I am a ferret.

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  1. I tried not being a ferret.


    Now, just like Leonard Nimoy and Spock, I must accept the inevitable: I am a ferret. Apparently forever. :rotfl:

    @ResistingTheEnlightened @redblood See? I'm a ferret again. You can relax now. :ferret:
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  2. Psh, giving in to peer pressure. Pansy.
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  3. Yes, follow your instincts (our desires), always be the ferret man and never change ⌒.⌒ peer pressure for the win.
  4. Brovo you will always favourite ferret
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  5. @Brovo You shall be forever typecasted! Your acting career is ruined! D:
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  6. But see it from the bright side. If they need a ferret, they will always know how to call. So Brovo will never have to worry about being out of a job :D I mean, how many good ferrets have you seen around? ^^ Brovo's role is secured.
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  7. It just means they like you.

    Or maybe they're just weirdos.

    But what do I know? I don't have a good head on my shoulders. Hah. Get it? Sigh. I shouldn't be up at 3 am.
  8. So he will be the Leonardo DiCaprio of ferret films? Awesome. XD
  9. YES! :3
  10. AKA he will never win an Oscar. >:D
  11. Yep, he might deserve it, but there will always be one movie that's better than his D: Choose your movies wisely ferret-man! But don't be too picky!
  13. GO BACK TO YOUR OWL DIANA D: Hollywood won't accept you otherwise!
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  14. Owl be with you always Diana.
  15. Brovo confirmed to lack free will.
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  16. You look better as an owl. It's true.
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  17. Quick! Let's all apply Peer Pressure to Diana!
  18. I support Diana's choice of being a.. idk, deranged magical girl? Is that what that is? Whatever it is, I support free will and breaking free of the chains of a particular avatar theme.

    At least until I go back to the Littlefinger avatar, because then that position would be hypocritical and I'll have to change to supporting peer pressure.
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