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  1. This idea was inspired from Melanie Martinez's Dollhouse.. and an episode of Criminal Minds.​
    I have a very general idea for this roleplay, but the foundation basically several people were chosen to take part in the "Dollhouse Experiment". These people were kidnapped and awoke in separate rooms without any memory of their previous life or how they had gotten there in the first place. Upon examination, they find that their rooms are freakishly neat and pristine, and their appearance quite doll-esque. This is where this roleplay idea becomes a bit complicated because there are several routes to go after this...

    First Idea-
    These dolls were kidnapped at a very young age and have known nothing besides the sheltered environment of their life-sized dollhouse. All around teenage age, they've accepted their lives and are completely oblivious to the fact that they were all once kidnapped as young girls and brought to their dollhouse. I'm still unsure of where to go from here.. Either new dolls, both male and female this time, show up with their memory still fully intact or a group of high school students find their dollhouse and are mortified to find the kidnapped dolls.

    Second Idea-
    It's basically the same idea as the one above, except this time it's an amnesiac family. Of course, the family isn't actually related. Again, they were stalked, chosen because they were "special" and forced to live their plastic life. However, this time there's a voice, concealed but still there, that orders these dolls to follow through with their sick delusion.. Or else they might die. This family will be given certain character traits assigned by the voice that they must follow and if they break character whilst the voice is monitoring, they will be severely punished. This can also applied to a group of teenage dolls, rather than a family.

    Subplot Ideas-
    I like the idea of one of the dolls actually being the voice. If you are interested in having your character be this voice, message me privately. However, this isn't a first come, first serve position. If there are multiple interests, I will choose which doll I feel is most fitting for my position. However, keep in mind that this may include my character as well.

    Okay! Now that we've got the plot ideas established, let's discuss what I'm looking for in my roleplay and in my fellow roleplayers!

    General Rules-
    • I'm definitely a quality over quantity type of writer, however I would appreciate it if your posts were at least two, well written paragraphs.​
    • I get that this is a roleplay based on dolls, but it's also based on the facade of perfection.. Your character isn't going to be perfect, they're going to be forced to act like they're perfect. I don't want carbon copies of the same cliche characters either.
    • Romance is welcomed in this roleplay, however smut is not. Either take it to the PM's or fade to black.
    • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try and stay as dedicated as you possibly can to this roleplay.If you cannot commit to posting at least once every 5 days then I encourage you to find another roleplay. I understand we all get busy but I am insistent on not letting this roleplay die and I hope you can be as committed as I am. If you don't post within a week, I'll have to murder your character and drop you from the roleplay.
    • Dolls can easily be replaced and they WILL be replaced. If you happen to drop out, and I hope you only join if you're confident in your ability to stay active, your doll will be killed and replaced by another.
    • It is extremely possible that your character will die. However, if you're a doll those chances are significantly decreased if your character follows the schedule and the voice's orders.
    • There will be a limited amount of characters, as I want this roleplay to be small and manageable. The limit will vary on which idea we decide to go with.
    • Realistic face claims only, please.
    • I will probably add on to this later.

    So, now you've heard the plot and what I'm expecting.. Again, this idea is flexible and I'm interested in the ideas that you might have to offer. If you need me to clarify anything, just ask and hopefully this idea gets enough attention to blossom into a beautifully crafted roleplay of which I'm excited to contribute to with anyone else who happens to be interested!
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  2. First off, I love Melanie Martinez. After reading this I feel like listening to Doll House.
    Second, I'm very interested in your idea. I find myself liking the second idea more. If you ask me why I suppose because having a set role in the family makes the rp waaay more creepy and dark. You're no longer an individual - you're son, daughter, mother, or father.

    Therefore, if you don't mind me - I'd love to be a doll.
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  3. I'm so glad someone else shares my interest in the creepy genre along with Melanie Martinez.. Although, I feel they're both somewhat connected.

    I welcome you to my little family. What doll were you interested in?

    And as stated before, the plot is incredibly flexible so if you have any suggestions let me know. I haven't yet decided on a character sheet nor have I conjured up the specifics for the plot.
  4. Yes, yes indeed they are connected. Tag you're it is a perfect example.

    Yay! I get a new creepily prefect family - Christmas came early. By what doll I'm interested in do you mean you want me to pick a family member?

    I don't have any ideas, but if something comes I'll share. Though...maybe if you're going for the angle that everyone kidnapped is there for a special reason the cs could include selecting a reason why their character is so special.
  5. @seeing the reflection
    That song gave me chills. @u@

    Santa really went all out this year. And yes, that's what I meant.

    That sounds about right... There are parts in there personality that stuck out to the voice (of which will be renamed soon). For the character sheet, I think I'm going to require the dolls' perspectives and then the characters' perspective, if that makes sense. For example:


    Or something like that? And I think I'm going to have the fake family assigned a pastel color, and then when they aren't acting like their dolls they'll talk in bold colors. Does that make sense?
  6. It gives me chills too, but I love it.

    Okay, then I'll be the daughter! I'm trying to make myself rp as girls more.

    I get what you mean. You want both the doll and the person behind the doll to be represented in the cs - I get it.
  7. It's definitely my favorite song.. That or Sippy Cup.

    Awesome! I'll take the son, then. I think ages between 14-19 fits well for the children. Your thoughts?

    Right. How detailed should the cs be?
  8. Im interested in the second idea. o 3 o

    Do you imagine this to be a pretty small group role-play? I can't really take on large ones atm. xD
  9. @Vio
    VERY small. I imagine 6 different characters at most, however I'd like for there only to be 4.

    Also, Jensen Ackles is just @u@
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  10. yeah I think 4-5 is pretty decent. That's typically around the size of the average family.

    And yes, he is a sexy beast. -w-
  11. The second idea sounds gloorious!
    Btw Melanie Martinez is life :heartbeat::cake:
    I'd love to be a doll in the story!
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  12. @Vio
    Sorry, your response got lost in my alerts.

    And it makes the whole roleplay a lot more easier to manage and organize. Any idea on which doll you want to control?

    rmgruwhgrucrgfjmr uigf4uf It makes me just happy looking at him.

    Her voice is just !!!

    I'm glad you are! Which doll were you interested in?
  13. Well, which are open for the choosing?
  14. @Eeveena
    The mother and the father. I'm not opposed to having a third child, however I'd prefer it if there were only two. Your choice! ^^
  15. Hmm. Okay. Well, I shall respect your wishes.
    I wouldn't mind the role of the mother.
  16. Awesome! Regarding the cs, I'm not sure how descriptive I want it to be.. However, I do want the perspectives from both the doll and the actual person, whereas the doll's speech is in a pastel color whilst the character's color is bold on the same color spectrum.

    For example:

    Favorite Food:
    "Definitely chocolate chip cookies!"
  17. Sounds great. ^-^ I gotchya
  18. Im totally okay with taking the father role :P
  19. @Vio
    I'm sorry. >.< Thank you!
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  20. Omg Yan, your siggy is adorable. xD

    *reaches fur sum of dem ritos*
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