Hurt/Cruel World(Warning to anyone please do not play this if you feel sick/eating or is drinking)

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I have a messed/sick up mine don't I

  1. yes... yes you do (thanks V^V Other me: why thank you ^^ your going to die tonight ^^)

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  1. [​IMG]
    horror/Psychological/Slasher/slice of life/Romance(maybe)


    Time wait for no one​

    get out of our head get out of our head!!! this voice in side our head it needs to stop. someone make them stop!

    So do you want to waste some time
    oh, oh tonight

    they are coming out don't let them out please!!!!

    Don't be afraid of tomorrow,
    just take my hand,
    I'll make it feel so much better tonight

    Let them out let them out..

    let us out

    Suddenly my eyes are open everything comes to focus

    Despite this cruel world will all my efforts
    you surprise me with how perfect they are

    Next day

    New report:
    twenty children ,three adults killed. some gutted some hanged some sliced in many pieces. others died just from blood lost. some lost eyes some tongue. others is left unknown but to know a man could do this to childern is unknown to us. more into this is that there where 4 children that are still alive and luckily not scratched. maybe scared and forever lost but nothing more. god I feel bad for the four children and to know there friends are dead. I feel bad for them


    its about a school killing 13 years ago with only 4 saviors (4 children) and the police has no idea who the killer was. many people tried to find out the case but no one has ever creaked it. till now that is
    it going to happen again... so what are you going to to killer?




    (Ps the killers are childhood friends)


    (PIC sane and not sane)
    age: (You where in kindergarten at the age of 4 or 5 you do the math!)
    what signs did you get to tell you she/he wanted out?:


    Name: Luna kokuko
    Killer Name/other sides name: lola
    age: just turned 18
    Likes: swimming playing tag and making fun of her friends
    Dislikes: others making fun of her friends, people making fun of her (friends do not count), rude people
    what signs did you get to tell you she/he wanted out?: she speaks to me she calls out saying




    Luna was runing off to get to class she was late like always. but who cares to day was important.because to day is her birthday. "YEAH!" she yelled out as she ran to school with a big smirk on her face. "MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" she called out to no one. because well everyone was in class and she was outside. she ran off to her class room and opend the door with a big grin. the teacher yelled at her but she didn't care she she was a big kid now! (XD i had to ^^)

    (the creepy font here: bloody-fonts.html
    Hurt- illuminated
    you may you other songs of your choosing)
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  2. (Nvm figured out the songs xD)


    Name: Rei Fujiwara(when normal speech will be written in yellow)
    Killer Name/Other Sides Name: Zero(when crazy speech will be written in Red)
    Age: 17
    Likes: ~Rei loves it's stuffed bear Beelzebub(in the picture)
    ~Sweet treats
    ~Talking to Beelzebub
    ~Being alone with Beelzebub
    ~Sharp objects

    Dislikes: ~Other people talking to Beelzebub
    ~Other people touching Beelzebub.
    ~Being separated from Beelzebub.
    ~People asking what Rei's gender is (Gender won't be defined, Rei will be seen dressing in both genders clothes or gender neutral clothing).

    Songs That Represent Rei:
    Mama- My Chemical Romance.
    Hit Me- Fit For Rivals.
    Damage- Fit For Rivals.
    The Birds And The Worm- The Used.
    Can You Feel My Heart- Bring Me The Horizon.

    What Signs Did You Get To Tell You He/She Wanted Out? The moment Beelzebub began whispering and talking back to Rei, giving Rei directions to cleanse the filthy world, and telling Rei Beelzebub is the only friend Rei will ever need~..



    Rei was quietly sitting in the back of the classroom, hugging Beelzebub tightly to the teenagers chest while looking out the window. Rei was in it's own little world, looking up at the birds flying outside. "That's right birdies.. Fly away.. Something terrible will happen tonight.. Right Beelzebub?" Rei spoke quietly to the bear, the human tilts it's head gently closer to the bear and nods it's head, giggling as if the child could actually hear the bear talking.

    Rei's attention shifts from the birds outside to the girl who ran in to class. Rei recognized the girl, of course. How could the ever forget that night? Everyday Rei had dreams of that night all those years ago. They weren't nightmares though. Rei saw them as something completely different...

