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  1. *This is a take turn roleplay and please take your time with your posts, Always open to new hybrids just click sign up for me first. Thanks*

    Dom has been in his room all day hitting his head constantly at his PC and even that got tiring so he decided to take his head off and throw that at the wall instead. Dom was busy writing a leaflet for new hybrids who enter Haven.

    It took some time but he finally finished it "Im not doing that again" Dom said while pressing save and print.

    Dom had a big smirk on his face as he shuffled into bar with his skateboard being held by his tail. "See I told you I can do it Scar" he shouted over to Scarlett then sticking his tongue out.

    Dom dropped the leaflets in front of Scarlett "Ha printed and sealed" Dom was pleased at his work and being a zombie/Imp, he hasn't got the best intelligence like his sis (Adopted sis) Scarlett. "We have any Whiskey left Scar?" he asked

    (As you enter into the building you are handed a small note from the woman behind the bar and it reads)

    Welcome to costa del Haven.
    Welcome Hybrid just a few notes on how things work here at haven please take a few moments to read and understand them.

    *Please be nice to your fellow Hybrids we are all here for a reason and stuff has happened to each and everyone of us just remember that (but augments will happen and that’s just par for the course when you have so many living together)

    *If you live here your working here no matter what it’s not a free ride you have to pull your weight it’s just how things work.

    *NPC’S will and can show up please feel free to interact with them and don’t forget to interact with the rest of your new some what strange family.

    *We have been a Haven for awhile now but pure bloods have been known to catch us when we are out in the real world so be careful.

    *You will be given your room number where you can decorate and make it your own just remember to ask before entering anyone's room.

    *Be warned if Scarlet is in a bad mood just don’t do anything stupid it took me a few years to work that one out lets just say I’m glad my limbs grow back.

    Lastly have fun because before we know it our little world could come crumbling down around us so be safe and keep your eyes open for Pure bloods.

    Dom some what manager.

    Map of Haven (open)



    Characters (open)

    Me---Captain Scrubz

    Name: Dominic Edward Andreas Day
    Nickname if one: Dom
    Age 26
    Mother’s race:Zombie
    Father’s race: Imp

    Advantages from both parents:
    Harmed by brain only.
    Father: can control heat and invulnerable to most things, only certain objects and enchantments are capable of harming him

    Disadvantages from both parent:
    Constantly hungry, slow on foot
    Father: Can't stop playing tricks on anyone because it's fun

    Description or picture or both:

    Dom has multiple horns coming through his head some of the smaller horns are hidden by his red shaggy hair. His skin looks like it's always shedding except his hands which are usually a dark brown burnt color. He usually wears a random rock T shirt and baggy jeans which has been customized so his useless back wings stick out and Imp tail comes through them.


    When Dom was born his mother, Kia was extremely happy although his dad was a mistake she had been tricked into it. Where his dad is now she had no idea but now Kia had a hybrid son which was against the law. He didn't look like a hybrid as a baby which helped, he just looked like a normal zombie baby. Since New zombies do appear and go no one questioned new arrival. Dom soon got emotionally attached to a Skateboard (Imp trait) and by the age of 3 he was skateboarding like a pro but at the same time a tail and horns were starting to form.
    Kia had to start hiding him from the world.

    Kia used Dom's skills on his skateboard to get him away quickly before he was seen which helped for the first 2 years. By the age of 5 Dom had a fully formed tail, some mini horns and mini wings on the back which all they did was flap around. The wings didn't do anything special. At the Age of 6 he started playing tricks on everyone, Kia did find them funny when it was played on her but whenever she told him to hide, he would come out and try and move objects around to confuse anyone who walked past. Dom has got caught a few times but Kia ended up killing the creature being zombie or even a vampire by surprise. Lets just say Dom and Kia ate well that day.
    Kia soon learned to use reverse psychology on Dom and he usually fell for it hiding out the way unless he got bored and did whatever he pleased.

