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  1. The x Start, green
    The echo of voices resounds through the stone underground as all the Hunter Exam participants anxiously wait for the 1st Examiner to appear. Each person has received their tag signifying which number they earned upon arrival, the numbers reach to 388.

    Suddenly a large clang sounds through the large crowd, like a sliding of gears, before a rumbling begins that shakes the ground. At the end of the tunnel a wall of solid stone slides its way up, revealing the first Examiner on the otherside, along with a pitch black tunnel behind him

    Roy Mifusu x First Examiner, blue
    Roy stood with his arms folded, his one crystal blue eye looking out at the participants before him with a bored expression. With a low sigh he takes a few steps toward the group before stopping. "Alright listen up you lot!" He calls out in a clear, deep voice that echoes off the stone walls surrounding them. "I will be your first Examiner, my name is Roy Mifusu. Now follow me if you have the courage to face death." His tone is icy as he turns his back to the various people and starts walking into the darkness like he was taking a walk through the park.

    Accepted x Characters, orange
    Blue for Male/Aqua for Female

    Koa Riyū Freeces|Specialist - Sonar
    Shadouparusu "Shade" Zoldyck|Emitter - Sonar
    Syrenei "Sy" or "Syren" Kazuran|Emitter - @RaineSensei
    Kurome|Conjurer - @Expllo
    Menzai Azin|Manipulator - @samreaper
    Luka Kurta|Conjurer - Sonar
    "Jin Hanzo" (Kamishini real last name)|Enhancer - @Shoske

    Cora Kurta|Tramsutter - @Shoske
    Nina Teskislav|Emitter - @CrimsonHorizons
    Enju|Conjurer - @NorwayFOO

    Tsuji Kitahara|Conjurer - @Roxshi
    Sora Kuikku|Enhancer - @NorwayFOO

    Exam x Stages, blue

    Stage 1
    First Examiner - Roy Mifusu

    You will have to pass through a obstacle course that Roy has aptly named Hades Gauntlet.

    First you climb up a metal ladder that electric currents run through every 8 seconds reaching up to 1200 volts. Once you climb about 30 ft you'll reach a metal platform thats about 4x4 wide and has a vent on top. Every 10 seconds fire shoots out from this platform reaching between 3-6 ft into the air (original recipe or extra crispy?) the fires last on variable of 5-10 seconds. The only way off the platform (unless you jump down, thus quitting) is through a 20 ft long catwalk. But this is no normal catwalk, the metal plates that serve as the floor are randomly interchanging. One moment there will be solid floor and the next it will be empty air, the pattern is random so its next to impossible to predict.

    If you make it through that you'll be faced with a tight rope (yes like the acrobats use) that stretches between 2 metal platforms reaching about 30 ft in length and 10 ft below a valley of vicious looking spikes greets you. Hey thats not so bad huh? Wrong! Hanging over the rope swinging back and forth is a line of massive, deadly sharp metal axes, swords, spiked maces, you name it. A 6 inch gap is between each of these instruments of death, they swing out of time with each other so once one passes you only have a second to pass before the next slices through.

    If you manage to pass all of that reaching the other side, you have one obstacle left. A 50 ft tall, 2 ft thick, and 3 ft wide flat wall of wood greets you. There is no handholds to be seen (theres hidden handholds on each side of the wall but near impossible to see), no rope, and no equipment. Throughout the wall blocks of wood will move letting 2 ft long spikes shoot out to make you a human shiskabob (idk how to spell that) before sliding back into place within moments.

    You must climb this monster wall and make it to the other side to pass the course.
    The x Start, green
    Accepted x Characters, orange
    Exam x Stages, blue
    [Fieldset=Stage 1 x Rules, purple][/Fieldset]
    Stage 1 x Rules, purple

    Only 2 competitors are allowed at a time.

    If you fall off you must start at the beginning, if you fall off more than twice you fail.

    You must complete the course within 3 minutes or you fail.

    Your allowed to use any weapons or equipment you've brought with you.

    No fighting on the course, if Roy catches you you'll be disqualified.

    Any competitors not on the course must stay at the beginning next to the ladder.

    You must be prepared for possible death.

    If a competitor is too injured to continue or is knocked unconscious they are disqualified

    If Roy catches you cheating in some way you will incur his wrath.

