I Am Going to Chokehold Someone [Rant, but in a funny way]

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  1. Whoever designed the Rocky Mountain Metro Transit, that's the lovely Colorado Springs public transportation system, I am going to find them and stuff their mouth with fucking balding tire rubber.

    Okay Portland, Oregon public transportation, every major city goes into Portland. And beyond that they do not cancel routes on weekends.

    California public transportation, you can go just about anywhere both on the sub line and the public transportation line.

    But Colorado Springs of fucking Colorado Springs:

    -it's hard to go up North because there's not transits that go that far
    -And if you are taking the lines up North good fucking luck because they are so far in between an hour for each fucking route
    -Than on the weekends not only do they stop some route lines because it's fucking Colorado, they Increase the amount of fucking time the already open routes are going instead of keeping everything at a half n hour. They have every route 1 hour. A Hour so goodluck needing to go somewhere on time, because You have to leave your house 2 fucking hours before you can get to your thing

    In California and Portland public transportation is about convenience and getting people where they need to go.

    Colorado Springs seems to be about how much fucking shit they can put their customers through. They change the routes AGAIN. Not make them more convenient. No no to make it more fucking inconvenient. The bus I use to take, use to be half n hour, it had 11 stops and was a direct line to the downtown terminal

    Now this 11 stop half n hour bus was increased to an Hour.

    And the bus that has 20 stops still is running for half n hour. It's the longer route. The busier route. And is harder to get where I need to go on time.

    I do not who thinks this was a great idea, but fuck them

    Oh oh, but we now are allowed 3 transfers oooooo that's great, but I still have to leave the house not only 2 Fucking Hours before I need to go somewhere it will take me fucking 2 hours to get anywhere. Beautiful.
  2. I am suddenly grateful for owning a car.

    Thank you.
  3. I can't drive due to a disability. So....
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