Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sending Them Home! ((Idea thread I guess...))

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  1. Alright, so I posted a request for a 1x1 up in that section, but I also want a group RP here... Anyways I guess I should give the plot first?

    This story picks up only seven months after the events of Victory. The destroyed cities have been repaired, and the Seven Sages have actually gotten rather far in their plans of helping. The few women that were called upon by Neptune to help in her battle have yet to return to their own dimensions (Tekken, Cyberconnect2, and Broccoli). The oracles have shifted their mind from restoring Gamindustri's cities to helping the three get home (much to their chagrin). Of course, everyone's favorite CPUs, CPU Candidates, and Makers are in the mix to help. Although, they have a hidden agenda, or at least Neptune does. While the Oracles are hunting down a way to send the girls home, Neptune and company are secretly plotting to find a way to keep that line of travel open so they can visit their new friends, and vice versa. **There are things not mentioned in this plot, involving twists and stuff, that I have preplanned... Sooo, it's more than just what's here**

    Game info-
    I guess I need rules?
    Obviously, no killing characters, that doesn't even happen in the games ._. .
    If you talk OOC just like say something like " (OOC: Blargie!) "
    Please, stay in character when you are you character. Like if you picked a jokester, don't be all serious, well you can, but not all the time.
    Oh, and if you pick a CPU, or a Candidate, try not to overuse HDD.
    Battle between characters won't really happen unless we say they are sparring.
    Battle between major baddies... The baddie will be chosen to be played by someone I guess... Whoever chooses them.
    ALSO The reason Cyberconnect2, Tekken, and Broccoli are the three going home is because MAGES. is from the Hyperdimension, The Falcoms are from the Hyperdimension and Ultradimension, MarvelousAQL -Marvy- is from the Ultradimension. -- Original Gen Compa is not part of this because she was restricted to us US babies, or I think anyone outside of Japan --

    Characters To Select -You can have up to two- (The Good Girls)
    Falcom (Ultradimension)
    Falcom (Hyperdimension)
    IF (Hyper/Ultradimension)
    Compa (Hyper/Ultradimension)
    Histoire (Hyperdimension)
    Histoire (Ultradimension)
    Noire (Hyperdimension)
    Noire (Ultradimension)
    Jinguchi Kei
    Blanc (Hyperdimension)
    Blanc (Ultradimension)
    Mina Nishizawa
    Vert (Hyperdimension)
    Vert (Ultradimension)
    Chika Hakozaki-

    Baddies To Select -You can have however many, but you only play them when like... Either battled, or needed for plot reasons-
    Arfoire (Ultradimension)
    Arfoire (Hyperdimension) **NEEDED FOR PLOT**
    Rei Ryghts **NEEDED FOR PLOT**
    Croire **NEEDED FOR PLOT**
    **More to come**

    Original Characters? Here's your sheets guys! -- Only accepting three good girls and will accept however many baddies -who can be guys or girls. Usually guys are mechs though- I feel are needed --

    Good Girls

    Game/Industry Personification-
    Appearance Picture (Optional)-
    Appearance/Outfit Description(For things to make them stand out as a game/industry personification)-
    Weapon(Please let this go with you game/industry personification, but it doesn't have too)-
    **As a Good Girl from another dimension, keep your bio down to just a personality, we'll discuss your plot together to be revealed in game!**


    Species(Mech, Human, Dragonoid, Other?, CPU**CPU IS ONLY FOR GIRLS**)-
    Appearance Picture (Optional)-
    Appearance/Outfit Description-
    System Personification (If you picked CPU)-
    Bio(Just personality please, I want the other stuff to be revealed in game)-
    **As a Baddie, I suggest picking a good guy too, and we can discuss your plot for the baddie**

    I hope I did this well... Please take a look? e3e!

    I'm rather new here, so sorry if this thread sucks xD
  2. ((Below is just joking, mk? just fun and jokes))

    *runs away screaming and crying*

    Sorry just had to :P no offense or bad intentions or anything c:
    Looks cool, though I won't be joining. I fear I will either have a seizure from pretty girls running around everywhere, or I will be too busy eating one of them as a dragon-human hybrid to pay attention to anything else.

