I am back, and ready to go!

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  1. I had to step away from the roleplaying world for a bit, duh to work, and computer issues. But now I am back, and am looking for roleplays to fill time!
    I have many ideas. MANY. I will list just a few details, or more the main points of a couple, and then from there I am either open to explain, or to to even knew Ideas.

    1) Zombie status!
    Pretty self explaintory. But I love Zombie stories and such. It would start right before the outbreak happens. Somewhere in a smaller town. with probably only about 30,000 people. Not huge, but not small. Either the two can be friends, or they can just be strangers. The main point. ZOMBIES!

    2) Unknown Protector.
    In this one, my character would be a guard to the prince. She always followed him, always protected him. She is known as the one of the best fighters around. After going to multiple other kingdoms trying to find a suitor for the prince, she came to realize that she did fancy him. But obviously there was no way that he even knew who she was. After so long, she ignored it. But once a assassins came to one of the kingdoms to take out both the prince and princess, her identity comes out.

    Right now those are the two that I have super on my mind. I am open for almost anything though. I just want to start writing again!
  2. the prince one sounds a little interesting.
  3. So would you like to do it with me? :D
  4. Awesome :) Would you like to message me, and we can work out the details.
  5. I wouldn't mind doing a zombie attack roleplay :3
  6. Yay! i have been really wanted to do a zombie one! So, do you want to message me, and we will work out the details for it.