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All these new gadgets and gizmos out there promising, just promising, that it will be the next thing that you cannot live without (until it breaks two months later and you discover your "warranty" lasted all of ten days).

What do you think is the most over-hyped (and probably useless) item you've seen?

Al I have to say is..... boxes. Someone was making a killing off selling special "shoe compartment" things on TV. Really just white storage boxes about the size of a drawer that they were charging thirty bucks for. =|
Cell Phones!

Seriously, I don't need a phone that takes pics, movies, plays music, washes my car and walks the cat. I just need an emergency phone! x____x You see people glued to their phones these days, it's crazy! It's like they can't stop texting and playing ring tones to look up and talk to you!
Sanitation Whips

Oh no, someone else touched the cart before you. Use the anti-everything whips to get rid of their cooties! Seriously, if you're that paranoid wear gloves like every other germaphobe and stop creating waste!
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H1N1 Vaccine.

Nuff said.
MP3 Players.

There will always be a desire for music on the go, but in the end you really don't need all of the accessories associated with one, nor do you even need one to survive. Damned useful though. Find it funny when people put condoms on theirs.
I like the cellphone craze. I just can't stand the touch screen baloohoo.
mp3 players just need to play music (so true)

It's fat (can't hold it right anyway) and it needs an internet connection if the word's not in its database & its totally dumb looking.
Who needs a dictionary that you need to type the word into ? It's not worth it/ even if its on your pen :3
I used to have a calculator pen. I used it to cheat on manual math tests.... The day I was exposed for it, I cried. (I'm math deficit, this was when I was liiiiiiiittle)

It helped, but... It's easier to hide a calculator under a desk instead of on the side of a fat pen.