    Basically speaking, I will be a bad idea for a 'baddie,' because I will probably kill you win against you before you have a chance to really get a good hit into me. I know strategy, and I have seen that most do not, though I don't mean that offensively. I just overthink things and turn it into a game and I'm really good at games c:<
    so ya
  3. WEEEEELLL... You never know lol. Honestly, it's not like a super serious like... Fight to the death RP, considering none really dies in the game with the exception of a few bad guys... It's more or so about the Fan Service... xD. Thank you for taking the time to make a post though, I appreciate it.
  4. Can i call Tekken xD
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  5. Sure!
  6. Yay Tekken :3
  7. Name- Berry, but he goes by "Red".
    Age- 16 (D.O.B. 21-Oct)
    Game/Industry Personification- GameboyColor
    Appearance Picture (Optional)- thumb.jpg
    Appearance/Outfit Description(For things to make them stand out as a game/industry personification)- He typically wears a fuchsia hood, but claims that it is red because he is ironically colorblind. Beneath that is a white dress shirt and black slacks. He dresses very plainly and his hair is similar to that of the main protagonist from the Pokémon game collection's first series of the Red and Blue versions, though instead of a distinguishing hat, he wears his hood. Sports a very simple look of black hair and sky blue eyes.
    Weapon(Please let this go with you game/industry personification, but it doesn't have too)- A scythe.
    Bio- Red has four distinct personalities; luckily each one refers to themselves in the third person:
    Berry/Red - A distant, laid-back young man, he does not typically say very much. When he does talk it is usually in a whisper. He is shy but once you earn his trust you have found yourself a very loyal companion who will defend you to the end. If one word could be used to describe him, "eccentric". [His main personality; will have the most depth, but probably will be hard to get to open up to you.]
    Teal - A very high-strung young man. He worries about everything, even if it's not his fault. He seeks for approval and tends to get upset easily or depressed frequently. The most likely to get something done efficiently because he wants to make other people happy, however at the sign of someone's disapproval he cries like a baby.
    Kiwi - An envious young man who leans towards mischief and causing other's trouble. He isn't hostile, but he doesn't know when to stop joking around at times. He will take a joke too far and get someone hurt if they are not careful or just bluntly tell him to stop. He likes to be funny and a big goof ball, so if you laugh at him you are only encouraging his behavior.
    Dandelion - A very bright and chipper young woman. "She" acts older than "her" body represents and her voice is somewhat high-pitched compared to the other personalities. She is typically more hyper and friendly than the others as well.
    Dimension(Hyper/Ultra/Other?): Ultradimension
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  8. O.M.G!!! Even though it's a guy... I shall allow this awesome character... It's amazing<3<3
  9. Lol. Thank you. I can't wait to join in~

    Personally, I think there should have been at least a few male characters added to the cast for this game series, but... eh. I'm not the maker and of course fan service is very high in this game and what better way than to include a bunch of lolis.
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  10. Yeah. On a side note, I love your character. Like it's just... I can't even explain xD
  11. Heh. I am glad you like him. He will be interesting to play.
  12. Hopefully more people will take a gander?
  13. Yeah, I hope so.
  14. If not, I have a 1x1 up... If you know, you're okay with that xD
  15. That sounds fine with me.
  16. OH OH OH OH OH! *Head almost explodes* LET ME LINK YOU. Or Pm you? I dunno how people 1x1 on here... -- HARDCORE NOOB --
  17. Name- Virtue
    Age- 13 (D.O.B. 14-Aug)
    Game/Industry Personification- Virtual Boy

    Appearance/Outfit Description -
    Virtue most commonly wears loose fitting clothing all around, sticking mostly to reds and blacks as those are the only two colors she can really see without her goggles, though she normally has those firmly on in place underneath her unruly, wild black hair which takes up a majority of her head down to her neck. Her atypical attire consists of a red hoodie with loose fitting black pants and black boots that have a red stripe across the side. Considering she spends most of her time indoors, she is of a paler complexion and only stands at about 5"2', making her quite the unintimidating sight to behold.

    Weapon- Energy Manipulation and Projection

    In every family, there is one individual who its members are reluctant to mention. Perhaps its that one uncle who lives in the basement and only leaves at night, or the distant grandfather who only shows up every other Christmas inebriated and carrying a half-eaten fruitcake. In the case of Blanc's family, it would be her far, far removed cousin, Virtue. Not to say that Virtue is a bad child, by any sense of the word that would be highly untrue; in fact there has never been a more promising individual in the family than this younger cousin. Even compared to Blanc herself, Virtue was born with an inordinate amount of power that bore with it the greatest of expectations from her family that she might turn the tides of the Console War in their favor; unfortunately, this power came at a great cost to the young girl.

    Her young, fragile mind was unprepared for such an unrelenting tide of power, and the energy fractured the poor girls mind, leaving her sensitive to noise and light, as well as making her prone to horrible headaches and double vision. Even though she wears specially crafted goggles and headphones which block out her external tormenters, her mind was so far gone that any hope of her power being used by her family was quickly abandoned in favor of Blanc and her refined control. Alone and forgotten in the farthest corner of Gamindustri, she was left to her own devices and often stays within her own home, attempting to put the pieces of her mind back together and even sometime wandering into the outside world to offer what help she can to those who need it.

    She is incredibly shy, often hiding behind things or people when addressed, or simply squatting down to make herself smaller if there's nothing nearby to hide behind. She is also incredibly soft spoken, only speaking after she's sure everyone is done talking, even if it means her input on the conversation comes too late to be of any real use. Due to her mental disabilities and having been left alone for so long, she lacks many social graces and doesn't exactly know how to properly interact with people off the bat; however she is incredibly intelligent and is almost like an encyclopedia for mythology and lore within the Gamindustri, as she spent much time on her own reading such books. She is slow and methodical in normal tasks, but in battle her mental state makes her rather clumsy at best; however, the raw power she can put behind her energy blasts is nothing to sneeze at, especially if she can find a rare moment of clarity in her broken mind.

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  18. I never got an alert wtf... Anyways, Virtue is a really well thought out character! Accepted!!
  19. Awesome! I'm guessing we just wait until some others take interest, but its good to know you like Virtue~
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