Hurricane Hearts, ( Angelkitten and Desaecula )



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"So you're saying this experimental remedy... can cure him.. over time. like gene therapy?"

"Yes Mrs. Bourbon. The company representing the product has passed through the primary evaluations. sign here and your son becomes the first human trial. I'm very confident this will be the godsend you and your family have been praying for."

The doctors words would still echo through her mind every so often. Marcus Was only 16 when his mother signed that paper, and with three months to live, it was a wonder he made it through the online high school, AND achieved a bachelors in architecture since then. Their mother had remarried when marcus was a baby, father had divorced, and quickly after, been killed in a drunk driving incident. Mother used to joke, because He took 27 inmates from high security prisons being shipped between texas and florida while doing it.

Marcus lay in teh hospital bed, in the spasmic defeat of another weekly blood transfusion. the treatment worked with little side effects on him. high protein made for strong bones and chizeled features, but Marcus, because of his early years slowly deteriorating from the disease that nearly claimed hsi life, woudl always be on the scrawny side. as he was today, limp and carefree watching jeopardy...again.

Marcus sighed and flipped the television off, shakign the dull haze from hsi head gently whiel an orderly, a pretty girl named bethany came in to check hsi charts.

"Your sister just pulled in downstairs, you know." bethany said with a gigle in her southern bell voice.

"Like everyday I'm here, first YOUR beauty saves me, then Hers." thay shared a quiet laugh. he looked otu over the horizon at the gathering clouds.

"They say this tropical storm could be pretty bad this time. comign straight for houston." she said.

"I heard the same... but i dunno... i dont care actually. this hospital was only finished three years ago, state of the art, ready to take on GOD, from the hoot'n and hollerin' i heard." he cuckled, makeing bold expressions, forcing a gentle laugh out of Bethany.
Since her mother signed the papers she was told what was wrong with her brother and what they could possibly do to help him. She did not like the idea of blood being forced into her brother on an experimental procedure but there was nothing else they could do. Her brother was dieing in front of her and every day she hated it. Right now she had not spent much time with her mother and now her father was dead. So Marcus was the only family member left and who knew how long he had left. Hopefully she would be told something different this time around something that his body was progressing and the disease leaving. The storm was scaring her and she knew it was coming it was a matter of days now. Parking in the parking lot she got out of her car and headed towards the hospital door. She walked the same path she had since her brother had this disease and she wished she could stay here all the time. Since they didn't have money and their parents weren't around she had to work to keep the hospital bills paid which nearly killed her.
"My, who is that ravishing beauty that coems to visit littel ole me?" Marcus quipped once she walked in the room. he was sittign on the sofa chair, the dialisis machine doing its final pint of blood. his eyes looked stronger by the dahy, and so did his complexion.. those were aboutt he only improvements lately.

Marcus' fighting spirit had been a sellign point of the hospital since its inception just three years ago. soon the hurricane proof building would be put through its paces. the storm was gettign closer. miles away, a meteoroligist gasped at his miscalculation of velocities.
That was his usual response to when she entered the room she smiled and slightly blushed. At least he was up and the machine was doing it's job she could see that. "Hi to you to." She said going over and hugging him tightly. The boss where she was working told her she was overworked and she explained her situation. He was nice enough to give her two weeks off paid so she would be able to spend some time with her brother. Tonight she would have to go and pay some hospital bills that was a day due because of payment days but the hospital understood. This hospital was really nice and she was glad he was brought here and not somewhere else.
"you heard about the storm yet?" he asked politely, popping a tic -tac into his mouth and crunching it.

Meanwhile, the officials were clamouring and delivering breaking news about the hurricane. now a clase six, aimed straight for the siblings.
"Yes I have. I'm a little scared." She said while sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at him and the machines. He seemed much better then he was the last time she saw him.
"Well, we could be in that rickety shack of a hospital back in jackson again." he chuckled. the place looked like a renovated cockroach motel. The new alerts were flashign all over the place by now, the alarm came on over the intercom.

"tropical storm loki has evolved into a class 6 hurricane. hurricane Heart has changed direction from its predicted route and is comign straight for us. We will be locking down the facilities stormshelter doors, deadlocks and generators in fifteen minutes. If you do not wish to ride out the storm with us at Lovelace hospital, please evacuate to a safe locationoff-site before that time. thanks you for your patronage."

Marcus stared out the window at the blackness on the horizon. " I don't think we HAVE fifteen minutes,..." he gulped and looked worried over to hsi sister.
"That's very true." She said smiling at him and looking out the window as well into the darkness of the sky. Ther intercom interrupted her thoughts but the hospital would be safe right? Right? "Wait we are getting locked in here?" She said getting up and looking out the window their best way to wait out the storm was in the hospital and she knew that. Her brother could not leave the hospital because of his health condition he needed medical attention right now. Slowly she got up and walked to the window he was right it did not look like they had very much time. "Do you think we should move away from the window into the hallway?" She asked not knowing if this window could hold a class 6 hurricane? At least she had some money to spend on food and there was a cafeteria in the hospital.
Her question was answered by the slow sliding sound of metallic panels over the windows. the lockdown was beginning. soon all sunlight was gone from the second floor, which they were on. the panels slide closed several ceiling fans on the roof, and only the main exit was still open, and then, only for about another five minutes.

