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  1. Now here are the rules:
    1. Fighting is allowed and no complaining if you die.
    2. Romance is also allowed.
    3. Don't try to escape.
    4. Follow this character profile please.
    Character Profile:
    Parent 1:
    Parent 2:

    In a faraway land is a forest so big it holds runaway hybrids from their mean families and horrible lives. The bad thing is that once they're in there is no way out. (So it's like a hybrid Icarceron.) Some try to escape but are never seen again. Most live in peaces o they never want to leave. The forest always tries to please the hybrids but kills the unwanted. So have fun OK?
  2. Name: Vanessa
    Parent 1: Vampire
    Parent 2:Reaper
    Personality:She can be mean but can be very nice. She's super serious because she's the leader of the forest and keeps war at bay. The thing is she's flirty with most of the boys because she's looking for love. She hates being alone most of the time and that's why she's always seen wandering the forest just for someone to talk to.
    Weapon(s): Scythe

    (I suck at this. If you have any questions about my character just ask. I'd be happy to answer them.)
  3. Name: Ion
    Parent 1: Shapeshifter
    Parent 2: Tengu
    Appearance: 39dd9cf803171b64e3455d2cc443fd7f.jpg
    -When raven her appearance matches the one of the bird, a wingspan of 4 feet and black feathers.
    -In human form she stands about 5'7" Wearing black shorts and a simple black tank top. Black somewhat messy hair reaches to just below her shoulders and behind a few strands of that dark hair sit a pair of pale grey eyes. Her build is very light and slim, almost too skinny for some, it is easy to count her ribs if one wanted to, though her clothing hides that.
    Personality: More of the silent type but always watching, saw that raven on your way home? Maybe it was her keeping an eye on you. She's good nor evil, able to get along with both sides without a lot of trouble.
    Weapons: None really, aside from a pair of small daggers. She chooses rather to flee than to fight, morphing into a raven and getting herself out of conflict.

    Just a side note: Ion is able to shift into a raven and back without trouble, however forming into other things is impossible for her. This being due to the blood of her father, if it weren't for her mother she would have had permanent black wings growing form her back.
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    By the way, don't say you suck at things. I'm sure you do better than you give yourself credit for. ^^

    Name: Symeon
    Parent 1: Gypsy
    Parent 2: Incubus
    Personality: Sy is flirty at times when its mostly accidental. He is typically nice to everyone and hates to see anyone hurt or in any dismay. With the gypsy life he once led, this left him to enjoy singing, dancing, and even other ways of the gypsy that typically the nice guy he is wouldn't participate in. Everyone does have their faults; especially a gypsy that was damned for the monster that he was. A hybrid that had the hypnotizing gypsy ways and the powers of an incubus. A mixture that had often got many killed. This left the man to run to a forest. The typical escape that calmed his nerves, though this time he wasn't able to escape. Now he wanders around helping those in need and enjoying life with the other hybrids. He may have been the only of his kind but surely enough Symeon was not alone.
    Weapon(s): He is very skilled in capoeira and uses anything he can get his hands on as a weapon of some sort. He is not very good at long distance weapons but is decent with close range.
  8. If any of you want to start now you can on Hybrids (for Jump In.)
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  13. Now here are the rules:
    1. Fighting is allowed and no complaining if you die.
    2. Romance is also allowed.
    3. Don't try to escape.
    4. Follow this character profile please.
    Character Profile:
    Name: Maria
    Parent 1:Banshee
    Parent 2:Succubus
    Personality: sweet,compassionate,defensive
    Gift of persuasion,archery,sonic scream.
  14. Just if someone wats to make a profile for everyone to know who and what they are and look like.
  15. added a little on the CS
  16. Name: H
    Parent 1: Human
    Parent 2: Kelpie
    As a Kelpie, he can also transform into a horse.

    H could be described in many ways. Undeniably, one would easily call in of a weirdo while another some sort of high statue man. Many accord themselves, on the other hand, to say that his way of speaking is frankly... particular. Indeed, as you may have noticed, that man of sweet words know to handle his sentences to transform them into some sort of formal conversation which often put many in an uneasy situation.

    Other than this, he's the kind man who's always there for the others. He's well mannered, humble and, if someone really take a closer look to him, a bit short tempered. However, if anyone actually knew...
    Weapon: Hidden blades and bow. He's a master at sneak attacks and ambushes, but utterly sucks at close combat.
  17. [​IMG]
    Parent 1: Incubus
    Parent 2: Sucubus
    Personality: Tsundere
    Weapon(s): A Lightsaber strapped behind her back. A brass metal heavy knuckle. And anything she can around her so she can threw it to someone who 'insulted' her. SUCH A BIG FAN OF DARKVADER. SHE'LL CHASE AFTER YOU WITH A LIGHTSABOR IF YOU RUN AWAY! TO TOP IT OFF TO BE MISTAKEN AS A 'YANDERE', SHE'LL CUT YOU TO PIECES IF YOU INSULT HER FUTURE 'HUSBAND'.

    [ RESERVED ]