    Both competitors must make it through the Gauntlet in order for either to pass.

    Last but not least, Roy has the final say on anything and everything
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  2. Nina Teskislav stood with her arms crossed in the large grouping of people. She didn't know what to say or what to do with many of them. There were people around that she knew would not make it far just by their body type. She herself had a knack for reading others physical fitness and was able to decipher their fear at the moment. She loved it all. The scent in the air was of absolute fear. Some of them had no idea what was going to happen but that was all finished within moments.

    The talking around her ceased the moment the noise of gears clanging rang out. Nina lifted her gaze off the ground and gazed out from under her hood. She wore a large black trench coat hiding all the equipment she had on her. It was impossible to tell who she was or what gender she was. All that people could tell was that she had a Aura about her that carried a sense of confidence and dread. She moved her hands into the trench coat and began to in quick succession load the rifle and put it back in its holster on her leg. This done silently and without anyone noticing. She then walked forward as the instructor announced himself.

    She was the first to stride out as many of those behind her stood in awe. "I am crazy enough." She said and broke from the group and was the first to pass into the darkness shrouding the first exam. The entire time she kept up close behind the instructor. Her foot steps silent and her breathing far apart as if trained to keep her noise to an absolute minimum. Nina seemed to walk with a level of discipline that many would pick up on. It was obvious she wasn't just a person who decided to give this a go off of a whim.

    That was when she stepped out and saw the first obstacle. She tilted her head to the side and smiled "Climbing.. obstacles.. easy enough. I hope this is challenging. It wont be worth it if it isn't. This needs to be interesting." She mumbled to herself before turning around with the instructor and waiting.
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  3. Even among the large group of gatherings; Menzai stuck out in the crowd with his strange garb that most would not see in this modern day and age. He stood near the back wearing a white haori with long white sleeves that stopped just pass his hands, covering up his sharp claws along with matching white pants that had baggy pant legs to allow better movement. The odd individual wore no shoes for his people saw no need for them, though the strangest item he wore was the cap resting on his hat; looking out of place with the way he was dressed, causing him to draw attention for it.

    At least it wasn't the attention he would be getting if they were to see his white canine ears hidden beneath the hat. It was odd to be surrounded by strangers, especially humans after living most of his life at his secluded village, but now he was free to venture out and travel to study and learn of the world.

    Hearing that hunters had the most freedom to do such things, which is why he was here to try and gain a hunter license, knowing it would give him access to private libraries and all sorts of other locations.

    A soft sigh escaped his lips for all the constant chattering around him was starting to give him an headache, a time where his enhanced sense of hearing was an annoyance; along with his sense of smell. Crinkling his nose from all the mingling scents, but was glad when the examiner spoke, causing everyone to go silent to hear the man's explanation of the first stage of the exam. Opening his eyes to reveal piercing blue eyes to gaze at the examiner, arms still folded before him in his haori sleeves. The examiner only spoke briefly before heading into the dark tunnel without another word; forcing everyone to follow, though those too scared to continue remained behind.

    Shaking his head, wondering how they were able to get this far only to give up so easily as he made his way into the tunnel without hesitation. Left in darkness with only his hearing to keep himself from bumping into others as curious and fearful chatters echoed in the darkness. They were soon lead into a large chamber revealing an obstacle course as Menzai looked it over curiously, raising a brow as he wondered if there was more for if this was all it was, then the rumors of the hunter exam would end up rather disappointing.
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  4. Specialist, green
    Standing on his tippy toes Koa tried to see past the crowd of people 'Gah why do I have to be so short?!' Sighing he starts walking through the crowd, using his small stature to slip past the various people waiting for the Exam to start. 'Wonder what the first test will be...' Getting a bit sidetracked by imagining what kind of challenges the Hunter Exam would give them, he didnt notice he was heading straight for someone until it was too late.

    Colliding with a blonde girl(Enju) that looked around his age, his head bonks against hers before he stumbles back falling on his butt. Frowning Koa rubs his now red forehead, his scarlet eyes look up at the girl 'Wow...Shes pretty!' A blush comes to his cheeks "Ahh s-sorry sorry! I wasnt paying attention...." He apologizes before hopping up onto his feet with ease, readjusting his backpack before holding his hand out toward the girl with a bright smile. "My names Koa, your alone too?" He asks curiously, looking over the girls head to see if anyone accompanied the girl.