    With Dom's mischievous ways its how he met his best friend/adopted sister Scarlet she was stealing food and Dom was messing with her. First it was taking the food back off her and placing it back where she stole it from and then when he tried to offer it back to her it went rotten so he kept offering everything to her which of course she didn't take. Scarlet was soon about ready to kill Dom when Kia stepped in and noticed she wasn't a pure blood just like her son.

    Kia told Dom to stay where I can see you which of course he disappeared for a while. Kia then got some food and told Scarlet that she is not allowed this and held it behind her back. Scarlet didn't miss a beat and stole the food out of her hand since then she kinda stuck around. They were both 8 years old when Scarlet and Dom first met.

    2 years passed and Kia did well hiding Scarlett and Dom but it couldn't last forever. One to many bodies was disappearing and a mob was formed to find who or what was responsible, long story short they found Kia and was easily killed but Dom and Scarlett got away.

    Name: Shi Okami

    Nick if one: Okami

    Age: 19

    Mother’s Race: Elf
    Father’s Race: Lycan

    Advantages from both parents:
    Father: Morphing abilities, enhanced senses and over human speed & strength
    Mother: High intellectual capacity and control over energy (Magic).

    Disadvantages from both parents:
    Father: Will morph against his will during full moon and an unsaleable thirst of blood.
    Mother: A kind sense of justice, which creates an inner battle inside him because of his thirst of blood.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    History and how he found the bar:

    When Okami was born his parents separated because they were afraid of the pure breeds chasing after them, his father took Okami with him while his mother went to the main city. Okami’s father trained him in the art of fighting and teached him to control his morphed form 10 years, when the training finished Okami was already 18.

    The pure breeds appeared in their house, Okami’s father sacrificed himself to give Okami an opportunity to escape, since that day for a year Okami was completely alone, his only option was to go and see his mother, which lived in the city. After Okami finally found his mother he lived with her for 3 months before the pure breeds attacked again, it was in a dark night, they were both sleeping, Okami noticed the presence of the pure breeds in the house but it was too late, when he realized his mother was already dead and was with his persecutors in a step of distance. Again, Okami maid it to run away, but now, his family is dead, he doesn't have anywhere to go.

    After a month wandering around the streets, Okami found a group of pure breeds, they were chasing a gang of hybrids, he decided to follow them from a safe distance and see if he could find a chance to take a bit of revenge. He saw the hybrids entering to a place, but, the pure breeds couldn't go inside that building, what was happening? Why can’t they go in? Okami asked himself as he stared at the building’s door.

    After watching the place for two long days Okami decide to go and check what was happening inside the building. He knocked the door, the response received by him was: “What are you?”. Okami was confused, he didn't knew how to answer that question, excepting telling the truth.

    “I’m a hybrid” He replied, the big door was suddenly opened, the head of the place gave a warn welcome to Okami, he just wanted to know what was that exactly, “This is a shelter for the hybrids that are being chased by the pure breeds” The leader replied to Okami with a fancy tone.

    Here is where our adventure begins :V

    Name: Scarlet

    Nickname if one: Scar (but don’t call her that unless she gives you the ok too)

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Mother’s race: Harpy

    Father’s race: werewolf

    Advantages from both parents:
    Mother: quick reflexes and wings
    Father: fantastic senses, speed and shifting ability

    Disadvantages from both parents:
    Mother: Bad attitude, anger and the fact I have to steal everything I want or it turns bad even down to my bloody under wear.
    Father: bloody tail and really thick hair that takes for ever to keep under control.

