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    SO... THAT

    Suddenly, Marcus wakes up from a nightmare... His eyes looking all around the room searching for those symbols in his almost pitch black room... Sweat falling from his forehead and the feeling of being haunted by the nightmare stood in him. Slowly lifting his hand to clean the sweat in his forehead, he saw in his glowing watch that they were some minutes late for the first exploration day.

    His eyes slowly closed themselves as he sighed lowly, his head was spinning a little as he tried to remember what happened before… He remembered something… Maybe a fight? What came next that made a knot in his head… He remembered that he saw things slowly fade out and a pain on his whole body, things were destroying themselves slowly the whole fabric of time and space was deteriorating in front of him… Suddenly the symbols got back in his mind and everything… Reset… Reset? How can everything reset on its own? What was happening there? Quickly he ran out of his room and to the corridor…

    A similar door was in front of his… The guards were slowly passing and got a little scared to see him full of sweat and with a creepy face but they smiled and complimented him saying a “Good Morning”. Everything was on place… Almost everything, there were doors that before were open now closed or ‘out of order’. Slowly walking with the guards and easing his mood, He looked around and stopped as they got closer to the door, the red button for the ‘emergency wakeup call’ was still there… He smiled a little at seeing the button, he sighed again as he felt that he was better than before.

    He looked back to the long corridor, he remembered the others that were there but somehow he can’t remember their faces… Strangely he can only remember how they were but he couldn't remember what they were neither their soul type… Strange but it was one of the effects of the reset… But who reset the last time? It would need to have a huge amount of power to reset all that time-line… Was… The Legendary Hero back to life? Or… It is someone much darker? Shaking his head to clean his thoughts, he sighed again and smiled a little as he waited a little and then pressed the ‘WAKE UP’ button, the voice echoed in the corridor and inside the rooms… Funny every time. Waiting for someone to appear, he asked politely to one of the guards to give him a chair and he sat on it when it came, it didn't take two seconds for him to already be sleeping on the chair, he knew that he would quickly wake up if someone get close also the guards were there to wake him up if he didn't.

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    I N E A C H T I M E L I N E W E W I L L B E T O G E T H E R !

    Dream was slowly fading away, as Edward yelled hardly, waking up. Each piece of his body was aching, as he grunted painfully. What were those voices? Where was he? Edward's memory slowly regained, but not fully. He remembered walking back from school, where his parents promised him to buy some toy... and then pain... pain, pain, pain...

    After thinking that if there is a place to lay, and he is laying on it, then, he has a body to lay. After coming to such conclusion, Edward rose up to his feet, as memories shot back in his head, like a migraine after 10 hours of watching some sitcom, like a hangover after night of drinking. But, how did he know that? After thinking about it for several moments - in which he was staring at the wall - Edward moved to the, now opened, door, and went through the corridor. There were others, he was sure - he could feel their souls. But how? No time to answer, go forward... forward and only forward.

    Edward reached some room, with his walking ability finally regaining fully. He walked towards sleeping hybrid - What was his name again?

    "M-Marcus... Where are others?" Edward asked in half-drunk half-migraine voice, leaning on wall. Damnit, why does it hurt so much?

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  3. Giovanni woke with a start, yelping as he hit the cold hard floor with a hard thud. The hybrid laid on the floor for a moment, trying to catch his breath.

    Waking up and falling to tge floor gave him a sense of deja vu, but waking up from a dream like that didn't.

    In his dream was someone familiar, no-there were two familiar people.

    A blue arrow was trying to impale on of the familiar people but he had stepped up and tried to use fire.


    That's all he remembered from the grainy images that were like an old movie. Usually, he didn't dream, his mind was a dark abyss until he regained consciousness and was at least half awake; then his senses would slowly come back to him.

    Not this time. Slowly pushing himself off of the floor the Satyr like hybrid rubbed his stinging cheek and reatched for something haphazardly, it was a simple black tank top. Putting it on he'd move out of his room and into the hall almost hesitantly while fixing his hair. He glanced to the doors that were closed or 'out of order' and stared.

