Hyrule Warriors...Zelda& Link anyone?

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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone was interested in a Rp revolving around Link and Zelda which I want to do badly!.
    I have sort of an Idea...so basically all of hyrule is demolished and Zelda and Link are stripped of their titles. Zelda was framed for a Murder she did not commit on her father and Link had gotten the Triforce extracted from him.They are both on the run from Ganondorf and other enemies while trying to look for the precious pieces of the triforce. Meanwhile the two make some friends who don't know who they really are and both Link and Zelda both have feelings for each other that has never surfaced.This will have twists and turns, betrayals and some OC's.

    So yah...abit of a dark theme, some adventure,some fighting,some death and of course some good romance between the two.
    If this interests you please feel free to PM me or just reply here.

    My simple rules are :NO one liners...at least 2 or more decent sized paragraphs.
    NO copying my posts and just adding your character name
    NO first person please
    HELP move the plot along!!!
    And just tell me when you are leaving thanks!:bananaman:
  2. Sounds like fun! ~
  3. I'd go for it~
  4. Well I'm interested, so count me in.
  5. Well I'm interested, so count me in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.