    Description or picture or both: (looking for some to help me get this into a picture as you really don’t want to know the kind of things that came up when I put in Google harpy werewolf mix I think I will have nightmares for a bloody long time hehehe, anyways I’m rambling again)
    Back to description = Scarlet’s hair is long with a slight wave and a light auburn coloring, her skin coloring is pale but not a sickly pale. Her eyes are almond shaped with blood red pupils but if she goes into the world of the pure bloods and humans she wears grey contacts. Her eyebrows are the same color as her hair and thinly arched, she has full lips that are a naturally reddish color. She has a small nose and a rounded chin. She has an hour glass figure so a large bust small waist and big hips. Scarlet is 5 ft 7 so not too tall but not too short. (Now for the fun bit as she can shift thanks to her father’s ability when she is upset, angry pissed off or just in a bad mood her appearance changes slightly)
    Scarlet has eagle like wings that sprout from her spine that are the same color as her hair at the ends of the feathers fading up to browns to black at the top they are silky to the touch. (This is why she always wears backless tops). She also grows a wolf like tail that once again is the same light auburn color as her hair and the tips of her wings, but is fluffy and longer then a normal wolf tail. Her ears become more pointy like a wolf. Also her nails become longer and more talon like (great for de hearting pure bloods)
    Her clothing is on the whole backless tops in black or purples, (so the wings don’t rip her clothing apart) the bottom half is normal a skirt always black more often than not short or short one side and long the other. Her shoes are normally her knee length new rocks with red ribbon for the laces.
    (If you need any more please ask)

    History try and include how you found the bar (if unsure just ask me I can help):

    The day I was born was a confusing day for my parents they didn’t know what to do with me my mother would have been quite happy to have held my nose at birth and watch as the light left my eyes but as I’m here tell you my history we can all work out that, that didn’t happen, anyways I’m getting away from my story. I was born to a Harpy mother and a Werewolf father and as you know that was a huge no no I shouldn’t have existed but shit happens. So my young life was mainly running and moving from one town to the next and so on and so forth trying to stay out of the eyes of the big headed pure bloods.

    Everything was going ok well as ok as running for your life on a daily basis’s can be. until we stopped my mother was pregnant again with a little sister (yay for me not) I was 5 and didn’t want to share the few toys I had but my father said that when the baby was born I would feel different and he was right looking in to the blue eyes of my sister Ruby was amazing and I knew then that I would look out for her , if only I could of kept that promise.
    The night my life turned more upside down then it already was the day I turned 7 my sister was just over 1 years old and fast asleep in the bed next to me when I got the urge for food and being a somewhat Harpy it wasn’t like I could just go and buy it nooo I had to steal so I crept out of bed and down the hall of our very shabby 2 bedroom shit hole of a rundown scary looking bungalow and out of the place without waking anyone up.
    I went next door to a not so shity looking home and used my wolf senses to make sure all were asleep thankfully they were, I walked in through the unlocked back door and straight to the huge American style fridge and took out a leg of cooked chicken and some cucumber and started to leave when I heard noises from outside.

    I took a peek around the corner from my hiding place and saw my family being dragged out still in there bed clothes and before I could even blink the sword came down with a sicken smack and I saw my little sisters body fall to the ground and her head roll in the opposite direction, watching her life’s blood pour in rivers down to the drain. I couldn’t move frozen in time as if I wasn’t really seeing what I knew I was seeing. It wasn’t until my father screamed that I looked away from the gorey mess that was my ruby. My mother just sat there knowing it was only a matter of time before they done the same to her and my father.

    With a slight turn of her head she saw me and mouthed the words run and be free and I did just that I ran, I ran until my legs could no longer hold my body the chicken and cucumber all but forgotten where I had dropped them.The sounds of my family’s last breaths and screams still haunt my dreams.

    I won’t go into too much detail of how the next few years of my life went as it just involved stealing and learning how to use my assets to help me. Oh and the odd killing here and there when I have had to, but hey in this situation who hasn’t had to kill a pure blood or several.

    The only one good thing was I met another like me ok not the same hybrid as myself but a hybrid never the less and we looked out for each other he was my family as much as I was his. Dom the brother I never had, we helped keep each other safe until with the help of my wonderful stealing ability’s and his calm and laid back can do attitude we saved up the money to open Haven for the hybrids of the world to have somewhere they could call their own.
    So there you have it a nice run down of why I’m so screwed up in the head I’m sure I will be serving you your favorite drink at some point just don’t forget I have an attitude and I know how to use it so be nice.