    Before she could respond though the clang of gears echoed around them before the first Examiner appeared behind a large stone wall. He couldnt see the guy very well through the throngs of people, but he could hear the frigid voice just fine, it sent chills down his back. Gulping he looks to the girl "Not a people person is he?" He comments lightly. "Would you umm....Like to walk together? To the first stage....?" His tone is suddenly nervous as he waits anxiously for her response
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  5. Today was probably not the best day to wear something more on the feminine side, but she would have to bear with it today. Not that it was as big of a deal that she was wearing a dress because of the shorts she wore under. Plus, if it gets in the way, she could just tear the flowy part from her hip down. The top would still make for a shirt looking piece of clothing. At least the dress didn't constrict her movements in any way, since it wasn't too long, tight, or puffy.

    Syrenei stood silently and motionless in the crowd of larger people, taking a moment to take in her surroundings. The sounds of people having pointless conversations about their homelands or what they did to train filled her ears, which was something she hated. Those were things of the past; things not worth mentioning unless asked. After all, it shouldn't matter what you left behind or how you trained. What mattered was the results.

    After a few moments, she decided to move. She slid through small openings and moved a bit towards the front before being pushed back again. An irritated sigh escaped her lips. There was no point in trying again, she could already predict that the same would happen again. Thankfully, the door to the first exam opened up, leading to a tunnel. With that, the people began flooding into it.

    Being a bit smaller than the people around her, she was easily swept away. Her legs became tangled amongst others, untimately leading to her fall. She fell on all fours, but quickly got up, dusting herself off. However, once again, her legs clashed into another and she fell. The darkness only added to her troubles, making her unable to see what she was doing. Just that tunnel in itself was hell for her.

    She let out a loud sigh of relief as she exited the tunnel. Her hands gently patted her bare knees and dress, dusting away the dirt from when she fallen before as she waited for the examiner.
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  6. Enju, yellow

    Enju stood looking fairly lost in the large group that made it past the screening however out of all of the people that filled he room she couldn't sense any of her friends. At one point, during the screening, she had gotten separated from them but she was sure she find them here. Closing her eyes she tried sensing them again but it came back with nothing. They weren't with in a mile radios of her... Where were they then? Did they not make it? She started to panic slightly, what was she supposed to do now? They had promised her they would do the hunter exam as a group!

    She bit her lip as she started to turn, figuring if they weren't here she would just leave and they could try again next year, but something bumped into her and the next thing she knew she felt a sharp pain in her head. Enju blinked a few times before looking up at the boy, "Sorry!" She squealed only to realize he was saying sorry as well which left her rather embarrassed. She looked down before accepting his hand and letting him help her up.

    He didn't leave right after that, like she expected him to do, but instead he tried to talk with her. Her heart started beating rather quickly and her hands began to run along the smooth hook on her umbrella. After hesitating she looked up at him once again and opened her mouth only to find nothing coming out. Her mind was blank, she was flustered by all the people around her... 'It's a simple question! Just answer it!' "I-I'm-" She was interrupted by the loud clanking of gears and rumble which caused her to instantly cover her ears. The sounds, in her opinion at least, were not pleasant. She wasn't a fan of it. After only a few seconds the ground became still and for once the room was quiet.

    Enju was about to leave after the examiner spoke. She had already forgetting that she was in the middle of a conversation and, once again, decided that it would be best if she just took the test next year with her friends. But then the boy spoke again. "Yeah." She said returning her gaze to her umbrella. For a moment she wondered if Koa would just keep talking to her, and they would talk for so long that they would miss the exam. Her friends might get mad at her for dropping out just because they weren't there, but if she had an excuse they would only shake their heads and let her be which was much better than a group of older boys yelling at her. However her hopeful wishing subsided when Koa decided to invite her to walk with him. 'Why? Why does Koa want to walk with me? I'm not interesting...' She was puzzled... 'And ME of all people! Koa seems really confident and is probubly really strong but... I'm not.' "The tunnel is dark so I think I'm just going to leave." She said a bit flustered. She wasn't honestly all that afraid of the dark. Even in the light she didn't rely on her eyes, instead on her ability to sense other, but with so many people crowded around her... well she was trying to ignore the presence of all of them. There were just too many. "B-but... if you want me to go..." Her voice slowly became quieter and her gaze remained on the hook of her umbrella.
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  7. Standing among the various people, he stood taller than most of them so he was easily noticed by most of the other contenders. Of course with a gathering like this, he couldn't help himself but preach the ways of justice. This however seemingly only annoyed many, in which some of them just got sick of hearing it and left, or some proclaimed to ruin his chances of winning. So far he hasn't meet many believers of justice, but he knew those with the burning passion would make it to the end.

