I actually came here for a reason.

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  1. That reason, you see, (sorry for the long story) I come from another RP site. The users there number no more than 12 or so constant users and as such we've developed a connection over the years so much that we're like family. In fact we get together in real life every now and then. But I face a problem.

    You see, they're all very good roleplayers and very good at writing, and I've become something of a staple GM there. However, they suffer from a lack of conviction. Now recently I was working on a setting that's been on the mind for quite some time. I realize that it's background is massive, it's science fiction, has over 100 planets and 85 playable species and the chance to discover even more. It's fluff is huge. I'm basically creating Star Wars with a bit more hard sci fi. And I did this all by my lonesome. Then I thought 'you know, the guys are really good friends and all but...' I didn't want to have my magnum opus ignored because people 'weren't feeling like it' or someone else created some game that everyone on the site just had to jump on and leave me and my beloved project alone in the dark. That possibility depressed me so much that I actually scoured the internet for the best roleplaying sites out there and lo and behold this one came in first place consistently.

    Now I'm a little hesitant, because I don't know anyone here, and, to be honest, I've grown used to a particular style of RP which is specifically not about making the characters the center of everything but more participants of a larger, GM-run (but not railroaded) world. I tend to manage my worlds so that they seem alive and responsive and expect a level of sophistication from my players. Now I realize that this may sound a little superior, but trust me when I say I don't mean to come across that way, I just tend to see my games as serious, collaborative fiction that everyone can enjoy rather than 'just games'. My previous games have been cited as extremely good.

    However, I cannot fully trust my friends on that other site (Darkstorm Roleplaying, if anyone's interested) to remain committed to this upcoming game, no matter their level of literary excellence. Thus, I come here. And thus this overlong intro ends. If you like my ideas or just want to say hi, I welcome you to do so. Cheers. :)
  2. Dayum luv, that is quite the entrance.

    You came in like a Spherical Demolition Device.

    But anyways, I hope you find luck with your extensive rp here on Iwaku.

    I haven't met an uncool cat yet, and even though I've only been around for a few months I can confidently say you will have a grand time.

    These mates are all quite classy, I assure you :D!

    Have a good play,

    ~Sincerely, A.
  3. Welcome here to Iwaku! Yeah, I've seen some pretty complex Plays here, and even made a couple large scale things... just not for a role-play.
    ... long intro is long.
    anyways, Hapsy RPing!
  4. Oh wow o..o that sounds pretty cool~
    Welcome to Iwaku~
    but seriously I've never been in such a in dept rp, I think that sounds awesome~
  5. Hey I understand the situation you are in a way. I started role playing on YouTube actually, there was a huge community there but Google + sorta squished it. Iwaku is a great community and I know you'll feel at home here. c:
  6. Hi there Nepty. >:3 We have a bazillion people here, hopefully with some hunting you can find some good players to match your wishes!