    He didn't understand what they meant by out of order, and grew curious despite himself. Gio walked towards the doors and reached for them, wondering if they were empty, or if there was someone or something on the other side. His usually cheerful and good mood seemed to have toned down to one of curiosity and something akin to sadness if only for a breif moment.

    He didn't even notice the two other hybrids, as the young male was too lost in his thoughts currently.

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  4. An alarm rang:


    "NUUU!" Simon moaned as he tossed and turned in his bed, waking up from a recently delightful dream that involved doughnuts and excessive video game pwnage. His ears flattened and he stuffed his face into the pillow, trying to block the alarm's horrendous sound.


    The alarm rang again. This time Simon couldn't take it no more, he just had to wake up. He threw his pillow at the alarm and sat upright crossing his arms in a salty morning attitude. He rubbed his eyes, tried to get rid of his bedfur, and threw on his sweater before sticking them in his pockets and opening the door, seeing that he was just a tad late to the party. He merely shrugged it off and followed over to the rest of the crew, many of which he did not remember much of. A shame, really.

    But he did try his very best to grasp what knowledge he did know about them. There was...a gote, some merman,other various wierdoes, and Marcus, who supposedly was the first and is all cool and stuff. And then there's himself, who eats so many doughnuts and lounges around so much he's surprised he isn't obese yet, not even overweight. Although given his strict diet of lab food, lab regulations, and tasty doughnuts kinda gives the body some leeway to be sexy.

    He walks toward his lab-comrades a bit drowsy, with alot of this morning's tiredness lingering along with him. He yawns loudly and gives the guards a cheesy smile before promptly going down the corridor.

    But before he could see his lab buddies, his vision turned promptly[BCOLOR=#ffffff] black and white, all old-timey and stuff. He looked around this black-and-white corridor and noticed that there were a few more people down the corridor, although he couldn't make it out who was what. The doors were also noticeably not lined with signs that said "OUT OF ORDER" or "PRETTY DANG BROKEN" [/BCOLOR]

    The whole Spiel was but a few brief moments and when it flashed back into color, Simon collapsed for a bit, and held up his head, rubbing his messy fur with his hand..."Ow..." was the only thing he could mutter.

    He finished his way down the corridor, promptly said "EYYY! I'm Simon, okay? I'm a dog...n'....stuff...." and then collapsed onto the floor, following it up with several snores.

    It seems that today was extra tiring.
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  5. On the chair he had such a sweet dream, he was sleeping in a real bed and it was so comfy but the reality was other and suddenly a familiar voice called him out of that reality, he looked to the guy who just looked hurt at him... Did he knew him? His memory was a mess since the last night... Was it just the dream that made him like that or it was something else? Anyway, he slowly walked closer to one of the guards and asked for a medical kit as he answered the familiar guy asking him "They are probably sleeping or maybe 'out of order' like it said in their rooms... Also how do you know me? I kinda don't remember you... Who are you?" He slowly remembered of some different persons when looking to him but somehow the experiment made on him was different... Somehow it could be the 'new generation' of experiments. He looked to his side as he heard a door opening, it was a half goat half human guy... Was he Dio? No... Ugh damned memories... What was happening with him?He could remember the faces but their names and who they were was totally a mystery to him, he called the other one as he gave the medical kit to the almost dying guy close to him "HEY YOU GOATBOY COME HERE... THOSE DOORS ARE OUT JUST LEAVE THEM THERE... WE GOT A MISSION HERE..." He was going to wave to the guy but another door opened, this time he knew it wasn't just a dream, he felt somehow a want to throw something at the dog guy just for fun but when he got closer he looked more wobbly then usual... The only strange thing was that Marcus knew that the 'Simon' walked wobbly in the mornings... He shook his head a little while the dog dude fell on the ground snoring "...You'll get used to it... Also everyone will get used to that... Right now we are all suffering from something... Amnesia, Pain, Exhaustion and Distraction... This is normal in small doses but a little out of the normal for everyone to get something together... ANYWAY, COME CLOSER WE SHOULD GO TO THE NEXT ROOM, IT WILL BE OUR BATTLE TRAINING AND BE READY."
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  6. Edward lightly turned towards the sound of loud alarm clock, quietly stepping towards the room. Suddenly, something that looked like a cute little doggy jumped out of the room, and walked towards them calmly.

