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  1. "He's done pretty good with runes."
  2. “I freaked when she came into the bed and turned her into a cub accidentally... she doesn’t like it very much but I think she’s cute..”
  3. "Have you at least talked to her since?"
  4. Astaroth appeared in Melissa's room with her.
  5. Melissa went to her bed and snuggle Meredith, who is now cub size.

    The tiger lick Melissa meekly.
  6. “I didn’t do it on purpose, I just needed your help.” Melissa continue fussing.
  7. “Before she fell for Alexander.” Kunari mutter.
  8. Sakamoto
    (I like there relationship it's so cute XD)
    I laughed and looked at her as she poked my nose.
    "ALright fine you win...I know. I was just joking anyways." I comment.
    "Yeah thats true....i guess it's best to just listen right now and not mess around during this lockdown." I say and playfully messed with her hair again trying to tease her. We still didn't have complete control of our powers yet so it would be best to not try anything especially inside...i guess

    "Oh..i see." I say as I followed behind," I am sure were we are going we wold be able to find some facts around the house in the library archives of newspapers or something."
    This date was turning into more of a mystery solving thing then anything...although I didn't mind. I loved mystery and I am sure this would be fun solving the mystery of the house.
    "There doesn't seem to be alot of people out." I comment with a shrug seeing how quiet it was around.

    I see his grin
    "Oh my gosh...i am not going to say it again. Is it really that big a deal for me to thank you?" I say blushing embarrassed again. I wanted to grab the nearest pillow to throw at him again but I stopped realizing I had already throw it at him. He then says how it was scary and how he almost gotten caught
    "Yeah...glad you didn't get caught." I then say with a sigh. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to be stuck in that was horrible. He then apologizes for not finding a better place.
    "You don't have to apologize for that. Sure this isn't ideal but it is much better then the lab." I then say with a smile trying to make him feel better.
    "There is always the option of running away." I then say jokingly before i realized that words were coming out of my mouth and was careful looking around hoping Warren didn't hear that last part. I knew that was a stupid option as we didn't have anything besides the clothes on our food, money, or home.
    "Nevermind..just forget what I just said." I add quietly
  9. “The premier is not tonight is it?”
  10. “Of course. None of them wants to die. Or worst.” Kunari smile.
  11. "I'll make some calls. Should we avoid the carpet?"
  12. “I didn’t realize it’s been that long.” Kunari smile, “How should we paint the town red this time?”
  13. "As long as it isn't too big. A bar fight sounds fun."
  14. Alena stopped talking, her body tensed up as her breathing started getting heavier.
  15. Alexander grinned* “at least your body is honest.” *alexander ripped her dress open as he sucked on her breasts*
  16. John

    "Glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps an eye on him. He also phrases things like a villain sometimes. Have you noticed?"
  17. Belle

    She chuckled "Maybe he is just a generally good man. I don't know though. Beating up bad guys and all, I'd imagine he'd be a lot more tough. A lot more scary."
  18. “I’m pretty sure John wished differently. I don’t get you two, one doesn’t care that his son hates him and the other is utterly blind to his son’s love and worries that his son hates him. Make them adore you and you’ll have them putty in your hands.”
  19. Belle

    She shook her head "No he isn't. Which is unfortunate. Perhaps he just needs some persuasion."
  20. "She's still upset about our doting."