    Kazuaki Bara
    Name: Nero blackheart

    Nickname if one: none
    Age : 22
    Gender: Male
    Mother’s race: Angel
    Father’s race: Vampire
    Advantages from both parents:
    Mother: looks of an angel and a voice of Bliss ( calms people )

    Father: super human speed & strength,quick regeneration , vampire charm
    Disadvantages from both parent:
    Mother: purity that clashes with his vampiric powers.

    Father: The lust for blood , cannot control his charm on others
    Description or picture or both:

    History : Nero was the result of a Vampire lord that fell in love with his enemy, His mother was one of the angels that was tasked with the purge of demons over a thousand years ago. Vampires were treated as demons which caused them to join the demons side in the war. When the war was over his mother was captured as a prisoner of war since she lost the power to return to heaven . On the day of her execution Neros father rebelled against the demons rescued his mother.

    Years later Nero was born, His mother feared that he would fall into darkness and follow after his fathers footsteps which is exactly what his father wanted. But she had already fallen deeply in love with Neros father. When nero turned 18 he ran away and turned his back on his empire. Hated by angels and wanted by Vampires Nero had to keep a low profile. which helped for a few years unti now , He is 22 and his pursuers are inching closer and closer. Nero is now chasing a rumor of a place were Hybrids are safe hoping too find sanctuary.

    Name: Mishna Mars

    Nickname if one: n/a
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Mother’s race: gargoyle
    Father’s race: vampire
    Advantages from both parents:
    Mother: strong, has wings, rock like armour can breath fire (created to protect humanity /destroy evil demons)

    Father: enhanced speed, strength, senses and unnatural healing
    Disadvantages from both parent:
    Mother: hot tempered, easily provoked (has a hard time controlling her change if angered can be dangerous if too close)

    Father: blood lust, bothered by light, hard on herself because of how she has to survive on human blood. but her kind vows themselves on protecting humans (can't fully accept being a vampire)
    Description or picture or both:
    5'5,slim build (will describe what she wears and how she dresses
    in rp)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    History try and include how you found the bar (if unsure just ask me I can help)
    As the story goes, her parents meet 20 years ago, when her mom had been summoned by the angels to help defeat demons roaming earth. While travelling alone, her father had run into her mother, ultimately saving her from 3 demons. It started out as innocent, she owed him her life. A vampire unlike any other, her mother was quickly smitten by him.

    They snuck off together once she got pregnant , isolated for 3 years, always keeping Mishna a secret. Unsure of what she would be, born with purple hair and matching eyes she always stood out as a baby. never accepted by either race, she was considered an obination, feared by most as the first of the kind to survive.

    Unable to keep her protected forever, on her 15th birthday her powers started to form, the morphing intense and uncontrollable. Her parents tried their best to protect her , which ment her father giving his life in the fight for her survival. She had to watch as they burned their house to the ground, barely escaping with her mother.

    A few more years passed, they kept to themselves never staying at a place for. longer than 2weeks at a time, always on the run. Life was hard now. Mishna grew tired of running, she forced her mom to go back to their family, staying with the promise to find a new Haven. A safe place for someone like Misha.. that's when she over heard about this place. Doubtful but with nowhere else to go, Misha started her little journey to Hybrid Haven

    Turn Order (open)

    Captain Scrubz
    Kazuaki Bara
    Jhuton---if he puts character sheet up
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  2. As Okami walked through the building he reed the note, he wasn't really planning to stay there for a lojg while but, he desn't have anywhere to go so, he stared at the buileing walls, it was all like a normal entertainemet stablishment, only the ones who lives there know what is really going on in that place.

    Okami was a bit surprised, he wasn't aware of the existance of so many hybrids, he thought that they where just a bit, but after knowing about the existance of this place he realized that there are more hybrids in the world than any of us could think.

    Tye first thing Okami did was to look for this "Dom" to ask him about the residence in that place and everything else. Of course he wasn't planning to stay there, he is going to go out and chase the pure breeds, he knows how to defend himself so he isn't really woried.
  3. "Well ain't you clever" Scarlet smiled at her now brother as she turned around and poured him a double whiskey. With a smile and a small giggle she handed it to him and took the flyers walking up to the other end of the bar. Scarlet saw the door open and handed the younger one of the flyers.

