HxH Greed Island: Mystic Isle

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  1. Warning! Hunter x Hunter Spoilers below!!
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    Story x Plot, blue
    Arc 2: Greed Island: Mystic Isle

    This roleplay will take place 80 years after the Hunter x Hunter anime/manga ends. All Canon characters are deceased but feel free to make a descendant of 1, or 2 of them =) Your character must know at least the basics of Nen since this roleplay will be taking place inside the "video game" Greed Island.


    Its been 6 months since the Hunter Exam ended (the 1st Arc that takes place in a separate thread). Only a handful of participants passed this year proving once again the high difficulty of the infamous Exam. A new version of the legendary Greed Island game surfaced about 4 months ago, gaining popularity each day. It is said that Killua and Gon decided to recreate the game that trained them in Nen and gave them so much fun in the past, but this version has some new twists.

    1st. Theres only 60 known Greed Island: Mystic Isle rings/consoles with only 8 players allowed per console that means at max only 480 players can be inside the game at a time.

    2nd. Instead of just 0-99 restricted card slots, there is now 0-119 and instead of 45 free card slots there is now 60.

    3rd. On top of the 0-119 restricted cards, you also need the new "Shadow Cards". You must collect all 10 of these cards in order to win the game.

    1-10 Strongest to weakest
    1. Killua
    2. Gon
    3. Hisoka
    4. Kurapika
    5. Morel
    6. Kite
    7. Knuckle
    8. Biscuit
    9. Shoot
    10. Leorio

    These are all AI's that will challenge you to a game or battle of their choosing once you find them, granted these cards are the hardest to find in the game. Once you defeat them they will revert to cards, you have 1 minute to put them in the "Shadow Card" slots before they revert back to AI's. Each card only has 4 transformations, so if 4 people have a Hisoka card, then he will be unable to change into a card until someone reverts him back to an AI. You can only have 1 of each of these cards per person.

    4th. If you do choose to use one of these Shadow Cards, they will appear as the same AI's you battled, but they are only able to use 1 attack before disappearing.

    5th. All of Greed Island is the same, but off the coast of Soufrabi is a new island, about half the size of Greed Island. It goes by the name Mystic Isle, it has all new monsters, towns, and even some of the new cards can be found here, maybe even a Shadow Card ;)

    Other than all that its the same as before, you can be injured and even die in this game, if you die in Greed Island, you die in real life as well.


    Okay onto the main plot! All of you have entered Greed Island: Mystic Isle in some way, either by purchasing this very rare game, or inheriting it from your grandma/grandpa (a.k.a Gon or Biscuit). Your free to team up with other players priar to the game or through the game, or you can go solo, all up to you. Its been 2 days since you've entered the game, you've learned most of the basics such as Book and Gain. Now who will win.....And who will fall?
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  2. Still accepting~!
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