    "Um... wut?" Edward asked, quietly confused about whole situation. Then, the dog proclaimed it's name, and fell on the floor - totally exhausted.

    "=)" Psychotic smile grew on Edward's face, as he lightly sat on his knees, and started rubbing dog person's belly. "Who's a good doggy? You are! You are! So tired!" Edward said lightly, continuing to rub it's belly with circular movements. Only after several moments he understood that the guy has awoken, and said something about training.

    "Uh... Training?" Edward asked, quite shocked. When he stood up, he turned to Marcus, and said - rubbing his head because of headache - in a clear voice.
    "Okay, where that is?"
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  7. Simon wagged his tail a little bit and smiled as a hand started rubbing him in his sweet spots. He curled himself around Edward's hand, and started to snuggle it, murmuring unrecognizable things. He felt comfortable, even wanting to fall into a deep sleep, even though a complete stranger was petting him...


    Before he could combat that issue, another one shouted it's way toward him, In the form of Marcus, begging them to do some training. Simon shot up, crossed his arms, looked at Marcus sternly, and complained to him.

    "NUUUUU!!!! I don't wanna do training!!! It requires PHYSICAL EFFORT! Something my leetle doggy body cant doooo!!!

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  8. Giovanni jumped when he was yalled at, then flinched slightly at how loud the male addressing him was. Retracting his hand he glanced towards the doora once more before heading over to the rest. He vaguely recognized Simon and Marcus yet this new creature wasn't so familiar. He sighed at the thought of training. He really wanted to know if anyone or anything were in those doors.

    Gio simply blinked at the others. Amnesia? Distraction? Pain? He wasn't completely sure what Marcus was talking about. All he'd get in response from Giovanni was a blank and tired look.
  9. Marcus looked at them all, the goat boy was the only that didn't said anything, his tired and bored look showed that he was really into the battle training. The dog boy that was on the ground was looking like he would do nothing to not do anything different from the other strange almost unknown boy who was looking like he was ready for anything... He sighed and didn't said anything as he grabbed the dog boy by his hips and lifted him up easily, he walked to the next door as he used one free hand to call the others, slowly laying the dog boy on the ground, he would point to a wall as he would walk to it "Here I am... You would need to fight with me, use your powers but don't use all your strength, we don't want to destroy each other ok?" He said as his soul slowly flew out of his chest, it's silver shine slowly turned everything black and white, slowly a silver trident appeared in his right hand, he pointed it to the trio in front of them "So who will be the first to start the fight? Or you three would like to fight me?"

  10. This day got more curiouser and curiouser - wait, those words are familiar, but they are wrong... what the heck is going in this head? Anyways, he followed Marcus into another room, and shievered because of coldness. Why it is so cold? Strange... But then, Edward understood why shivers slides now his spine.
    "Wait what?!" He asked strangely, looking on Marcus like if Marcus was crazy. They got powers? The needed to fight?! Seriously?!!
    "I don't remember powers..." Edward said, slowly stepping backwards, when suddenly... voice in his head said.
    "Don't worry, I will help you"
    "Who the heck are you?!"
    "No time for explanations, time to FIGHT!"

    "But... if you really want to fight" Edward's voice changed a bit, as his soul started to appeal more and more. "LET'S DO THIS!"

    An agile, hard, green spear appeared in his left hand, as he swung it graciously above his head, and did a slice directly through Marcus' soul.
    "En Guarde!" Edward yelled, as something like green plume surrounded Marcus' soul. "You can't flee now" His words were hard, as he readied his spear.

