I am in the mood for a roleplay please!

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  1. Helloooo~

    I love yaoi roleplays but I am not entirely opposed to heterosexual roleplays as well. I like being the uke most of the time but also have no problem playing semes as well if doing a yaoi roleplay; I can play both male/female in hetero roleplays but most of the time, I'm better off playing the guy. Haha.

    I love fantasy roleplays as well as sci-fi. I like sex and don't mind playing it all out, not doing a fade-to-black situation. I don't mind explicity at all. I'm not squeamish :P just as long as there's plot. I don't want just a strict sexual roleplay.

    Uhm, so, yeah. :)
  2. Ill do it(: if you still need a partner I like fantasy
  3. I have a few ideas if you're up for hearing about them. :3
  4. I think we gotta wait
  5. Sounds like you're looking for the Roleplay Invitation Request thread at the top of the Roleplay Talk section!
    But if you've already found your partners here, no need to worry about it ^^
  6. Are you opposed to doing a non-romantic one?