    Scarlet watched as the new guy took the note from her hand she raised her eyebrow she wasn't sure of this guy she had seen so many of his like the ones who think they could take on the world and win, but he was wrong she had seen many before fail and some of them had even had her convinced that they could do it but this kid didn't stand a chance.

    "Hey Scarlet can I get some service over here" Scarlet spun on her heels and glared at the one who had called out to her, "Oh really John and how about a nice knuckle sandwich to go with that?" she said as she started to walk down the bar, when she got to the customer she smirked "It's a good job it's you" she said as she grabbed a glass from above the bar and started to pull the guys normal pint of strongbow.

    But as she had a small conversation with John her eyes kept wondering to the new guy. John noticed her looking and turn to her "So is he next on your hit list?" he asked Scarlet laughed the huskiness of it rung around the quite at the moment building "Depends what one we are talking about" she said with a wink as she turned around to refill one of the back fridges before the place got to packed out.
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  4. Nero looks around as he enters the Haven making sure it wasent some sort of trap. He makes his way up to the bar were he is handed a piece of paper. Before he has the chance to read it he turns his head and holds his nose. He glares at the man knowing that he was lycan hybrid , Nero did not get along with there kind due to most of the Vampire hunters were pure breed lycans . He takes a step back " I was not aware this place was animal friendly " He says while glaring at the lycan hybrid . When he realizes what he just said Nero bows " ah.... forgive me ..i really did not mean that... im sorry it was the vampire side of me " Nero was split between the purity of an angel and the coldness of a vampire so sometimes one would overtake the other.
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  5. Dom gave a big cheesy smile to Scarlet while grabbing his drink but as soon as her back was turned he started slapping his own face while saying in a stupid voice “Clever”. He was hoping for a reaction from her but as soon as he said it 2 new hybrids came through the door.

    Dom huffed and slouched down disappointed with the lack of reaction. Scarlett was too accustom with Dom, it was either that or she didn’t notice. He was looking to the left and right trying to think of something to do and he really wanted to play a trick on someone, it was just that feeling he always got.

    He looked at the newcomers with a sly grin and it seemed like the vampire hybrid doesn’t like the smell of Lycans. Dom had an idea and as sneakily as he could, he laid on his stomach on his skateboard and glided away to his room with his drink still in hand.
  6. Okami noticed all this interesting characters, the girl over the bar muttering about him, he was able to hear her because of his enhanced senses. Suddenly this strange man starts to talking rude to him, this was some like a vampire, his smell was too obvious for a trained noose like Okami's, but from nowhere he starts apologizing like nothing happened "Ok" Was Okami's answer to this man behavior.

    Okami is able to see this man laid down on a skateboard entering to a room, that was one of the most strange things that he has seen there, he just decides to ignore the man and go with the woman in the bar. (Scar)

    "Where's Dom?" He asks to the lady.
  7. Scarlet raised an eyebrow at the youngster as he spoken to her "Listen kid I know, your new around here but there is this thing called manners you know excuse me and thanks and please or have you been living under a rock all your life?" Scarlet's red eyes started to glow brighter as she spoke she had always been quick to temper a trait from her mother but it had helped her and Dom on so many occasions she had lost count.

    Taking a deep breath to calm herself as it was not good to be pissed off this early in the evening she tried to smile but it came out more as a smirk "His just........" she said as she turned to where he had been at the end of the bar just a moment ago "damn it DOM WHERE THE LIVING HELL ARE YOU NOW" she shouted as her eyes brightened again "Well he was just over there but the cheeky pain in the butt has rolled off somewhere, do you want a drink and I will go find him?" she said with her hands on her hips.
  8. Seeing that the man did not care about his insult Nero takes a deep breath while he takes a seat at the bar. Thinking to him self ~ good going idiot ~ He lays his head on the bar table and signs. " ... thats right" He pulls out the letter and lays it out on the table. Hearing the woman scold the wolf man caused his eyes to wonder and investigate. ~ she smells .... ~ not being able to tell what the woman was made Nero curious . He study's her body to see if there were any clues on what she may be. Nero closes his eyes to try and take a better wiff of her blood but snaps them open when he hears her yell. Turning his head back and glueing his eyes to the letter . He was certain she was also a wolf hybrid now .