    Neil was about to go into another Justice preaching when gears began to sound through the area, effectively silencing everyone that still remained. He lifted his rod and rested it on his shoulder as the chain dangled from it with the lightest rattling sound. He cracked his neck as the stone wall finished rising and stood the examiner called Roy, he seemingly had no issue with saying that the challenge would indeed deal with death and that only those with courage should come. Neil grinned at this as he began laughing. "Courage? No need, of it. Justice shall guide me to the top!!!" Neil shouted easily enough as he began following after the examiner and this one lady who went first. Maybe she was also a believer in justice, although she did mention being crazy enough. Justice doesn't judge though.

    Walking near the front, he didn't bump into anyone despite them bumping into him. They eventually reached the first obstacle which Neil gazed at and scratched his head. "Is this it? I'm certain I could climb this in a few seconds. Justice must favor me today!" Neil said laughing again as he waited for instruction from the examiner on how this would go down. I mean their had to be some catch, this looked too easy. Maybe if hey fell once they were out.
  8. Jin

    Jin sat against the wall in the back of the room, he large sword resting against his shoulder as he looked down at the floor with his eyes closed. Plenty of people were chattering about themselves which bothered him, so he tuned them all out and meditated in the mean time. But one. There was one, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't tune out and just pissed him off. Some guy constantly rambling about justice. He talked out loud the entire time and never stopped talking about justice Damn, does this guy ever shut up about justice Jin thought in his head. Suddenly, the sounds of metals and gears turning could be heard. Jin raised an eyebrow as his ear twitched, opening his eyes to see multiple people gathering around the entrance. He stood up without a single word and walked towards the entrance, without a single hint of hesitation at what the man said.


    Cora was practicing her fighting skils, shadowboxing and waiting for the test to start already. As she waited, a few men had come to introduce themselves and offer their protection. All she did was roll her eyes and tell them to "Get lost" Breaking the hearts of many contestants that day. None of that mattered to her though, all she did was keeping her eyes on the prize. As she was shadow boxing, the sound of metal doors opening caught her attention. She turned, wiping the sweat off her forehead and walking into the crowd to listen to the man. He offered a warning to them and a single chance to escape. She kept a cold and calm expression, walking foward into the unknown.
  9. Conjurer
    Many voices rang out as participants eagerly awaited the hunter exam. Various conversations took place. Some were excited, others seemed anxious. Standing against the stone wall, an eighteen year old male listening to the chatter. His outfit made him recognizable. Who wears a fur lined outfit in the nice weather? Despite his outfit, which actually fairly light, was easy to move around in. The teen stood there calm and cool, waiting just like everyone else.

    Hearing a loud clanging sound followed by a rumble, the doors opened to reveal the first examiner. Roy Mifusu announced in a loud, clear voice to follow him into a tunnel of darkness. Arriving to a big room with an obstacle course, a tall and muscular person called out about justice favoring him. "What an airhead..." He stated loudly enough so only the people around him could hear. Tsuji couldn't help but point out that some stranger shouldn't think they were better than everyone else.
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  10. Conjurer, red
    Luka leaned against the cold stone wall, watching Cora shadowbox while breaking the hearts of some unlucky few with enough guts to approach the blonde. Rolling his eyes as she strikes down yet another victim, he rests his hand on the hilt of his Katana that was sheathed to his hip, calmly waiting for the Exam to start. His mismatched brown and blue eyes scanning the various people with little to no interest.

