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  1. I feel extremely awkward just RPing the mature section little lone looking for a partner but fuck it I'm horny and this is the only place I can find release and hopefully not get judged for it. (Sorry if thats a bit vulger but whatever)

    I'm looking for an rp with me in one of these small catagorys (All pretty much BDMS)

    Master/ Slave (My fav, js)
    Yurre (I think thats the word, not sure, either way its lesbian)

    I always play the submissive/bottom just cause thats all I know of. I like it to have a little bit of a plot but not an overwhelming one.

    Just so you know part of me is hyperventilating as I press "Create Thread" cause this so out of the ordinary for me to do with hiding behind an RP character...js

    PM me if intrested, and please know I CANNOT lead a roleplay ;~;
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Thread Status:
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