    * Echo is howling...
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  11. The fluffy pooch smiled as he was gently picked up, brought over to the training room, and gently sat down all at the hands of Marcus. He rewarded him with a nod and a "Thank you!" before watching him trot off, point to a wall, and start yelling at people to fight him. Simon sat upright, a bit less tired, and sat criss-crossed on the training floor, looking at what's about to go down.

    The merman dude, Edward, suddenly changed like, his whole personality all of a sudden, being all mopey and dopey to ecstatic and eager to fight! He shrouded Marcus's soul in green and started to fight him. It didn't take long for the flash of black and white to hit him once more, everything getting all old-timey again...

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Marcus and Simon were facing each other, in a different-looking training room. Marcus turned to Simon, rather angry and yelling at him "Why you are having that face? Wanna fight Simon?" Simon cocked his head, rather confused at why he would do that.Marcus seemed to be beyond salty, and brought out a projectile, and started pointing it at various people around the room. He finally turned it back at Simon, who started shivering a bit, this was starting to get creepy. He then threw the projectile at Simon, who was just standing there, getting pretty scared untill a wall of green flames sprouted out from the ground to save the day! But NOoOoOoO! The projectile wasn't 'normal enough'[ to be blocked by the wall and instead, and went straight through it. Simon could only watch as the projectile went straight at him....[/BCOLOR]

    The scene changed back to the training room, and Simon had to hold his head once more. He looked at Marcus, muttering a low growl, and wondering what that was all about.

    Something about all of this...is very wierd, to say the least.
  12. Giovanni watched as Edward charged at Marcus. Marcus said not to use their full strength, and the boy was still a bit groggy but simply shrugged and thought of something he could do to train without having to put to much energy in it.

    It was strange, usually he was quick to feel energized and unable to stay still for long, but for some reason he just felt a bit tired. At least, he was more tired than usual. Shaking it off he lifted a hand and a green ball of flames appeared. It wasn't very big, but then again Gio wasn't trying to hurt anyone. Sending the flame Marcus' way, the young hybrid grew distracted by a sound: the sound of his stomach.

    He didn't have anything to eat yet, and he honestly didn't remember the last time he did eat. He seemed to be pretty spaced out and easily distracted today.
  13. Robert raised a wall of spears in the mid air, sending them flying right after him. Quickly, walls got spears stuck in them, as hybrid graciously dodged projectiles of Marcus. When he was about to impale Marcus with a spear, his vision suddenly went blurry...

    "What do you mean by you think it's happening?" A bold looking fish teen stood there, his foot impatiently banging floor in certain rhythm.

    "D, those losers don't have courage to do that - Even if so, me and Impact could- Oh... okay." He turned off phone, starting to walk around nervously. It was that night that he needed to risk his life - courage that his mother was telling him about...

    Things went back to normal quickly, and Edward knew that it was the same moment in time he was out - but in the moment before he hadn't noticed a green fireball zooming towards him. A flash of green overwhelmed his vision, as he heard a courageous, half-laugh half-shriek, and a monster soul slowly falling apart. A blazing pain went over Edward, and he passed out once again, not as much as from the fireball, but from it.

    Hybrid crashed on the floor hardly, to the left of Marcus. His soul became heavily visible, from time to time falling apart on multicolored shards, and then assembling back, and repeating. Edward, meanwhile, was feeling extreme pain - like if he was slowly ripped apart on four persons...
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  14. Aaron woke up in the only room that didn't hear the obnoxious "wake up" alarm that all the others did... it was rare for him to eve leave the room, the only times when he needed to go to the toilet or a special event. ever since his creation he had been kept in solitary confinement in fear of him rampaging again except it didn't work. his powers only seemed to rise as his mind deteriorated, getting to the point where he broke out of his cell and went into a rampage. This seemed to be a failsafe though as his mind would reset to his original state after a rampage. the thing that kept his mind stable was installed onto the only wall with electricity in a cell: a gaming console. It turned out that if he played emotional games he could get invested in it could replace human interaction and therefore keep him from going out of control while keeping him inside the cell.

