I am all naturally Real

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  1. Heeyyyy welcome to Iwaku have fun playing some roles.
  2. i plan on it... wanna help
  3. Lol niggah! Hi Keisha (rl friend woo hoo) Welcome to the Community! I know you will have fun (specially with me) * winks winks* If you need help then ask me since I am sitting right next to you at the moment <_< Anyways, if not now then later and I will help you out. LOVES YA Nigahhh
  4. lol iight i got you ;)
  5. Lol (p.s. Liarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
  6. Damnit Satrina, quit usually socially offensive words in the newbie area before someone gets mad again! XD (Even if it is your real life friend!)

    Also, Hello her real life friend, tasty sweetness! 8D I look forward to eating you later!
  7. Heyyy, Welcome to the site. I usually like processed and artificially flavored, but still, WELCOME!
  8. Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy welcome!

    Haaaaaaaaave a cookie!


    Taste the sweetness, Tasty Sweetness!

    And if you need anything I guess you'll ask Rainy.....

    Have fun!
  9. X__e Yes Diany. I will try :c
  10. Heyy gurl heeeyy =P
    Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
  11. aww you guys are starting to make blush ;)
  12. Oh wait, wanna help as In a question?, sure sure.
    Sorry I didn't pay attention, its a habit of mine. :embarrassed:
    Can you see this? If you can theres a doughnut to the left for you. :P
  13. WELCOME TO THE SITE, watch out for thrown Seals..lol
  14. Random ain't they? xD Just have fun Keisha!