Huntresses of Ashenvale

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  1. In the forest of Ashenvale, where the trees grow abundant and the animals plenty, are many races and kinds of peoples. From tall elves to werepeople, Ashenvale holds its magic deep inside its ancients' roots. Treants roam, patrolling the forest and its folk, while demon and fel scourge the east, hidden among the shadows and promising destruction.


    But in Astranaar, the main city of Ashenvale, there lives a powerful king and his noblemen. These high-bloods keep order in Ashenvale, keeping the place peaceful. Though, sometimes even officials fail. Rogues rob, beasts menace the farms, and outlaws scavenge the lands of Ashenvale. It's true that Noblemen and sentinels do all in their ability to protect the lands, but evil is strong everywhere, and there are other matters to attend to.


    That's where bounties are put up. It's a win-win on the noble side. The criminals are caught and their common people can do the job for them. But what do you do when 'criminals' catch criminals?


    That's the exact situation of bounty-huntresses Faie and Ena. The two rogue hunters are considered feral trash to common folks and frowned upon nobles. Many people watch at their heels for the time when the two mess up the law so there is an excuse to arrest the two huntresses. But the duo know better. That's all until one fateful day when the two find themselves in a situation where they must decide.. Morals... or law.
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  2. Ena was in the woods as usual. She used her time there wisely, practicing many things and keeping her eyes out for the scum she was used to hunting with her partner or any nobles that just so happen to be riding through today, waiting to ambush. She always made sure to have her knives on hand and, within the blink of an eye, she'd throw the knife at a tree while her straight, black hair flew behind her. The trees rustled and birds would call out and flee, but there was nothing there when she pulled her knife out of the trees.

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  3. Faie Aspenwhisp

    Race:: Night elf

    Gender :: Female
    Age :: 137 years (looks 20)
    Faie is a very energetic elf. She stands a little over 7-foot tall and has purple skin. She usually wears her white hair loose. She's hopeful and gets along well with the animals, occasionally using them to help her.
    Additional information:
    Since she is a Night elf, Faie's purple skin allows her to blend in well with the overgrowth of Ashenvale.

    Faie (open)
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  4. Faie shot through the woods, followed by a swift raven which she called Grey. She had just gotten back from a patrol, and oh boy did she have something to tell Ena. The paper was gripped tightly in her hand as she leaped over a small stream, her bare feet falling silently on the ground. Faie didn't much enjoy shoes, and only wore them when she was geared for a bounty. Those criminals sure did put up a fight. Grey cawed as he swooped through the trees and under limbs.
  5. Profile (open)

    Ena Ark


    Race:: Human

    Gender :: Female

    Age :: 19


    Ena is quiet, but she uses it as an advantage rather than a crutch. She considers herself catlike in her movements. She is also somewhat cocky and tends to brag, which one could blame on her age.

    Additional information:

    Ena is not her real name, so there are few times where she will forget to answer to it.
    She stands at 5' 11'' with olive skin and black hair which she usually allows to flow freely. She hides her face usually with a hood when not around Faie.
    Her weapons tend to be airborne, like knives and bow and arrows.

    Ena stood within the circle of trees, waiting and listening to the forest around her. She waited, then heard the familiar noise of Faie's feet. She dropped her guard and put her knives in her belt, and picked up her bow and quiver of arrows from the ground, putting them around her shoulders. She stood there again, happily waiting to see her partner again.
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  6. Faie broke through the brambles, Grey shooting into the air to continue to scout the surrounding area. The elf smiled to her partner, showing white teeth. "You'll never what I managed to... retrieve.. from a noble scout." Faie skipped the part where she had tricked the noble and had Grey swoop down and steal the paper from the scout. It was a clever plan, you had to admit. Faie held the paper out to her friend who had stayed close to their camp which consisted of a small hut and a cleared ground for other homely principles, like a small garden that Faie enjoyed tending to. The paper was freshly written, bold and demanding.
  7. Ena looked at the paper. "How did you retrieve this? It looks very..." She tilted her head, unsure of how to finish her sentence. She walked closer to get a better look, brushing her hair away from her face. She reached out to the paper with her long, slender fingers, lightly touching the bottom of the paper, which could be easily torn from her grasp.
  8. "Weeeeell...." Faie began, rolling her eyes up to the dark lavender sky, "I may have lured the scout to a certain area and right when he was about to slip into my hiding place, Grey snatched the paper and allowed me to escape!" Faie smiled. "Good idea, eh?" As Ena searched the paper with her eyes, Faie did once more as well. The reward was large and the bounty seemed easy enough, it was a bandit, how hard could it be?

