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"So you're saying this experimental remedy... can cure him.. over time. like gene therapy?"

"Yes Mrs. Bourbon. The company representing the product has passed through the primary evaluations. sign here and your son becomes the first human trial. I'm very confident this will be the godsend you and your family have been praying for."

The doctors words would still echo through her mind every so often. Marcus Was only 16 when his mother signed that paper, and with three months to live, it was a wonder he made it through the online high school, AND achieved a bachelors in architecture since then. Their mother had remarried when marcus was a baby, father had divorced, and quickly after, been killed in a drunk driving incident. Mother used to joke, because He took 27 inmates from high security prisons being shipped between texas and florida while doing it.

Marcus lay in teh hospital bed, in the spasmic defeat of another weekly blood transfusion. the treatment worked with little side effects on him. high protein made for strong bones and chizeled features, but Marcus, because of his early years slowly deteriorating from the disease that nearly claimed hsi life, woudl always be on the scrawny side. as he was today, limp and carefree watching jeopardy...again.

Marcus sighed and flipped the television off, shakign the dull haze from hsi head gently whiel an orderly, a pretty girl named bethany came in to check hsi charts.

"Your sister just pulled in downstairs, you know." bethany said with a gigle in her southern bell voice.

"Like everyday I'm here, first YOUR beauty saves me, then Hers." thay shared a quiet laugh. he looked otu over the horizon at the gathering clouds.

"They say this tropical storm could be pretty bad this time. comign straight for houston." she said.

"I heard the same... but i dunno... i dont care actually. this hospital was only finished three years ago, state of the art, ready to take on GOD, from the hoot'n and hollerin' i heard." he cuckled, makeing bold expressions, forcing a gentle laugh out of Bethany.