    As the distinctive clang of gears resounds through the cavern, he pushes himself off the wall with his foot, his black robes with swirls of red fire fluttering lightly as he walks behind Cora. "Next time you might just want to suckerpunch them, I think it'll hurt worse than your brush offs, Cora." He comments blankly, his voice is deep and smooth, like silk
  11. Sora, lightblue

    While most of the applicants were talking about how great they were or acting cool by standing off to the side, Sora could hardly contain his excitement. His fists were balled up and strained in front of his rather stupid looking smile. "Yeeeeeaah!" He shouts jumping and pumping one of his fists into the air. Most of the other applicants probubly thought he was absolutely no threat, after all who ever heard of a happy go lucky, seemingly untrained knucklehead making it through such a hard test? "I did it! I'm going to be a hunter!" Ever since he made it into the room, being the last one to enter, his excitement didn't falter at all. In fact even when others butted in and told him that he hadn't passed yet or tried getting him to shut up it only seemed to rile him up even more.

    The mood of a lot of onlookers changed when Sora bumped into the wrong person still celebrating his victory of 'becoming a hunter'. The man was large, perhaps 6'6, and muscular. Most people could see he didn't like to mess around and he had a deadly air about him. Sora wasn't the only one who could tell that though, there was a clear circle around the large brute that no one, other than Sora of course, would dare to step past. "Oh, sorry about that." Sora says spinning around still wearing his rather goofy grin, "Didn't see you there." "Your did that on purpose didn't you." The mans voice could give an average person chills. "I'll wipe the grin off your face, come here!"

    Large muscular arms were thrown at Sora who skillfully avoided, "We passed, all we have to do now is get our license, I wonder where we fill out the form for them..." Sora bent over and put his hand to his forehead pretending to looked around. It was almost as if he didn't even know he had started a fight. Clearly ticked off the man attempted to punch Sora however once again Sora dodge the fist ending up standing back to back with the man, "Is it that way?" He pointed in front of him. This time an elbow came at him but in the end the two 'fighters' were back to back. "Or that way?" After a chain of dodged attacks and questions from Sora about the forms he seemed determined to fill out Sora finally sat down with a sigh, "Do we just wait for our name to be called?" He mumbled in thought. The large man, out of frustration and embarrassment, turned around and walked away mumbling something about Sora not being worth it. Honestly to Sora this whole thing was just a really fun game...

    After the loud clunking of gears and a low rumble the first examiner finally appeared. Sora's grin faded, "Wait, we didn't pass?" He shouted out as if dumb founded only to get a rude remark from one of the female's in the crowd. "Of course we didn't you idiot! That was just the screening." "Oh? The games not over! Yes!" He jumped to his feet, leaving the clearly agitated girl behind him while he followed the crowd.
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  12. Syrenei Kazuran, blue
    The other contestants seemed to be getting even more rowdy by the minute as the time for the first trial to begin. Syrenei didn't see any reason for them to be so hyped; it'd only tire them out in the long run. Such activeness before the trials have even started would surely cause some trouble and when it does, she'd have to see the idiot causing it.

    Just as she thought that, she heard a man shouting at another person. When she turned to look, it was a tall, burly man that seemed to be furious with the other male, who looked as if he had no interest. In fact, the burly man was throwing a few punches, yet the smaller male dodged effortlessly. The smaller male seemed to be rambling about something while the other struggled to land a hit and eventually, the burly man left. Seeing as how the male didn't react much to the large man, she assumed it wasn't him to start the little dispute.

    A certain interest in the male led her to walk to him. He was taller than her by a few inches and definitely looked capable. If she had to predict his outcome, she was sure he'd be successful. She wasn't always 100% sure on her predictions, but this time she was. It was just the vibe she got from him thst led her to strongly believe that.

    As she approached and stood in front of him, she looked up slightly at him and stated, "You're a bit excited... you'll waste your energy. But even so, you're sure to succeed."

    Her lips curved up ever so slightly into a barely noticeable smile. She'd have to make relations now, just in case for future needs or emergencies thst may occur.

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  13. Emitter, purple
    Shade was sitting on the cold floor her back against the floor completely occupied with her PSP as her fingers clicked against the buttons in rapid succession. At least it looked like she was blind to the world from the outside, but in reality she knew exactly what was going on around her. And even who was where and what they were doing. This was due to her intense assassin training that honed all her senses as well as being able to do multiple things at once without a second thought.

