Hurting For RP Partners

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  1. Things have been really slow for me as of late... So I'm looking for a partner. I can roleplay just about anything. There needs to be ongoing thick conflict. I can type from one liner to 4 paragraphs... If you're interested, please post. I'll do annnything. Seriously I will. I can play both male and female
  2. Hello I've never roleplayed with you before. Would you like to remedy that?
  3. I'm game.

    Have had an idea that would incorporate a 3 way love triangle. You've got a greedy, bipolar pirate captain who's had a harsh life that has made him the same, and a girl who was betrothed to him. They haven't seen each other since they were kids, and now he's trying to find her to claim his prize. Once he does he's abusive and claims her more as a thing than a person, like his gold, or whatever else object might be important to him.

    Her own parents were pirates, but were the underdogs and owed the dude's father a lot of money. They said they'd give their son their daughter when they were of age, but maybe the deal kind of got lost over the years, maybe the dude's father abandons him or something - pirates, you know. But he found out about the betrothal sometime before that and maybe just spontaneously decides one day he's going to keep to it.

    Meanwhile, she's been living in the city, a baker or something. She's met a dude who's pretty decent and they're dating, then the pirate guy comes back for her.

    Not sure if I want 3 RPers, or if the boyfriend just needs to be an NPC. Because if she goes willingly or is kidnapped, pirate guy is obv not going to have him tagging along, so he'd fall out of the thread for at least a little while. I'd be playing the girl.

    Yay? Nay?
  4. is interested in rp with someone different plus also has the same problem of things getting a bit slow.