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  1. There has been legends...mere myths of a magical woman that could grant wishes to anyone that was truly pure of heart. She had traveled long and lived many lives, but before her spirit could be passed on to the next one she was to receive a final meal...to have enough energy to cast the spell for herself and for the one that had helped her.
    As she knew of her final days, she traveled to the nearest village, asking everyone she came across for a hot meal and a warm place to stay tonight...nobody offered and ignored her. The witch left, accepting death she grew more and more hungry before finally passing out. When she woke up she was in a wolf's cave, the leader of the pack Satara had given her some food, even if it was raw and offered her a place to stay...her cave.
    Before the witch passed on, she gave Satara and the other wolves their true wish...to live like humans...so the wolves could change from human to their true form anytime they wanted. The power was passed on to their children, and their children's children...until one day people started seeing this and hunted them in wolf form for money. Now the hybrids spent their time looking for the witches soul in the human body...to help them in this dire situation!

    1. You can make up to 3 characters
    2. I already claimed being the next witch
    3. If your character gets killed you can make a new one just as long as it stays 3 at all times
    4. You cannot kill another's hybrid without permission
    5. You can be a hunter, a wolf hybrid or a human but no other made up creatures this is a wolf thing
    6. Please give a small profile before beginning the story


    Picture/gif of human form(no description):
    Wolf? Human? or Hybrid?:
    Picture/gif of wolf form(only if you want to be a hybrid and no description):
    Age(has to be at least 18):

    Name: Piper Hugan
    Picture/gif of human form(no description):

    Wolf? Human? Or Hybrid?: Hybrid
    Picture/gif of wolf form(only if you want to be a hybrid and no description):
    Age(has to be at least 18): 20
    Personality: Funny and sweet, she can be stubborn!

    "Come back here you tramp!" An officer spat, catching his breath as he continued to chase a young woman who was wearing a beat up gray t-shirt and worn out jeans, along with black ripped up shoes.
    Around the woman's shoulder was a satchel full of stolen foods, they were wearing her down but it was either do or die so she knew better than to rest when cops were near.
    "Your under arrest!" the man said as he leaned a hand against the nearest building trying to catch his breath.
    "Yeah right, fat-ass," Piper mumbled as she jumped from a box onto a rooftop of a building.."just try and catch me!" she said, stopping at first and looking at the man.
    It was obvious that the thief had won, and she knew it...but wasn't going to gloat that much, she needed her remaining energy to get back to the hideout...and with that in mind she started jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

    Name: Sarah Hart
    Picture/gif of human form(no description): women_blue_eyes_faces_marcela_guirado_1420x800_wallpaper_Wallpaper_1920x1200_www.wall321.com.jpg Wolf? Human? Or Hybrid?: She's the next witch but can't control her powers
    Picture/gif of wolf form(only if you want to be a hybrid and no description):
    Age(has to be at least 18): 21
    Personality: She sweet and cute and although she cant control her powers she keeps a positive attitude about it. She works as a secretary for the local pet shelter called "Animals in need."

    "Sarah, can you get those faxes to Cheri please?" A man called out before closing the door.
    The young witch started organizing her desk before she grabbed the papers and walked over to her snoody boss who just snatched the papers from the girl before shooing her away. Sarah grumbled annoyed under her breath before walking back to her desk and started typing up forms for the rest of the workers.
  2. Name: Krystal
    Picture/gif of human form(no description):[​IMG]
    Wolf? Human? or Hybrid?: hybrid
    Picture/gif of wolf form(only if you want to be a hybrid and no description):[​IMG]
    Age(has to be at least 18): eighteen
    Personality: Krystal can be a bit short tempered, sarcastic, quiet, sneaky.


    Krystal was back at the hideout. She should have been out helping to get food, but decided against it.
    She stayed back and didn't pretty much nothing but throw a small rubber ball in the air and catch it.
    Krystal was beginning to get a bit hungry and thought if she should go out or just wait until Piper or one of the others come back.
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  3. Name: Zachary Ward
    Picture/gif of human form(no description): [​IMG]
    Wolf? Human? or Hybrid?: Human
    Age(has to be at least 18): 22
    Personality: thinker, loner, cynic, yet protective and caring