    He study's the letter muttering things to him self like "rules?" " o we get are own room " Nero began to like the way this haven sounded the more he read. A confused look came across his face when he reads one of the last rules. " warning ?" " scarlet?" He was now starting to get seconded thoughts when he reads the description about growing back limbs. He quickly turns towards the woman behind the bar " uhh .... excuse me miss " He raises the paper " this scarlet? .....is it some sort of demon ?" Hoping she would know " or is it a guard beast or something " Based on the description on the letter Nero pictured this scarlet to be some sort of security beast like he had back in his old castle.
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  9. After what felt like hours of endless walking, just to blend in with the "purebreeds" a cloaked and hooded Mishna finally arrived at the doors of Hybrid Haven, with a sigh of relief and exhaustion she watched as the doors swung open "welcome".

    She entered keeping her head down, not wanting to draw any attention to her, making her way to the bar to grab the note, she felt it was to good to be true, as she walked to the far end of the bar, avoiding the gaze of everyone as she read over the paper.

    Her nose was on fire, as her throat burned from all the different smells, her face twisting up isn't disgust as she identified the already different hybrids around. She was always so used to being alone, it was going to take alot adjusting to even feel slightly comfortable here, not to mention her senses.

    All she wanted now, was to find whoever was in charge and escape to her room. She was already on edge, in the room of unknown strangers and hybrids alike. She was in no mood to converse.
  10. As Dom snuck out the room he arrived at the stairs leading down to his bedroom, he thought of staying on his stomach on his skateboard to get down but always ends up in failure. He drank his whiskey and kept hold of the glass. The warm succulent taste of whiskey was always good and a nice refreshing sound came from Dom’s lips. After he drank up he got onto his feet and quickly ollied up onto the rail by the side of the stairs and started grinding it. The rail leads down and round the corner stopping not far away from his bedroom.

    The tight corner on the rail is usually tricky to get round but Dom has had some practice while living here at the Haven and he managed to get round it. It wasn’t perfect but he was still grinding until he heard a familiar shriek and he knew that shriek far too well. It was his sis


    Dom should be used to his sis shouting at him but it always sounded like shrieking to him but this time it caught him off guard and he fell right at the end of the rail hitting the last step of the stairs.
    Dom hit that step with such force his body came apart, his Skateboard kept rolling down to the other end of the corridor with his left leg just sitting on the top of it. Dom laid there on his side watching his skateboard and leg roll off.

    He took a big exhale of breath and viewed his damage to the rest of himself, he saw where he landed as there was a new chip on the stairs. He knew every chip on the stairs only because he was the one who made them. As he went to scratch his head nothing happened apart from that his right arm wasn’t attached. His Arm was next to him moving about for the moment as he tried to scratch.

    He noticed his other leg wasn’t attached either “Oh Blahdy Blah blah” he mumbled. It was Dom’s saying instead of swearing. As he picked his right arm up with his left hand and forced it back where it should be he started grumbling “What’s up with Scar……” Dom then grabbed his right leg and forced that back into place “I mean I haven’t done anything……yet”

    Dom looked down the hallway at where his skateboard and leg was, he knew if he crawled there it would take forever instead he would try using his leg to move the skateboard closer to him.

    His leg flopped over both sides and his foot started pushing the skateboard closer to Dom. It felt a little awkward but it was definitely quicker than Dom crawling. It managed to get half way until he kicked a little too hard making the skateboard flip upside down.

