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  1. Now here are the rules:
    1. Fighting is allowed and no complaining if you die.
    2. Romance is also allowed.
    3. Don't try to escape.

    In a faraway land is a forest so big it holds runaway hybrids from their mean families and horrible lives. The bad thing is that once they're in there is no way out. (So it's like a hybrid Icarceron.) Some try to escape but are never seen again. Most live in peaces o they never want to leave. The forest always tries to please the hybrids but kills the unwanted. So have fun OK? (I know this sucks just bear with me please.) If there is any confusion a hybrid is the child of two diffrent monsters or beings.

    Vanessa moves her black hair out of her face. "So lonely."
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    Eli climbs a tree to get a better view of the area. "Hmmmm..." He squints his eyes and pans the surrounding area.

    "Mountains, mountains... Searchin' for the mountains..."

    Mountains were kind of Eli's thing. "Ah...Aha!" Spotting one, he slides down the tree and pulls his white glove tight on his hand, heading out in that direction.
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    Vanessa shivers cold. "Is anyone around here?
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    Eli cocks his head at the faint voice. "Hm. Companionship. A fine idea, nature."

    He makes a slight detour on his grand quest to head toward the voice.
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    Vanessa holds her scythe closer. "Anyone?"
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    Raises her head and sniffs the air, hmmm others... in this part of the woods? stange. Rolls over and hangs lazily from the branch she was sitting on then lands smoothly on her feet, using her Bright orange tail for balance flicks her cat like ears around and listens. Hearing voices walks off in the direction they came from. This could be fun.
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    Vanessa sits down. "Hello?!"
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    A lone caw escaped the beak of a black raven, cycling high above the tree tops in the cool air. Small reddish eyes scanned the area down below. Several creatures were roaming around between the trees. Ion cawed again, slowly starting to decent. The black feathers covering her 4 feet wingspan rustled softly in the wind. Black claws opened and grabbed onto a branch of a dead tree. Would they even notice her arrival? It was very possible they would mistake her for a normal raven. The blood of her tengu father and shapeshifter mother made her into a perfect raven. Of course she could choose to take on her human form but for now this was enough. the head of the bird tilted a little, blinking a few times before letting out a rasping caw and hopping down a few feet, firmly grabbing onto the current branch.There she sat waiting for something to happen, more ravens had gathered, hoping for an easy meal. Often humans would share a few crumbs of bread with them after all.
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    -Hybrid,outcasts,loners he was one of them his intentions drove him into a predator. he was a lab experiment then in a mental ward,a crossbreed of human and wolf.It was mercy at least he seen it that way in essence they created a perfect killer,it was easy he crept through the air ducts of the building he could see perfectly well at night . His eyes glowed a flaming yellow as they searched the floors below he should have been put down a long time ago his humanity had been overpowered by the urge to hunt and kill. they couldn't hold him in this place ,a low growl rumbled in his throat he felt that familiar sense of hunger.
    his adrenaline pumped through his veins.

    The orderly had been making his rounds like every other night when the fear rolled over him he tried to ignore it but could not he heard somethin in hallway. Turning around quickly the flashlight shined down the hallway behind him"Who's There?" he managed to speak with some confidence. looking around he saw nothing and drew a breath"Just hearing things" he spoke trying to reassure himself

    Trance that was his name he felt the surge of fear coming from below,this enticed him even more he watched from the air vents as the orderly passed by. another rumble echoed within his chest this time was louder

    "Who's there ? he said shaking now he definitely heard something a wild dog this brought a myriad of thoughts to his mind .he started to walk faster and faster now into a full out run."AHHHHHHH..." he screamed his throat ripped open and the blood pooled on the cold stone floors.