    For example, in her game (Crisis Core) she was fighting one of the hardest bosses and winning. She was also contemplating 20 different ways to silence the annoying Justice Preacher a few feet from her without killing him, which was getting harder as he rambled on and her thoughts started turning to more lethal methods.....Thankfully the clang of gears finally silenced the obnoxious brute and signaled the beginning of the real Exam.

    Without even looking up Shade lifts her feet up into the air slightly before suddenly propelling her body forward as she effortless hops to her feet, PSP still in hand. Walking with the crowd she never looked up from her game, even as the darkness enveloped her like a shroud. Whenever she was about to bump into someone, she subconsciously twirled around them before continueing walking like nothing happened.

    The only thing that succeeded in getting her attention away from her game was the sound of a all too familiar voice. Her head snapping up her magenta eyes go straight to the source 'Well well....' A slight smirk comes to her lips as she walks over to the white haired boy that made the "Airhead" comment. "Takes one to know one, right Tsu?" Shes teases lightly, though her tone was more on the darker side, her voice naturally seductive and airy, like a shadow

    Roy Mifusu x First Examiner, blue
    Roy glanced back at the various people, though he used the term "people" loosely, as he proceeded down the tunnel that got darker and darker the further they went, till it was almost pitch black. 'Tch...Still around 380 left, hopefully my Gauntlet will weed them out...' After about a minute of walking through the darkness, blue fire suddenly ignites in brazers scattered across the room illuminating Hades Gauntlet stretched out before them in a spacious room with metal walls.

    Stopping a few yards from the obstacle course, Roy turns on his foot to face the contestants with one cold, piercing blue eye. "Alright listen up! What you see before you is my creation-Hades Gauntlet. Its an obstacle designed to test all of your abilities to their max, this will be the first stage of the Hunters Exam." His eye scans the crowd in front of him with a feral intensity as he lets his words sink in for a moment before speaking once again in a clear, booming voice.

    "The rules are simple and absolute...

    Only 2 competitors are allowed at a time.

    If you fall off you must start at the beginning, if you fall off more than twice you fail.

    You must complete the course within 3 minutes or you fail.

    Your allowed to use any weapons or equipment you've brought with you.

    No fighting on the course, if I catch you you'll be disqualified.

    Any competitors not on the course must stay at the beginning next to the ladder.

    You must be prepared for possible death.

    If a competitor is too injured to continue or is knocked unconscious they are disqualified.

    If I catches you cheating in some way you will pay dearly.

    Both competitors must make it through the Gauntlet in order to pass

    Last but not least, I have the final say on anything and everything during this test.

    And of course you must complete this obstacle course to pass the Exam."

    Roy walks to the side of the ladder that currents of electricity seemed to be rolling down, pulling off a clipboard from the side before turning to face the others again. "Now lets begin your first test! This list is randomized to prevent cheating. The first competitors to take on Hades Gauntlet are.....Menzai Azin and Syrenei Kazuran come forward! You have 1 minute to prepare, on my count you will begin."
  14. Specialist, green
    Koa suddenly felt a wave of protectiveness over this cute girl, she seemed pretty nervous if not frightened, which made him wonder why she was even there to begin with. 'Its not really my business...' So instead he held his hand out for her with a bright, though a bit goofy, smile. "I dont wanna force you or anything, but your here for a reason right? If your scared, hold my hand and we can go together. I-I'll protect you, if you trust me..." Though he was confident, his tone was also nervous, not sure if he was saying the right things or creeping her out
  15. The blue flames illuminated the obstacle course or at least of what the contestants could see anyway as Menzai was busy studying it over. Curious of what hidden traps and devices they would see or run into. This kept him busy and helped to ignore the loud mouth blathering on about justice like a religious fanatic moron or the prattering of the airhead going on about getting his licence, thinking he had already passed the test.

    Able to hear all of it; due to his heighten hearing matching that of a dog, which means hearing things he didn't want to and would block out the annoying voices if he could. Sighing softly, Menzai turned his eyes to the examiner who began explaining the rules and soon learned there were quite a few of them.