    Rei's arms around Beelzebub tightened as it's eyes stayed trained on the girl. As usual, Rei had a nervous and honestly pathetic look plastered to it's face. That look never changed no matter Rei's mood. Rei was typically shunned for that look and it's weird obsession with Beelzebub, not to mention Rei even named the bear after the Devil. Once the girl sat down Rei finally turned it's gaze back to the window.
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  3. [​IMG] (Her appearance is the same when crazy)
    Name: Elizabeth Short (Named after The Black Dahlia)
    age: 18
    ~Dahlia flowers
    ~Pin Up style
    ~old romance movies
    ~Being touched without permission
    ~secretly dislikes authority
    ~any body who things they are better or prettier then she is


    what signs did you get to tell you she wanted out?: Elizabeth suspected herself of channeling The Black Dahlia at a very young age, almost as a second personality. When channeling the lost spirit, Elizabeth gets a very southern accent and acts much sensual then she already is (which is a lot considering she had taken it upon herself to embody what The Black Dahlia could have been.)


    Elizabeth had always been an odd little girl, very mature for her age, and privy to information about somebody she had never known nor met: The Black Dahlia. How did she get this information? She said the dead almost star talked to her, wanted to use her body as a vessel. Her parents, very socially conscious, told the little girl to keep quiet..and she did, until that fateful day in which The Black Dahlia wanted revenge for what he had done to her. Elizabeth let the woman have control and before she knew it, people were dead: cut in half with the strength no kindergartener could have. What had she done?

    To this day, the question haunts her, but in something more of a curiosity. When will The Black Dahlia come back?
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  4. Rin_PP-1.png

    Name: Dontay
    Killer Name/Other Name: Crescendo
    Age: 17
    *Dontay loves snacking on anything edible
    *hanging around his friends
    *watching people from the shadows
    *being free
    *People calling him a monster
    *people (aside his friends) pulling on and making fun of his ears
    *people (aside his friends) messing with, pulling on, stepping on his tail


    What signs did you get to tell you he wanted out?: "I start to feel very agitated and aggressive, and the rush of needing to feel my fangs and claws inside someone else feels me!"

    Songs that represent Dontay:

    I will not bow-Breaking Benjamin
    Welcome to my life- Simple Plan
    Untitled (How could this happen to me)-Simple Plan

    Side info: Dontay has horns but they only appear when he is in his killer mode
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  5. Name: Randy Keller
    Killer Name: Ripper John
    Age: 17
    Likes: blood, fire, poisonous animals and plants, privacy, his thoughts
    Dislikes: people (especially crowds, he feels like he's being watched), loud noises (he remembers his parents screams), whispering (he feels he is being judged)
    The signs started at a young age, when Randy was 8 his parents were brutally murdered in front of his eyes while tied to a chair, left to die, until his bindings became loose after 27 hours of sitting, he never went to school after that, people began wondering about him after a few weeks, about a month after the murder, people went to the house to find that the food was gone and randy was eating his mothers corpse. he was sent to a mental hospital, intended to stay there for the rest of his life, he was suicidal and cut himself when ever possible, that's how he began to like blood and poisonous plants (he just wanted to die), of course his only company was his thoughts and was sitting around most days in a straight jacket. On his 16th birthday he wished to get out of his own version of hell, and later that week his wish was granted, a psycho started a fire, which burned the middle of Randy's sleeves and he escaped(that's how he began to love fire). he is at large still yet has never had any close encounters with the police. he lives up in the woods away from all people but he's near a path and he goes on "hunts", I'm guessing you know what for, he kills with a survival knife, from his first hiker he killed of course, he still uses it and he's always hungry, for some sweet delicious meat.

    about a week after his escape, he hears a group of kids talking, four maybe five young kids. he likes them the most, he sees them as human veal. so sweet and tender, the meat just falls off the bone. he begins his climb, just so excited for his next meal,when he reaches the bushes covering hes hideout he jumps out and slaughters all five, but he was reckless he didn't think about the parents, there where flyers up everywhere, (it's pretty unusual for five kids to go missing) Randy hid away for a while enjoying his nightly feast knowing the searches would be called off like the others.
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