    “BLAHHHH” he shouted in frustration and he started to crawl “Well….” He started mumbling once again but one word at a time with every shuffle to his skateboard and leg "….If…she…. wants…..me…..she….can……find……me”
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  11. Okami sat on a chair with some distance of this girl, he wasn't going to reply at her response, there was no need to, he made it to capt an strange sound coming from not to far from his location, it was like someone fell out of some stairs, he wasn't going to check it, he decided to scan the hybrids sorrounding him using his enhanced senses, the female at his side (Scar) has the essence of a creature similar to him, but it was underdeveloped compared to him, maybe it was a werewolf, werewolfs aren't as advanced as the lycans, she also has the smell of a harpy, he wasn't really surprised of, there was a lot of different hybrids, some of them where very bizarre, he also felt the strange character that tried to talk him before, it was one of the most strange combinations, "It smells like rock and blood" he thought as he stared at this strange character.
  12. Scarlet could see that the one she was in front of was not paying her any attention and it was clear he wasn't going to say anything about his manners that she walked off and as she did she heard some one call to her " uhh .... excuse me miss " Scarlet turned and smiled but before she could say a thing he continued to talk this scarlet? .....is it some sort of demon ? " or is it a guard beast or something " Scarlet didn't know if she wanted to laugh or slap him silly but he was new and Dom had told her to try and be nice. Hang on a moment she thought grabbing one of the letters off the side she hadn't had time to read it after Dom had bought them up stairs as she read the red of her eyes got brighter "I'll kill him he really does make me out to be horrible" she said in a low tone knowing that the ones around her would hear. Clearing her throat she looked up at the one that smelt some what like a Vampire and smiled "I'm Scarlet nice to meet you, I co own this place with my soon to be in a lot of pain brother, Yes I have a temper but as long as you help out when needed and don't talk to me like crap we will get on fine".

    Scarlet saw the new girl walk in wow 3 newbies in one night that has been awhile she thought as she looked at the crowd standing in front of her bar "Right newbies if you would like to follow me you can pick your rooms and we will find Dom and he can do the better introductions" With that said Scarlet walked from behind the bar and stood at the side "It's just this way" she said as she walked towards some stairs that where sealed away from prying eyes. As she got to the top of the stairs she could see Dom well part of him anyway with a snicker she pointed at the zombie hybrid "That would be Dom, he has obviously fallen down the stairs again right if you lot want to get to know each other I'm just gonna ask John to run the bar as it will soon be opening time and I will be back see you all soon" with that said Scarlet walked of still snickering as she re-entered the bar.

    Walking up to John she smiled "Your on bar for awhile I'm going back down to meet the new guys and girls" "Sure thing guard" He said with a smirk obviously having just read the letter that Dom had done "Hahaha very funny" she said rolling her eyes as she went back down the stairs to see what had happened with everyone.
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  13. The smell of another vampire entering the Haven caused the iris in Neros eyes to turn crimson , He was now on edge which caused more of his Vampiric side to show. He turns around to see a Woman . He knew that this Haven was only for hybrids but He just wanted to make sure it was not a pure blood . He study's her for a few seconded before turning back at Scarlet " i understand " Since Nero was consumed by his vampire side he had lost some emotions . It was like a split personality effect that the mix of his bloods caused. When Scarlet explains who she was Nero cant help but chuckle " beautiful .. yet deadly. i see ill make sure to keep that in mind. " He says with a charming smile on his face. He places the letter in his pocket before standing back up " my name is Nero " He says to who ever was listening . Nero pushes his seat in and follows behind .
  14. Mishna kept her head down, rubbing her nose in annoyance from all the smells. It was like her senses were on over load. She finished reading the letter, unsure of whether to just leave, a safe place for hybrids? ya right..

    "Right newbies if you would like to follow me you can pick your rooms and we will find Dom and he can do the better introductions" the voice of a woman interrupted her thoughts, but she sighed in relief once she heard "pick rooms", with that she slowly wormed out of her chair, and swiftly followed closely behind the group.

    Mishna was never one to speak up, drawing attention to herself was not something she liked. But she was tired, her legs ached from hours of walking, the leader Dom was in parts, crawling to his leg, watching the scene caused her to snicker. Cupping her mouth to keep quiet, she watched as the stranger creature moved to retrieve his leg.

