Hurricane Bliss.

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    The truth in who we are; are the ones who loved the most.

    A Prelude.

    Chapters: To Be Edited.
  2. "Katie."

    "No, I don't want to go. I don't want to live there!"

    Katie slammed the door in her mothers face, hoping that when she opened it a few minutes later her mother would be no where in sight.

    "She can't make me go. I refuse to."

    Crawling up on her bed, she stared out her bed room window for a few moments, then pulled out her diary from underneath her pillow.

    Dear Diary. January 1st, 2004

    It seemed like nothing I said mattered. After mom and dad's divorce, I had no say in anything. Dad got me on the weekends and mom had me during the week days. It was a small community we both lived in. Dad only lived a few miles down the road and mom was seeing some new guy. I didn't like him. When he spoke to me, it was like him speaking to a two year old. Seriously, a two year old could understand him better than I could and all his jibberish.