introverted woman who knows what she wants. She was born an artist, loving to draw at age 3 and grew from there, learning to paint with different types of colors and even sculpt faces beautifully.
    Bio:Already told you...
    Job: Nurse assistant

    If you would like to play as the man who has constant dreams about this woman then please reply the following information below:

    What they look like:
    Job (the character has to be at least 18 years old and with a job:
  2. Name: Nathan Vanique
    Age: 22
    What they look like: Picture below
    Personality: Nathan is rather introverted, but unlike introverts, he isn't that shy or intimidated. One could be fooled and think he was an extrovert, but they may have left out the clues that Nathan isn't loud. In fact, he does mumble the majority of the time. One would have to have skilled ears in order to know what exactly he would say. He enjoys his alone time and spends it drawing, though he isn't the best at it, and writing.
    Bio: Nathan grew up quite simply with his mother and a younger sister. He knew his father until he simply left when he was 6, leaving Nathan confused. Growing up, he noticed someone who kept occurring in his dreams. However, when he wanted to look at this female, she simply disappeared.
    Job: Nathan works in an editorial department and he edits rough-drafts for well-known authors.

    (I am going to apologize right now if Nathan's appearance is a celebrity or something, because let me tell you right now, I have no idea.)

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