I am at your service, Milady/Milord

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  1. Okay, disregarding the cheesy title that's a pun of my usual introduction, it is nice to meet the lot of ya! The screen-name you see here is the same one I happen to use everywhere (with few exceptions) so if you recognize me, drop a PM and say hi!

    A few useless facts
    • I'm almost 22, but I still haven't had my first kiss.
    • I stand at exactly 5' 8 1/2"
    • I've been RPing for almost 8 years and have been at both ends of the spectrum.
    • I don't like when "literate" is used to refer to length.
  2. Well lucky you, you actually are tall! I'm a cat, I'm not even a foot tall from paw to ear-tip!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. A pleasure to meet you both.

    And a pleasure to discover Iwaku is mobile compatible.
  5. Isn't being tall nice? I like to reach things off of shelves. Welcome!
  6. Pleasure to meet you, too.
  7. Yaaaaaay a person that hates the word literate as much as I doooo!

    Welcome to the site! <3
  8. Thank you lol. I'm kinda hesitant to look for any RPs to drop into at the moment. I'm the kind who'd rather wait for an invite.
  9. Never wait! >:3 Take the world by the horns and make it your Bessy!
  10. The world, yes, lol. The site, not so much.
  11. Welcome to Iwaku. If you haven't already, it's been said that checking out the Roleplaying 101 and Community 101 guides are good things to check out! I am a new comer as well, but I am here to roleplay... Eagerly...

    Hello and welcome and you said you're twenty two so I sure hope that you are feeling twenty two because that would be weird if you aren't...
    But then again maybe not, depends who you ask. Pop singers aren't usually the best sources for judging if things are weird.

    I will see you around...
  12. Yeah, you probably will see me around. As I said, though, I feel more comfortable waiting for a request than just jumping into an RP with people who have no idea who I am or how I work (and vice versa).