    Zachary sat on a rooftop with a lit up cigarette. He needed some quiet time away from the ruckus in the flat. He didn't get it why his friend Jake never learnt from his mistakes and tried to juggle one too many girlfriend at any one time. Every single time, one of them found out, stormed into their apartment and caused a scene. It only gave Zachary a headache and chased him out into the fresh air and wind that ruled the roofs. Standing up, taking a last puff, he threw the butt down towards the street, not really caring if it was going to end up on someone else's hand, as it was only a back valley running down that side of the house.
    Suddenly, he heard a thud behind him. In a fraction of a moment he managed to figure out that it could not have been someone coming up to the roof, but more like landing on the roof. Swiftly turning a round, the unbuttoned shirt flying around as he landed his eyes on a girl that took landing not that far away from him. The frown on his expression said more than words could. He wondered what she was doing high above the streets, with a satchel that seemed to be stuffed with things.
  4. Piper had looked around, needing to figure out her surroundings...that is until she saw Zackary of course, she cocked her head studying him for a moment...and with each second of looking at his fine, hansome face she grew a beautiful smile.
    She placed a finger to her lips, "shhhh" she said still smiling.

    "Hey you! Boy!"
    It was one of the cops that were chasing her, he was clearly out of breath.
    "Did you see a woman? With a sachel around her shoulder?"
    The girl was gone the moment you focused on the cops, but it seemed as though she headed into the forest.

    "Here you go Krystal," Piper said as she walked into their famous ancestory cave. The young woman took the bag off and placed it onto the ground before taking lots of food out. She had always taken care of her fellow sister and told her every secret, even how she was jelous of Krystal for guys always flirting with her whenever they both go out.
    Piper grabbed an apple and stood up, leaning against the wall and as she bit into it she started talking.
    "Saw a cute guy on the roof today, had no idea what he was doing up there...but you know, they all end up falling for you anyway" she laughed.
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  5. The look on her face was more than mischievous and it didn't take Zachary long to figure out that the girl was up to something, or has already done something. With her silencing gesture, Zachary wasn't about to just let it slide. Taking a breath in, he wanted to question the girl, but instead heard more ruckus behind him, again. Why was it that today everybody has decided on jumping him? As he turned around again, from the corner of his eye he could see the girl disappear.

    "A girl with a satchel?" He asked in return as if he was trying to recollect the memories when in fact he was making a momentary decision whether to give her up or not. Something told him though, that it would be better if he kept a secret as her presence was rather intriguing and Zachary wanted to follow up on it.

    "Yeah, yeah, I saw her. She ran past me in that direction." Pointing his finger in the exact opposite way, Zachary waited for the cop to ran off. That man needed some serious fitness lesson. Even Zachary, who was a smoker and the last exercise he had was years ago when he was on a baseball team, could ran faster with a better stamina. Which, in this case, would prove him useful, as he began a chase of his own, intending on catching up with the mysterious girl.
  6. Suddenly Piper started sniffing the air, "its the boy," she said as her heart started pounding. "Krystal stay here...im going to go check it out..." She said before leaving.
    The girl climbed up a tree with ease, following the scent until she saw him...he was even more handsome up close, but closing her eyes she knew she had a pack to take care of. She pulled out a switchblade and landed in front of him, "what do you think your doing? Following me?"
  7. He entered the forest, looking around, trying to catch a glimpse of the girl. Truth was, he couldn't see her the moment he set out on the chase so he just went in the general direction. Thankfully, she has decided the jump in front of him, from somewhere up in the tree tops. He made a defensive step backwards, raising his hand at a chest level, trying to look harmless.

    "How do you think this looks like?" He asked in return. It was pretty much obvious he was following her. "The cop who went after you. Why? What did you have in the satchel?" He questioned, not intrusively, just with a hint of curiosity as he looked the girl up and down, trying to assess who she really was and why would she act as a virago in the middle of a forest.
  8. Piper finally came back with a satchel full of food.
    Krystal walked up to the bag that was dropped on the floor and took out an apple before heading towards Piper to hear anything she had to say about her search for food that day.
    She let out a small laugh when she mentioned the boy and how they all fell for her.
    "You never know... maybe this time he'll fall for you," Krystal said with a small wink.

    Suddenly piper started sniffing the air and at that moment she knew a human had to be nearby, her point was proven once she was told the boy was around and that she had to stay put. But Krystal was a bit curious and decided to climb a tree as well, except hidden away from both Piper and the boy. Hiding from Piper was probably useless since she could sniff her out, but she was curious about what going to happen.
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  9. Piper sniffed the air and cursed, without looking at the man she said, "leave this place before you get hurt...this is gang territory and there are a lot of hungry people" she said as a lie. Then looks at him, "this damn...governmental system has people homeless...lets just say I am their savior...their Robin Hood...and if you value your life then don't come back here..." she warned waving the blade around his face slowly.
    "In other words, if you like your pretty face to stay pretty...then stay out of the forest..."
    The young hybrid whistled in the air, that meant any pack member who was spying needed to leave immediately...
  10. Name: Tyler Wade

    Picture/gif of human form(no description):

    Wolf? Human? or Hybrid?: Hunter

    Age(has to be at least 18): 25

    Personality: Kind, Caring, Merciful, Good at his job, Reluctant to kill. Works Part-time as a caretaker at "Animals in Need".