    She glanced at the letter once more studying the rooms, unable to watch another struggle, she quickly tiptoed past the group down the hallway, hesitating at first before flipping his skate board over, kicking it to him with her feet, "Dom I Believe?" walking back to him she handed him his leg "I'm Mishna, uhm.. can I.. we get our rooms now?" her voice a little too eager as she spoke.
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  15. Dom was shuffling towards his skateboard slowly but surely when he heard a snicker behind him. He knew who that was so he face planted the floor in disbelief.

    "That would be Dom, he has obviously fallen down the stairs again right if you lot want to get to know each other I'm just gonna ask John to run the bar as it will soon be opening time and I will be back see you all soon"

    Dom glanced at his skateboard and he knew he wouldn't be able to reach it now even if he pulled his arm off and held it with the other arm. He looked down at the floor again and took a deep breath and was just about to start shuffling again when out of nowhere there was this female standing in front of his skateboard foe a moment and she kicked his skateboard to him.

    Dom thought *Scarlett wouldn't of done that for him she would just laugh and snicker at me while I struggled.* Dom knew what Scarlett was like but she's family and they would die for each other.

    Dom grabbed his skateboard with his arms and hugged it and he was half listening when she said "Dom I Believe?" he didn't realize the female was approaching him with his leg until she spoke

    "I'm Mishna, uhm.. can I.. we get our rooms now?"

    Dom looked up at Mishna and responded "Hey up Mish, Thanks a lot." Dom grabbed his leg of Mishna and popped it back into place, twirled it around then stood up. Dom tail whipped around and picked up the skateboard while Dom made better introductions and offered his hand to shake "Hey Mish and yes I'm Dom". His head started to go left to right then looked at the top of the stairs to see another creature at the top of the stairs. ""I thought you said "we"". Dom shouted to the other creature on the top of the stairs while his tail holding onto the skateboard waved to him. "Hey up dude come on down"

    Dom wondered where Scarlett went but he guessed she went back to the bar leaving these two with him.
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  16. (OOC: Guys remember that i pass my turn)
  17. Nero walks down the hallway and notices Dom . He gives him a freaked out look " uh....sup" He says nervously . the only type of zombies he had ever met before were not really zombies but girls who have bin victims to his charm which he had no control over. But to see Doms dismembered started to give him the creeps. He follows behind Dom and the other girl only to stop to see something else at the top of the stairs .
  18. Mishna watched the creature zombie thing curiously, as he poped himself all back into place and walked up the stairs. She couldn't help but to chuckle, she'd never seen anything so strange before as she hung back, keeping to herself as he went to fetch the other.

    Mishna couldn't help but to be intrigued once her senses snuffed out, the other. vampire hybrid. She had yet to run into another half vampire like herself, as she flicked her gaze over towards him momentarily, watching intensely like she expected him to to do some sort of magic trick.

    But soon shrugged it off, pulling her attention back to Dom, "so do we get to pick our rooms?"
  19. " uh....sup"

    Dom nodded over to the other vampire hybrid

    "so do we get to pick our rooms?"

    “Sorry Mish you did ask earlier” Dom put his hands into his pocket and pulled out a few maps and gave them to Mish and the other vampire hybrid “Here is a map of the rooms available, please feel free to pick any room which is available and put a sign on your door saying it’s yours”

    Dom smiled warmly at the two new house guests who has appeared although he had no idea someone upstairs was waiting around and as for his sis Scar he had no idea where she disappeared to put he knew she will be fine.

    “Dude, dudette if you wish I may escort you two if not I can……” Dom paused realizing he forgot what he was going to do he shrugged it off and continued “sort out stuff. No idea what stuff but I’m sure I’ll find something, I always dooooo” Dom prolonged the do and started to get excited with the images in his head of all kinds of stuff he should and could do. He knew he had to manage the place but pranking usually took over.
  20. Okami looked everywhere, he noticed the gather of hybrids on the stairs, with the help of his enhanced senses he was able to hear their conversation, they where talking about getting their rooms; he headed to the place looking for the chance to get his room apart, if he made it to do this, he was going to finally go out hunting.

    (Sorry for short posts, i have no idea of what to do, do we even have a plot?)