I am back after a long, long time away

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  1. Hello everyone, I am not sure if any of you actually remember me or not. But I am back and seeking fantasy based roleplay for my Sol Vampire Valerna, and my half Tiefling/Djinn rogue Atheris.

    I am not really into the OOC scene too much. But if you ever care to chat leave me a message on my profile. I also BTW enjoy Video games, Reading, Documentaries, Jogging, Anime, Playing my Piano and Cello and lastly my cat. And Play on the PC.

    Thanks for stopping by and never feel shy to drop me a message regarding setting something up. Be it private or not.
  2. Welcome back! Enjoy the new stay!
  3. Ahh I see, well have a very splendid welcome back!~ I'm a bit too new to recall your first appearance here, but I sure as heck can greet you for the first time ^ ^
  4. Thank you both for the warm and sincere welcome.
  5. Welcome baaaaack! O__O