    Hearing of a time limit wasn't surprising and was expected, though after thinking about it, thought that with such a short limit could only mean that this course wasn't long. Most likely the real aim of the three minutes was to add pressure; to force the examinee's to rush and make it more likely to make mistakes, resulting in failing. The three minutes didn't bother him, but what was troubling was the rule that both contestants had to complete the obstacle course in order to pass.

    It was that rule that would truly make this course difficult for it was basically forcing two strangers to work together in order to pass this test. Something of which surely wasn't easy to do, especially considering if the pairings were random. Those who came with friends hoping to work together just realized their plans had been ruined and a test mostly on skill had now required a bit of luck on whoever one was paired up with.

    So many thoughts went through Menzai's mind as he tried to work out the best way to go about this or on what to do depending on whoever would be paired with him. Shaking his head as he felt he was over thinking things and needed to calm down or he would fall for the examiner's trap with all these rules; deciding to take it at a slow and tactical pace. A good thing he had gathered his wits for moments later his name was called along with Syrenai and was unsure if the fact he was up first was a good thing or bad thing.

    Exhaling slowly to settle his nerves while pulling down on the hat to better secure it on his head before making his way through the crowd. Soon reaching the examiner and stood by the ladder, where upon closer look could notice the current of electricity running through it. All that was left was to wait for this Syrenai and they could begin as he ignored the mocking and jeers targeted at him about his clothes; a certain individual shouting that he needed to get out of the fuedal era or jeering how he was a samurai wannabe, but paid them no heed for his focus was on the ladder. Working to study the delayed interval to learn the time before every current.
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  16. Blue flames caught her attention as Syrenei turned to take a look. The course was now illuminated, so she took the time to figure out how she was going to past this. Though she could only see a simple looking course, there was most likely more than that. Traps, tricks, and other things were bound to be everywhere, but with her reaction time and ability to control her body easily, she definitely be able to avoid any of those with or without her katana.

    From where she was, Syrenei could quite easily hear the examiners words. There were so many things to keep in mind with this course; time, your partner, anything else going on. Hopefully, her partner would be a capable person. If so, then it'd be much easier for her. But then again, she wondered if she could do this in 3 minutes.

    After hearing her name being called, she waved the man(Sora) bye and started making her way through the crowd. As she did, many of the men looked down upon her in surprise of such a small girl taking the Hunters exam. Many of the even told her to back out of it. She simply ignored them and continued forward, soon breaking free from the crowd.

    In front of her, Syrenei saw the man who she could only assume was Menzai. He was certainly dressed oddly, but by first glance, she already knew that he'd pass. A sigh of relief escaped her as she went up to him, her sheathed katana at her hip. She took a few seconds to introduce herself. "Syrenei Kazuran. It's a pleasure. I'll do my best to keep up," she said, already knowing he'd be faster than her.

    As she turned to look at the ladder, she could see currents of electricity surging through it. Her guess was that she'd have to clear this quickly, or she'd be fried. Though as for how long she had on it, she didn't know. Going as fast as possible was the best way. However, she was particularly worried about this. After all, she trained long and hard on using the most of her body and strength to be more efficient and faster.
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  17. Enju, yellow

    Enju looked up at him as he spoke, still feeling insecure with all the people around her. She wanted to speak but it seemed the best she could do was nod her head. Hesitantly she took his hand before her gaze lowered once again, "Sorry." She whispered. He was really kind, she didn't want to hold him back, but honestly she was so lost, she had always been lost, and the only way she could get anywhere was if she had someone to follow. She felt bad for holding Koa back but... he offered to help her... she would have to repay him at the very least. After all she could see he was worried and she figured he was afraid he was going to miss the test if he waited for her much longer.

    She felt a tug on her arm and the next thing she knew they were heading down the tunnel. That was to be expected, everyone else had already either gone home or headed off to the first test. It was her fault they were behind... "Sorry." She whispered again. Her eyes closed as she let him lead her. Suddenly she remembered she never gave him her name. "I-" Her nerves were getting the better of her but she really wanted to tell this Koa her name. She took a deep breath before trying again. "I'm Enju."

