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  1. One of the worst traits someone can have and it's annoying as hell.

    Do you believe everyone is a hypocrite in some form?

    What are some instances of hypocrisy that you've encountered? (Other than religion, feminism, and social justice)

    Can hypocrisy be funny if applied correctly?
  2. Everyone is guilty of being a hypocrite of some form or another, it's literally impossible to not be one. I do my best to not say anything too hypocritical, but I'm not perfect, and I'm more than happy to admit when I'm being a hypocrite, should I notice it or have it pointed out to me.
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  3. NO ONE is exempt
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  4. Everybody is so self righteous to see their own hypocrisy, it's almost as if people don't want to believe it. I'd go as far as saying it's one of society's defining traits honestly. It shows more when you see groups, whether it be fandoms, organised religions, right wing or left wing(Labour or Conservative, if you're British.),etc. It doesn't matter since they will have their own hypocritical views, opinions, or whatever. Whether you admit to it or stay blind and don't want to see it? That's up to the individual. I mean, I'm no angel myself, I can be a huge hypocrite at times, but I at least admit to it and don't treat myself as being a superior being compared to everyone else(Jokingly, I have done, but I'm at least easy to pick up from when I'm joking to not joking).

    That's just my opinion though, I don't facts or sources or statistics, just my own observation of people I've learned with, befriended and worked with.
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    And that's okay.

    It's only bad when you're a huge asshole about it. o__o
  6. Yep, everyone has spots of hypocrisy, our brains just naturally work in a way such that we excuse our own thoughts and actions while giving no such slack to others.

    It can be funny if you don't try to excuse it or deny it or explain it away as being totally fine (that sort of shit plus belligerence is what makes for a shitty asshole hypocrite that everyone hates). If you accept it and own up to it and are willing to make fun of your own failings, then yeah, you can definitely play your own hypocrisy for laughs.
  7. There are comedians whose whole routines are being hypocritical as hell
  8. No one is immune to hypocrisy, but we can all make an effort not to be hypocrites. Yes, we will still have our moments of being such, and we might not even notice it, but isn't it better if we admit to it and even learn from it eventually?
  9. Well I'm not a hypocrite at all... And I make a point to shame all those people who are hypocrites...

    Tsk! Tsk! So naughty! >:C

    Joke disclaimer for those humor impaired
  10. Of course everyone's a hypocrite.

    But that isn't necessarily bad. For example, I preach that people shouldn't lose their tempers or be inconsiderate. Sometimes I lose my temper or am inconsiderate. Does that mean I should stop telling people not to lose their temper or be inconsiderate? Because I'm in "no place to talk"?

    The problem with hypocrisy begins, as per my example, if I were to ALWAYS lose my temper and act inconsiderate while telling other people to behave better. In other words, when it becomes about looking good rather than actually trying to be good.
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  11. Hypocrisy is natural. It makes sense, too.

    For example. When you're selfish, it improves your chances of survival. When someone else is selfish, it decreases yours. This wouldn't need be denied if we didn't rely on groups for survival. Because of our social structure, we have more trouble admitting to the hypocrisy of ideas that connect us, versus ideas that divide us. So, when your in-group is selfish and takes resources from another group to spread amongst itself, you don't see the same problem as you would with a group you're not a part of doing the same. However if one person in your group is selfish, which causes the group to suffer, they're called out on it.

    Our judgement is very selective. It's pretty interesting. That's not to say you shouldn't strive not to be a hypocrite, but it's rooted pretty deep down.
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