    when the orderly started to run Trance ran through the air vents getting ahead of him and dropped through the ceiling .He was easily 7 feet tall a perfect blend of man and animal as the flash light shined on him his claw lashed out and gashed the orderlies throat wide open the sound of his last scream of terror drove Trance into a blood frenzy. He picked up the twitching body and tore it apart limb from limb. he threw the torso of the orderly out of the second story window and howled the other patients started to cry some started to scream . then the sirens went off and the clicking of the doors. Trance stood for a moment then a door opened. the first one that stepped through had fallen over right there. He was a monster twisting his neck muscles and opening his maw he rushed through the groups of people ripping gashing and tearing .he had been bathed in their blood his black fur now crimson ran through the night finding these woods.
    A Howl of victory echoed through the still night,he was free and would hunt again.....
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    Vanessa looks up. "A raven? Is a sign of death nearby my friend?"
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    " Dammit." Maria swore in pain has another arrow hit her. All she wanted to do was run away with the only person who loved her despite her being a hybrid. She made it through the clearing into the forest and fell to the ground,taking shelter behind a bush.
    For the first time,Maria was truly alone.
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    The howl drew her attention away from the group, the large wings spread again, flapping several times but not taking off. That howl... it wasn't from a normal wolf, a hybrid maybe? The head of the bird turned again and she hopped down once more, coming to eye level with the girl wielding the scythe. Ion's curious eyes blinked several times and from deep within her a soft human voice spoke, the voice of a female. Despite it being soft like a whisper it could easily be hear from this distance. "Not all the ravens announce death, some come just to feed. Yet danger lies beyond ever corner, within ever shadow of these very trees. "

    The wings spread again and she hopped from the branch on the ground, the shadows seemed to move up, the bird growing in size and claws forming into feet, long legs growing and taking shape, her back stretched with an unpleasant cracking sound, her arms stretched bones growing different and forming fingers, the feathers falling off and making place for pale skin and black hair. Pale grey eyes replaced the small red ones and the deadly beak formed into soft lips. Ion took her human form again, dressed in simple black shorts and a tank top with the same color.
    "It is a pleasure to meet you, reaper... " That was one thing she could feel about this girl, the scythe was only another thing.
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    Vanessa's eyes widen. "A shapeshifting crow. Impressive." Smiles showing her fangs. "If I was just a reaper the forest would of killed me already."
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    Stops in a clearing hears all that goes on but doesnt quite understand. Turns in circles trying to pinpoint one sound but ends up lost. Looking up spots a raven and is instantly on alert. Ravens are not good news.
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    Vanessa sighs. "I can smell you little cheshire cat!!!"
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    "That's what you get when a tengu and shapeshifter breed. " A faint smile appeared on the lips of the girl, if she was a pure shapeshifter she would've changed much faster, plus she could change in whatever she wanted. Yet the blood of her father prevented that from happening. "By the way... there's blood in the air.... " She muttered more to herself than to the girl in front of her. Slowly she inhaled twisting her upped body slightly to look around, and as if something had startled her she froze. A cat...? Her eyes went wide for a few seconds and rapidly she raised her guard. Somehow she just hated the felines.

    It was as if the whole thing went in reverse, black feathers piercing through her skin and a sharp beak forming. With a powerful flap of her wings she took off soon high above the trees again. No, she wasn't going to look for the source of that iron like scent, the only thing she was interested in for the moment was the one producing that howl earlier. Without making a sound she flew through the nightly sky, few ravens following her and keeping her company. Until it she reached the area where the howler should be located. Slowly descending she let out a caw again, soon landing on a tree and glaring down through the leaves. Curious and slightly hungry she called out for the creature, hoping it would be able to share some meat.
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    Flicking my orange ears back at the voice, "Cheshire cat?? hahah way off!" Runs though the bushes until i appear in front of the girl that belonged to a voice. "and who might you be?"
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    Vanessa grins. "I'm death itself. The grim reaper."
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    -Trance shifted his head slightly and lifted his nose in the air "was that fear?" he looked the direction of where the girl had fallen down(maria) he was large against the moonlight another howl loosed. he waited for answers checking the territory for would be competition none to be found. me moved into the treeline vanishing like smoke. silence came easily to him he moved across the forest floor just a shadow that might have been. the leaves did not even rustle beneath his weight.
    He would have hunted down the girl but he had been running for days before reaching these woods. A Mass of dark darted through the underbrush and he was fast to give chase,the deer knew it was going to die it tried everything to loose trance dodging this way and that way over under rocks.
    Trance was about to take it down when he heard conversation from nearby. he knew he smelled of blood and rotted meat but he did not try to mask himself. he counted the voices all female ,he licked his chops the drool dripping from his fangs. he felt the adrenaline again . stalking he circled the voices and kept his scent up wind,this would keep him from being sniffed out. a low grumble erupted from somewhere within the depth of his chest. oh he would hunt them later but he now knew he was not alone here...
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    Vanessa quickly stands up. "Um..... kitty cat. We are not alone out here. A danger lurks in the darkness and it's my job to stop it."