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ι aм ιn need!!♥

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Bokkda, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. нello нello ;
    leт мe тell yoυ aвoυт мyѕelғ. ι aм jae♥
    ι aм 21 and ι aм a veтeran roleplayer.
    ι waѕ on qυιzιlla ғor a loт oғ yearѕ, υnтιl тнe glιтcнy ѕιтe decιded тo cloѕe down, ѕadly ι нave coмe тo мιѕѕ ιт. ι aм looĸιng ғor мore parтnerѕ. ι ѕaw тнιѕ ѕιтe, and decιded тo go ғor ιт.

    aѕ ғor тнe roleplay, ι нave мy eмaιl тнere, ғor тнoѕe wнo wanт ιт. ιғ noт roleplayιng тнroυgн ғorυмѕ ιѕ ғιne вy мe c: ι υrge yoυ тo read мy rυleѕ, and eιтнer eмaιl мe or мeѕѕage мe! мy lιѕт, are noт all тнaт coммon, тнey are тнιngѕ ι нave a lιттle нard тιмe ғιndιng and ι aм jυѕт cravιng! ѕo pleaѕe, ιғ yoυ ĸnow any oғ тнeм coмe тo мe! ι really aм a nιce perѕon. хd

    a в ι d e в y т н e ѕ e .

    ⦁ l i m i t a t i o n s...

    I have been roleplaying for to long... Like really long, which means, my limitations are barely visible.. Just don't get to rough with the rape and do not use water sports, or anything much to extreme for normal human beings.. Please tell me yours so we can be in the same page.

    ⦁ m a t u r e t h e m e s ...

    Mature themes are a MUST for me.. Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, gore, cheating, all of that.. I love it. The drama, I love it. It's so much fun. If you want an rp filled with smut and drugs and toxic relationships, then COME TO ME. It's just fun, if you feel uncomfortable with such themes. Then I might not be the most ideal partner for you.

    A L S O ; I am 21, which means I am of legal age, if you are younger than 17, I will probably tone down the smut..

    ⦁ l e n g t h ...

    Length; okay. I match length... I just ask for an in between, not a one liner, and not full on novella.. Since I can become very brain dead for this. I work, and I deal with people, the last thing I need is to stress out from a reply I owe you.

    ⦁ f o r m a t ...

    Please understand, that I O N L Y roleplay in third person POV and paragraph style. Anything different frrom that I will be confused as hell.

    ⦁ o r i g i n a l c h a r a c t e r s ...

    Okay, this side.. Well it gets me and it doesn't. Let's be honest, some of us make an original character for the fun of it, and filled with details, other times we make it to be the perfect girl for our love interests.. It's fine. Just please, have some self control with the perfections.

    If you want to have a pre established relationship, that's fine with me..

    If you want your OC related to my love interest, that's fine.

    But, unless discussed, do not make my love interests part anything related to you oc.

    It's not fair and I hate it.

    ⦁ l o v e i n t e r e s t ...

    This part is tricky for many. You will obviously that some of the fandoms have one love interest only. D O N O T D A R E T O U C H T H A T.

    The ones that have two, usually mean that I do not mind choosing in between them.

    I am also open to love triangles, harems etc etc etc.

    ⦁ d i t c h i n g ...

    P L E A S E D O N T ; as of late, im being ditched right after I send starters, or even while plotting.. It's not fair, it's rude and hurtful.

    If you do not like something that I do, or how I do it. Let me know. Let's talk it out. If you want to stop the rp just tell me. I will understand, just don't ditch me please. I take it hard.

    ⦁ p e r s o n a l i s s u e s ...

    I work, a lot. So please, don't stalk me :c.. Harrass me or anything. I work with people everyday as customer service in retail. You must understand that sometimes I do not want to deal with anything. If I haven't responded to a threat after four days.. Then you have all the rights to message me, go for it.

    Just not every day, every second, please.

    ⦁ l o v e t h y p a r t n e r s ...

    I love talking to my roleplay partners ooc. It's fun and I love building plots.

    Let's be friends, yeah?

    ⦁ c o n t a c t i n f o r m a t i o n ...

    I will ONLY roleplay through email. Which is ; bokkdajae@gmail.com

    d r a м a c d ѕ || o т o м e g a м e ѕ
    noтe; ιғ yoυ need нelp υnderѕтandιng тнιѕ. jυѕт leт мe ĸnow ι wιll ѕυrely нelp yoυ all ι can and we can вυιld ploтѕ тogeтнer

    lιp on мy prιnce || мoттo lιp on мy prιnce
    нarυ yanaѕe || norιo вan

    вroтнerѕ conғlιcт [[ * нaѕ an anιмe ]]
    ғυυтo aѕaнιna

    aмneѕιa [[ * нaѕ an anιмe ]]

    dιaвolιĸ loverѕ [[ * нaѕ an anιмe ]]

    ѕнυυ ѕaĸaмaĸι || yυмa мυĸaмι

    вoυѕнιya |мad нaттer| || cнeѕιre neĸo

    вad мedιcιne ~ιnғecтιoυѕ тeacнerѕ~
    ĸazυнa ĸaĸerυ || тaιĸι nagιнara

    ѕтarry☆ѕĸy [[ * нaѕ an anιмe ]]

    ιĸυ мιzυѕнιмa

    a n ι м e && м a n g a

    worιcĸ 'wallace' arcangelo

    ѕoυl eaтer
    dr. ѕтeιn

    lυcĸ gandor

    мιcнιĸo e нaтcнιn ♥♥♥
    нιroѕнι мorenoѕ

    тaĸυмι ιcнιnoѕe

    paradιѕe ĸιѕѕ
    joнjι ĸoιzυмe


    тwenтy || мovιe ||
    cнι-нo ||ĸιм wooвιn||
    pleaѕe pleaѕe pleaѕe roleplay тнιѕ wιтн мe

    jιмιn ||parĸ jιмιn||
    jυngĸooĸ || jeon jυngĸooĸ||

    вoввy ||ĸιм jι won||​
  2. Hello! You are new to the site, so I wanted to let you know that Iwaku has very strict rules about role playing sex scenes with people who are not in your age group. (Aka 18+ with 17-)

    If your roleplay is going to contain sex scenes, this thread should be moved to the Libertine forums, which is a safe place for all members of Iwaku to request writing sex without having to worry about getting requests from the wrong age group. (17- have their own forum).

    Since your thread is not specifically about smith pairings and kinks, it is okay to leave this thread here as long as you make it clear that, per Iwaku rules, you won't write out sex scenes with anyone 17 or under.

    If you'd like me to move the thread, let me know!
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