    Finally they made it to the first test, which looked like a ladder and a fire thing. Was that the test? Or was there more she couldn't see? Anyways she was too busy looking at the course that she quite literally ran into Koa when he stopped. She wasn't used to having to pay attention to where she was going. Normally she just knew where everyone else was... but now that she wasn't using her power everything seemed to be getting more difficult for her. She wished most of the people here would just leave. It would make everything so much easier... and at least then she wouldn't be burdening Koa.
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  18. He was in the middle of studying the ladder when hearing the voice and turned his gaze to the young girl who had introduced herself to be this Syrenai. At first he was surprised to see someone of her size and age attempting these exams, but one thing he's learned from the hunters who visited; appearances were deceiving. In reply he would give a slight bow of his head; the way his people showed respect since their clawed hands discouraged hand shaking.'As my name is Menzai Azin.''His voice deep with a faint soothing tone to it, one that had always been good at calming others down then turned his gaze back to the ladder.'Seems we'll be working together for the time being, Miss Syrenai. If its fine with you, I'd like to go first.' He waited a moment to see if she had any objections before making his way to the ladder just as the examiner told them to begin.

    Watching the electricity run through the ladder, counting in his head and once he got to eight, would quickly crouch down then jumped up halfway up the ladder. Grabbing hold of the nearest bar and with a push; flung himself up moments before the electricity would of touch him and with a faint grunt landed on the platform.'A delay of eight seconds in the electricity.'Speaking loud enough for her to hear; an advice to help let her know when the right time to go was before turning to move on a bit ahead. Only to stop a few steps; sniffing the air to get the faint scent of gas and it was then that the wall of flames burst up. The intense heat pushing him back a step, causing a bead of sweat to drip down his forehead while using a sleeved arm to cover his face, unsure of when the flames would stop and had no choice but to force his way through. Moving both arms before his face then bending his legs slightly; kicked his way through the flames then quickly threw his arms out to disperse any bit of flames that left his sleeves and baggy pant sleeves slightly tinged, but otherwise made it through. Before him he could see the dropping platforms, but would wait for Syrenai before continuing any further.
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  19. Syrenei nodded and watched him scale the ladder effortlessly. Hearing his advice about the electricity, she took note of it and waited for the current surge to finish before jumping up on the first bar. With her foot, she pushed off the bar, sending her up a good distance. She then used her hands to grab the highest, reachable bar and flung herself up. On the 10th to last bar, she stepped on it and pushed herself up once again. As she ascended up the final part of the ladder, she came to level with the platform. Right when she was about to land on it, flames spewed out from the platform. Unable to go back or push through, Syrenei landed her foot on the edge of the platform and pushed up. From this, she curled her body up and front flipped over the 4 feet high fire with only minor burns, nothing she was worried over.

    She let out a sigh at her rather lame performance in comparison to Menzai, who had cleared it while maintaining a cool image, running through the fire even added to it. At least she made it through and was still managing to keep up with him. Syrenei saw him waiting for her and went to him, now seeing the dropping platforms. From what she could see, they were randomm but she was fine with it. As long as she makes contact with a surface, she'd be able to push off and move to the next.
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  20. Menzai didn't have to wait long for Syrenei had made it pass the ladder, though was curious how she would get through the flames. The question answered with her leaping over the flames and gave a brief nod to her before turning to the dropping platforms. A quick observation showed no patterns as they dropped randomly, which could certainly make it difficult; his ears twitching under the hat as he could hear the faint creaks of the gears before a platform dropped. Only thanks to his heighten hearing could he notice it and would use this to his advantage and moved till he stood before the nearest platform.

    Studying the platforms before deeply inhaling then exhaling slowly to relax his body, preparing himself. The moment he finished exhaling he would jump to the forward and to the left with the platform he hopped over dropping; landing only to jump forward then turned to the right and jumped over two platforms. Each platform he avoided dropped either while in mid-jump or shortly after he would of landed on it, which would of likely caused him to fall, if not for his ears.

    Gradually making his way to the other side, not bothering to pay attention to the platforms, but was looking ahead to the other side. Dashing and hopping with accurate precision until he finally made it to the other side and looking ahead to see the tight rope that seemed to have an assortment of weapons swinging with the aim to knock one off. Some even looked like they could kill you, but would turn and wait for Syrenei and if need be, go help her if it was needed; doubting she would need it.
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