I abuse the Rating System.

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  1. Why did you guys give this option to me?

    Did I crack a smile from your post? *Like*
    Did I pretend to crack a smile? *Like*
    Did I read your post? *Like*

    What is happening to me.
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  2. I aim to make everyone think I'm drunk.

    It's working.
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  3. Just don't read peoples posts then. It's quick and easy and lazy. AKA the winning triumvirate.
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  5. I get the feeling that the average person doesn't use the wind on a regular basis. But assholes... assholes are daily and forever.
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  6. I thought you were exaggerating, but nope, you've given out a shitload of positive ratings.

    I tend to be a bit reserved with mine. I give likes to posts that really amuse me or make solid contributions to discussions, I reserve thanks ratings for genuinely helpful and informative posts, and I'm super picky with the love rating. Haven't even given 20 of those ones out, because I save them for things that make me crack up or extraordinarily awesome posts.
  7. I still don't know what "CAT LIKE TYPING DETECTED" means and why it is Negative.

    Someone rated one of my posts in the Iwaku Christmas Card thread, but all I said in it was "Aww, this sounds like a great idea! I wish I could join."

    But it's a negative mark.

    And I don't know what it means.

    I'm obsessed.
  8. Received:Given:

    Jesus. I really wasn't exaggerating.
  9. Usually I classify "cat like typing detected" as your post looks like a cat ran across your keyboard. Don't know why you got that one really...
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  10. It means a post with a ton of typos and other errors making a post hard to read. Maybe they rated the comment by mistake.
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  11. I think it's supposed to mean garbled nonsense posts and shitty typing. Probably derived from the old meme of cat pictures with syntax-destroying things written on them, like the "I can has cheeseburger?" one that sort of kicked the whole thing off.
  12. I've given out... 8 ratings total.
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  13. Cat like Typing means there are lots of typos in your post or that it's garbled and no one can read it. O_O Like if a cat stepped all over your keyboard. If people can't read the post, that is a bad thing.

    And if someone gave you that for a dumb reason, they are evil and/or dunno the evils of cats stomping on keyboards. D:<

    I GIVE OUT LOVES AND LIKES AND THANKS AND COOKIES LIKE CANDY. But that is my job. >> At least, if you are posting a contribution to the site in some way.

    Otherwise, I dun really like or love things in random discussion threads too often unless I really, really, did. O_O

    I almost never give out negative ratings. You have to do or say something REALLY bad for me to actually give one. >>;; and by that point I might be yelling at you.
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  14. I abuse the rating system in that I had a cookie war with Choi. And got irrationally annoyed with all the alerts I was getting of cookies...endless cookies.
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  15. Tempted to smite.
  16. You really need to collect the rest of the ratings.

  17. Nuuu! ;__; I am too cute to smite!
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  18. ...Dammit, should have seen that coming. gah why all the cookies! WHYYYYYYYY*sulks*
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  19. [​IMG]

    I'm a rebel.
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  20. NOOOOOO! ;_____; OH GOD WHYYYYY.