"Lockdown is Beginning.all personnell report to main nurse stations for further directions."

"wow." Marcus whistled. "Not sure if i feel safe, or caged." he chuckled nervously.
"Wait a minute what's this?" She asked when the metal panels started sliding over the windows she was hoping to watch out the window but she couldn't. When she heard the announcements she looked at the door. "Maybe I should go see what we can do next. I'll be back soon." She said and got up then started heading towards the door to talk to one of the nurses. What should they do?
A tall man in a brown leather vest with a large crucifix, and black everything else stepped intot he rooom after she left.

"How's my prized student?" he asked with a deep voice.

"Knock it off, Salazar." Marcus laughed. Salazar was the mans last name, he hadn;t told them his first name yet, and he was the representative of the coorporation that was testing this new gene therapy transfusion treatment on him. he was rather dramatic at times, and LOVED making a sweepign entrance, but overall, Mr. Salazar was a gentleman and a jovial man, if nothing else.

"I don't really know anyone else in this hospital that well... well.. except some of the nurses between shifts." he joked. " so i figured i might as well ride out this hurricane with you. that was your sister that just left wasn't it?" he asked. Marcus nodded.

"yeah, she was going to go find out what we do next." he answered, standing up slowly to give salazar a hug. Marcus was a tall kid, one of the only people salazar could hug without havign to bed down.

"Well, Kid, i should say its time for our littel excercise then.. ready?" he smiled, closing the curtain to his bed,a nd the two men stood behind it. Nobody really knew what the excercise was, but it was part of the slazar's duties as liason tot he company trying out this treatment. Salazar made sure to tell everyone that NOBODY is allowed to watch... coorporate secret and all.
When she saw the man she decided not to say anything she was worried and that man gave her the jeebies. Finally she found the front desk where everyone was standing around and she decided to hang back a bit. She leaned against a countertop and listened to the talking of the crowd knowing there was probably not much that she could do. Most of the visitors were gone and she was the only one because she had no where to go and didn't have family besides her twin. She was right the talk ended and all it was was the nurses had to make sure everyone was comfortable taking shifts and giving them food. She was glad she had heard the cafeteria was going to be open for people who wanted food maybe she would go down there later and get something.
Marcus's transfusion was done minutes late,r and so was slazars test. He put the curtain back and messaged his hands and began to walk out the door.

" I suppose I'll see you later, gonna get soem grub." he said, laughing as he almost bumped into the girl.

"Sorry there, miss." he said, dusting himself off. " Didn't see you there." he added. the nurse was disconnecting marcus fromt eh machine.
"That's alright." She said moving out of the mans way so he could move and she could go see her brother once more. What was he doing here anyway he seemed a little off. Litttle did she know that they were disconnecting the machines but why and wasn't he still sick? The doctors did not give her the a ok for him being all better and she did not think he was better. When he moved she walked in to see the machines gone. "What's going on here?" She asked looking around at the nurse and then her brother?
"They say I'm stabel enough to go without for another week. The treatment took less time than usual, it seems." He siad with a jovial smile, clasping the bleeding point on his arm momentarily. "Also, Salazar was talking about eating dinner with him in the cafeteria, his treat." he smiled again. he hid his hands quickly...the knuckles were scratched up and sore.
She did not see the knuckles but knew something was not right. "I could go use some food right now I'm starving. That is great news." When she walked over she hugged him tightly so happy that there was finally some good news. She knew that her parents would be so happy if they were hear to here that.
Salazar rounded a corner and then hopped on his cellphone.
Success. 110 percent expectations. the human host has completely taken the gene therapy. this is more than we could have hoped for, Armand.. this is BIG news." He chuckled, retreating into the staircase as he talked further.

Marcus bobbed his head a little. " Yeah, Food sounds GREAT." he said, leading the way to the cafeteria.
"Do you think he's a little...strange?" She asked following him out the door and to the cafeteria her stomach growled. "Guess I'm hungrier then I thought." She laughed as they neared the cafeteria everything seemed so dark with no light from the outside the wind was slightly howing outside.
"Yeah, theres something abotu him that worries. me. he keeps talkign to his boss... some guy named ARMAND...always about the basement project...wierd." he said, stretchign as they walked.

" I feel like i just woke up from a dirt nap..." he said, twistignghis spine with renewed vigor.
"But at least this blood thing is working right?" She asked reaching the cafeteria and grabbing a seat with her brother waiting for the other person. At least he is able to walk now before he was not even able to lift his head in bed so the blood had to be working.