    Today was different however. today a message was sent over the intercom for him to "test some friends"... whatever that meant. and he stood up, knowing the procedure for these kinds of things; he would go through many abandoned hallways to whatever room they wanted him to go... for all he knew this was a confinement facility for him after the failure that was monster and human fusion so when he walked upon the others the only thought that went through his head was... more died... more couldn't pass on... The others in the room would be as shocked as he was... one of the doors opening to reveal a humanoid figure except covered in dark... who knows what that substance is, staring at the two who were fighting? What's worse would be his first action, charging forward with extreme speed, slamming his fist into the trident wielding male before jumping back and attempting to grab the falling apart soul ,forcing the determination he generated into it
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  15. With his Silver Trident pointed to them, Marcus kept looking with a hopeful and strange smile on his face... He could see that a epic training battle would start but as he was seeing, the trio of hybrids almost attacking each other instead of him just with a little exception named Simon... That looked more angry than normal... Marcus couldn't know what to do, he just smirked to him and slowly got a frown in his face as he let his guard down... To his luck the 'maniac' was out of his cage... He just shattered his trident into pieces as Marcus fell on the ground from the sudden surprise "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He asked in a surprised scream, he saw the guy's want and quickly tried to stop him "STOP THAT! HE CAN'T RECEIVE DETERMINATION DIRECTLY ON HIS SOUL! YOU WILL KILL HIM! STOP IT!" He shouted as he tried to push him away from the breaking down hybrid.

    Quickly he pushed the Aaron thing out of the way by his soul slowly moving him away from the others and back to his cage "Don't you dare move now or I'll shatter this into pieces... You... Thing... They made you as a failure... Just don't make me do thing... Again..." He said as he started to slowly look down and calm down a little "Sorry... Don't do that anymore... I can remember you and I don't want to remember you like this... So... Don't try to do that anymore... Please..." Marcus looked exhausted but slowly let go of Aaron's soul and went closer to the hybrid boy... "Are you fine? Do you still need some 'Soul Repair'?"

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  16. Giovanni almost freaked out at Edward suddenly collapsing after he conducted his attack, then Marcus was punched and then started screaming. Backing away from the three the Satyr like hybrid sat down next to Simon.

    "Um, you don't mind if I sit here, do you?" he asked softly and awkwardly. He felt almost like he had did something wrong during his attack, like he didn't have the right timing which possibly led to the chain of events that took place. The poor boy wouldn't of known that his small attack wasn't a reason why Edward fell in tge first place.
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  17. Simon merely slept while Edward, Marcus, and Gio held their training, and continued to snooze when Edward collapsed onto the floor, and when some big 'ol monster came over and started messing with the soul (poor Eddie ;-;). He only woke up at the presence of a nearby goatboi making his way towards Simon as a very salty Marcus pulled away an equally salty hybrid. He looked at the both of them and merely shrugged the whole thing off. Gio sat down next to the doggo and asked permission to sit next to him, to which he smiled. "Nah man, you're cool. You can come chill with me any time of the month!" He then proceeded to wrap his arm around the goat, completely oblivious to the laws of personal space, and whispered in his ear.

    "Psst! You wanna see a magic trick?"

    Without waiting for an answer, the drowsy and drunk-looking dog pulled him closer, pointed at the seemingly dead Edward, and whispered "Watch this!"

    With the small wiggles of his fingers, a magical green doughnut appeared above Edward. Simon let go of Gio and giggled like a little schoolgirl. He wiggled them some more to move it around, laughing and giggling the whole time...until it collided with Eddie's green soul, to which the dog gasped, eyes widening and hands pressed against his cheeks. It almost looked like he was about to cry, thinking he killed Edward with a doughnut.

    "O.O Oh poopie..."
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