    Tyler calls out to Sarah, "Sarah, can you get those faxes to Cheri, please?" Then, walking out the door, he gets to the backyard where most of the animals are allowed to play and explore. He sees kittens tackling puppies, and his frown morphed into a smile. He applied for this job because it would relieve his stress sometimes, even if only for 8 hours a day, then he walks to the building where the animals are housed. It held multiple cushions and a place to eat. Tyler heads over to the feeding area and restocks the food bowls for a while. He finishes it, and notices that there were only 5 bags of generic animal food left. Going into the office area, he waves to get Sarah's attention.
    "Hey, Sarah, I need to talk to you about the food situation for our animals."
  11. "Sure thing Tyler!" She smiled at him, ever since young and handsome Tyler started working here Sarah fell head over heels for him. She couldn't help smiling and being around him as much as possible, she did everything she could to crack jokes and make him smile because his laughter was her own joy.
    The young woman stood up but suddenly started hearing whispers in different languages, she grew weak and her knees buckled. The whispers became stronger, making the woman's head hurt before they stopped...
    Sarah looked around, scared as she stood up before hiding her true feelings with a smile. She walked over to the man, "yes?"
  12. "Nice save," Krystal said quietly under her breath before silently climbing down the tree, back to the hideout.
    She was careful not to be noticed when leaving as she climbed down.
    Back at the hideout, Krystal decided to go back where she was, hoping if Piper came back she didn't know exactly who in the pack was spying.
  13. Tyler was glad to see her face light up when he caught her attention, and felt his own mouth twist into a grin. Emotions are contagious. He started walking toward her, so he didn't have to yell at her across the room, but then Sarah collapsed into her seat with her eyes wide open and a gasp escaped her lips. Tyler stopped there, a concerned look coming across his face, and he was about to ask her if she was alright when she stood back up on her own, albeit on shaking legs, and came over to him.
    Tyler placed a hand on her arm, as if she might fall again, and looked into her eyes as he asked, "Are you okay?" He saw her attempted smile and removed his hand, but not before feeling something like static electricity, but stronger, shock his hand. "Ouch," Tyler commented before shaking his hand and scratching the back of his neck. Looking at Sarah again, his look was confused and he inquired gently, "What happened back there?"
  14. "Oh, I just get...light-headed at times thats all, nothing to worry about!"
    There was no way she was telling the guy of her dreams that she hears voices! That's absurd!

    "It runs in the family," she tried joking with a slight chuckle...
  15. Zachary only rose an eyebrow at her that doubted all that she has just said. "Gang territory? Really? You are either new in this town trying to be a big girl, but this has been no one's territory for decades." Quite frankly, the forest was pretty much abandoned most of the times apart from adventurous teenagers who had their own business in the woods. Variety of businesses.

    "And if I were you, I'd put the knife away. Do I look like a threat to you?" He still had his hands up but not as defensive as before, more in the gesture of 'come on girl'.
  16. "If I were you I would leave, that means now!" she growled
  17. His eyes narrowed at the growl. Whether it was human or not, he was not sure. "No." Zachary could have been stubborn if he wanted to and certainly this was one of the times. "I am not leaving, because remember, I am the only person who can ID you to the police and send a patrol in this direction. So tone it down, ok? I just wanna know what you had in the satchel and don't give me the Robin Hood crap again. Who knows, maybe I could help." At that point his whole stance went from defensive to expectant. Zachary was no proper fighter, but he was in a few fist fights during his rebellious years. Either way, hitting a girl would be a first, an unwanted first.
  18. "Food," she said loweing the knife, "for homeless people...sorry about that, its been a while since ive met another decent person..."'she kneels in respect.
  19. Frankly, this encounter was getting weirder and weirder. The girl in front of him seemed erratic in her behaviour and Zachary could only guess the reasons.

    "Yeah, I guess that the whole city is swarming with indecent people. But hey, there is no need to kneel in front of me." He made a few wary steps forward, extending a hand towards the girl to potentially help her back up. Yep, he was one of the guys who treated women with respect, even after that threatened to cut his face into tiny pieces.
  20. Tyler grins leisurely, doubting a little that she was telling the truth, but leaving it alone. Clearing his throat, he replies, "Alrighty then. That's completely understandable. So, about that food... We need more. There's only 5 bags left." Nodding at her desk, he continues, "I was wondering if you could order some, since you know more about that than I do."
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