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  1. Basically, i was on iwaku before and i got into some work situations, little to know i lost my account by idiotic deletion, and so i have returned for those who know me. i have been apart of many roleplays, many large ones and many smalls ones, such as 2025 and bleach and all those. what im really looking for is a nice roleplay group or a very good idea of a 1x1 i generally always play male and that is just my preference, male to female. i can do smut, very well if i do say so myself, and im very ideally open to help make an rp even if you dont have an idea and just want to try and throw something together to see the way it goes.
    Do let me know if you are interested, ty beeerrryyy much
  2. Hmmm...

    I'd love to see your preferences.

    1. What are your preferred genres?

    2. Are you willing to partake in fandom RPs?

    3. If the answer to 2 is 'yes', what franchises do you take interest in roleplaying?
  3. My palet is very open, genre can range from apocalyptic to free roam cities, building empires in a medieval time. Or Fandom settings.

    Most franchises I know are very mainstream ed
    Naruto, bleach, one peice, Guin saga, kuroko no basket, and even if you want to do something I don't know, I can gaurunteely research it and do my best to understand
  4. i can do pokemon, i havent really brushed up on my digimon
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  5. If you're open to fandom RP's then I have Fandomstuck, where you can make a character built around any fandom that you really like.
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