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  1. Marvel showed they can do gritty with DD. Now they are going straight up nightmare noir. I am so hyped.
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  2. So David Tennant is gonna be a fun blend of both horrifying and terrifying, is he?

    *purchases his ticket aboard the hype train*
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  3. I feel like David Tennant is perfectly cast for this. SO MUCH EXCITE.
  4. That word triggers me.


    [hahyp] Informal.
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    • Examples
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    verb (used with object), hyped, hyping.
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    a swindle, deception, or trick.

    Otherwise, Tennant? I'm in.
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  6. [​IMG]

    I definitely need to watch this.
    *Also notes to watch Daredevil, hasn't gotten around to it yet*
  7. I was already on board with the teasers but now after seeing the full length trailer, the hype is too much. Looks fucking awesome!
  8. A Marvel series which is Netflix exclusive and has David Tennant? SIGN ME UP RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.
  9. I'm really glad they're going all the way with an adaption of Alias. It was a really fucking grim book at points, covering a lot of pretty dark shit, but so far Marvel's steered clear of that sort of material for their on-screen stuff. Nice to see its finally making the jump.
  10. DD all ready dealt with human trafficking. So it is clear they aren't shying away from dark themes with their Netflix series.
  11. Daredevil did go in a pretty different direction, its true, but it looks like they're pulling out all the stops with this one.

    Y'know, given that Killgrave is basically a superpowered rapist responsible for some of the darkest moments in Marvel comics.
  12. Oh def. From the descriptions the preview guys given us: "DD set the bar. JJ broke the limits."

    Jesus christ they are really going with it to. I never though the day I saw Marvel themselves dwelve that deep.

    DD Season 2 seems to darken significantly to. What with Punisher and Electra.
  13. What you talking about.

    Frank Castle's such a cheery guy.
  14. I mean. He clearly didn't say "Beg" or "Bang" in the trailer. He clearly said "Bed." Oh Frank, you are such a ladies man...
  15. It'll also be cool to see Bullseye in DD.
  16. He was likely one of the snipers in season 1. YOu see the ace card among his gear. I don't think he'll show up untill a possible season 3
  17. Oh, right.

    I thought I'd seen a mention of him to be appearing in Season 2, but I might've misread it. I did see a report that Marvel lost negotiations with Jason Statham for the role.
  18. Yup, I definitely need to set a day aside for these shows.
  19. I'll get to Daredevil soon enough. Jessica Jones is officially higher on my priority list.
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