    The Wanted Poster (open)
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  9. Ena looked up at Faie. "That..." She sighed. It was useless to tell her that it sounded dangerous. Faie knew what she was doing and came out of it fine, so there was no reason to worry or scold. "Yes, it was a good idea." She let go of the paper and set her hands on her hips. "So, when do you say we begin the hunt?"
  10. Faie's childish smile was soon replaced with a serious one. "I believe as soon as possible, before anyone else gets to them. Apparently there's a whole gang of these bandits, they stole from the king himself. Maybe this will get us some bonus points on the king's side. Maybe not, it's worth a shot, though.. Plus, 400 gold never hurt anyone." Faie looked up at the rather quick-darkening sky. "However, it is getting late, and we still need to finish salting the boar we caught today." Faie pointed out that the two also had other duties to attend to. "Besides, it's a fresh bounty, we can head out first thing tomorrow morning."
  11. Ena nodded and adjusted her cloak. Her stomach felt empty, too, and going after such a bounty like this would be ridiculous, especially at this time of day. She had completely forgotten about their boar and was now eagerly waiting getting back and enjoying a "hero's" dinner. Her stomach growled loudly in agreement, which she tried to silence with her hand with no success.
  12. Faie nodded in agreement with her partner's stomach then started to head back to the camp. after maneuvering through the deep growth, the camp finally camp into view. With dinner on her mind, Faie went directly to the small garden and began to rummage through the plants to pick certain vegetables, which it was her job to prepare the side dishes or ingredients. Ena usually did the main course. Upon finding a couple ripe carrots and peppers, Faie also found a small variety of fully-grown spices. This would go well. Faie decided with a smile.
  13. Ena followed in suit through the thick forestation. When Faie went to her garden, Ena went to the boar, which she proceeded to prepare by skinning it. It was a bloody job, getting her hands quite dirty, but she didn't mind at all. It was just boar's blood. It wasn't much of a big deal. She removed her cape, bow, and quiver of arrows before going to the next step of starting a fire and setting the boar on said fire, which she made sure to do efficiently.
  14. Faie walked over to Ena, with freshly chopped vegetables, minced onion, and ground spices. "I was thinking a stew that will last us while, since I haven't seen too much prey around lately." Faie suggested and sat down next to the freshly-awoken fire, carrying the basket with the herbs and veggies.
  15. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea." Ena looked back at the fire, then at Faie and her basket. All of the foods in one place made her stomach growl louder. She tried to silence it again with her hand, but, alas, no success. She sighed. Being a stealthy shot with a loud, annoying stomach could very well be the death of her someday.
  16. Faie smiled and nodded in agreement with Ena's stomach, "I feel you." Faie got up to fetch the pan the two used for stew. "I'm going to go fill this up with water by the stream!" Faie called before dashing into the forest. As she ran through the growth, Faie smelled the fresh growth of spring, it was wonderful! It wasn't that far of a trek before Faie reached the stream. It was good the two had a stream so close by, or else water would be a hassle. However, there weren't many fish in the stream. If the two craved fish, they had to travel to the river that was a little further north of their camp. Good thing it was just water this time.

    As Faie bent over to fill the light pan, a snap was heard from the opposite side of the river. Faie instantly shot down low, behind the water weeds and watched carefully, stopping all motion and noise. Footsteps became closer and a rather loud group, followed by the dim light of torches. Faie bent lower to the ground as the patrol of commoners walked by the river.
  17. Ena watched as her partner left, tending still to the boar. She took a deep breath. The smell of the cool spring air and the musk of the cooking meat made a smile dance across her lips. She sat up straight, feeling like she didn't have to be on guard at this moment. The feeling of being without a care in the world was new and odd to her, but for in that brief window of time, nothing could possibly go wrong.
    Of course, until she heard a few loud noises. She quickly snatched her bow and quiver, looking around for anyone who could have been the source.
  18. Faie watched the scouts clumsily trample through the bushes, tripping and getting caught at every step. This was humorous in a way, but Faie dared not laugh, smile, breath, or speak. She hoped that Ena stayed at camp. Why are we hiding? We've got nothing against us and if we were killed, it would be considered illegal since we're not guilty.. With that, Faie lifted herself from the bracken and mad it appear like she had approached from the woods, instead of crouching down. Hoping that Ena stayed at camp, Faie called a greeting to the commoners. If both of the two were here, it might provoke the patrol.

    "Good day, night elf!" A human male called out and waved. Faie bowed as the two factions came to meet, both on their own side of the stream. "And to you." "Aye, lassie, you ain't seen no bandits scoutin' through these bushes 'round here, have ya'?" Retorted a dwarf, taking a step forward. So that's what they're doing.. "No, I have not, but I suppose you're scouting for the bounty?" Faie relaxed, they seemed like a nice bunch. "Correct, it would be a shame if some nasty orc got to it before us." Added a Dranei (an alien-sort thing). She smiled at Faie, in which the smile was returned. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything more than the reward is great." The dwarf said "Eye" in agreement.

    The human nodded and seemed to gain all attention. "Well, thank you for the help, elf. Have a good evening." She waved in good bye and turned to watch the patrol go. Faie's heart was saddened to see such an able patrol go after the prize. But then something hit Faie!

    They're going the wrong way! Faie was about to yell out to them this point but then stopped herself, knowing what she was about to do. Faie felt a little remorse, but, hey, that was the life of a bounty-hunter she guessed.

    So as the team was almost out of hearing distance, Faie called, "Happy hunting!" And then spun on her heel, grabbed the filled pot, and raced to camp.
  19. Ena, after realizing that she was in no harm, put her things down and tended back to the food. She started putting everything into her old, rusty cauldron—including the boar after she managed to remove some bones from certain chunks she removed and some water. She waited for Faie to complete the stew with the vegetables, whenever she returned.
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