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  1. Hey guys, so I started a new thread and this will be my one and only 1x1 thread where I will post all and any ideas that come to mind. You will notice that most of them involve werewolves and some vampires. I usually don't roleplay other things but some other things might pop up here from time to time.

    Before any of the plots are seen I would like you to take the time and learn a bit about how I roleplay. I'm your typical one paragraph plus poster, usually classified at a casual level. If I really enjoy the plot and I have someone who is enjoying it as much as I am I will post a lot more than a paragraph. If you can't give me the same amount in a post at least give me one decent sized paragraph. I HATE one liners so PLEASE try not to give me any of those. What's the point if only one person is putting effort? I might as well just write a book. So please, don't give me minimal amounts.

    I'm not really a grammar or spelling nazi. All I ask is that I can understand what you are writing.

    Although I might provide the outline for the story it doesn't mean that I decide how the story goes; I mean I give out the basic, simple plot as a first step for us to proceed and advanced the story together. So don't be scared to advanced the story on your own, we both want to have fun. Just don't wait for me to do all the work.

    I am on rather often and I warn you that I can get rather annoying in asking you to post, I don't do it on purpose I just get anxious and like to move it on, see what happens. :)

    You will most likely notice a common theme within my plots. But I will tell you now, I like to write about keeping a secret or the secret, the struggle of suppressing urges and so on. I don't know why but I really enjoy writing about that. So don't turn away, we can always make adjustments so we are both happy.

    In the end, I want both of us to have fun, participate in an RP where when we're done we can say, that was a good one. Anywho, that's all I have to say about me, here are any plots currently roaming in my brain.

    PLOT 1
    Basically this plot involves two best friends. There would be some sort of crisis and now humanity is barely hanging on. One character is a werewolf...or chose to become one...unwillingly became one...we can discuss that. If she were to choose to become one it would be so she could finally step up and have to stop relying on her friend. Who would always protect her and keep her from harm. In the end she became frustrated and felt as if she was just a useless burden. So she got herself into this mess for a way.

    If she doesn't choose it and it just happens well...we can work the details out later, lol.

    The story would start at the point where she has recently been bitten She hasn't told him anything about it, or is clueless about it, depending on which way the story goes. Her first change has not happened yet but it's just around the corner.

    PLOT 2
    This Werewolf/Human plot would involve a female and a male, or another female. Obviously one of wich is a werewolf. The idea is that the human character would stumble upon the werewolf character changing back then everything starts. Perhaps one starts following the other, maybe he/she starts pestering the werewolf with questions and so on. But that's the basic idea for it, I think it could be interesting.

    PLOT 2 (ALT)
    This one is rather similar with just a couple of differences, instead of a human we have a vampire. The vampire character would stumble upon the werewolf changing or changing back but it would take place in a world or country where werewolves were thought to be 'extinct'. Piquing the interest of the vampire, perhaps they start bombarding the werewolf with questions as well, or maybe the vampire has other intentions for the werewolf.

    PLOT 3
    This one is a little more recent. It would involve a couple, married or not. Basically they were out together, (details can be discussed later) on their way home they both get kidnapped/abducted, bagged and taken to a place that is unknown to them. When they arrive they are found within a large cage, together. They're in an arena, an arena used for dog fights, and by dog fights I mean werewolves. The two are challenged to defeat the wolf and if they do, gain their freedom. I was thinking that one of the two gets infected before they defeat the werewolf and that person hides it. They gain their freedom and leave. Obviously the infected starts changing and from there I was thinking that maybe the people that run the fights come looking for them again or something of the sort. More details can be discussed but this is the basic idea.

    PLOT 4
    This one is an older idea. Basically it involves two officers who are partners. They are called to investigate a crime scene where someone was mauled by an animal. One of the two officers gets attacked and infected by a werewolf. From there changes begin taking place. The human officer is suspicious of what is happening to their partner (I was thinking this officer could be very interested in the supernatural, occult etc) but the infected cop is in denial of what is happening. More can be discussed as always.

    PLOT 5
    This one is old too, but involves a human and a vampire. The two would most likely be students, just graduating from high school or something. Anyways, the vampire is constantly traveling and is currently living in this town. Next door to it lives a troubled teen. Whether it's drugs, physical or mental abuse, bullying whatever (we can discuss it later) the vampire decides to help, noticing what is happening with this teenager. [Loosely based off the american remake of "let the right one in"]

    That's all I got atm. If you are interested feel free to post here or PM me. I will obviously respond to either. I am looking for someone to play the human character for the two ideas and the vampire for the last. Although things can be tinkered with. All you gotta do is ask and we could possibly figure out something else.

    Although I would prefer playing the werewolf in any plot.

    I think that's all for now, hope this doesn't turn people away and I hope someone is interested. :) Thanks for your time.
  2. First I got disappointed because there was only werewolf ideas and I'm not that interested in werewolf's but then I saw that the last plot was a vampire plot and became interested x3
    Mind if I play the human? :3
  3. Why? What's wrong with werewolves?

    We can definitely do the last plot. Do you want it to be an M/F or an F/F? Originally the idea involved the vampire being a girl that's why I'm asking. I can make it a guy but it's not as fun. lol.
  4. If you don't mind a F/F then I'd like to do that :9 My guys kind of sucks xD

    There's nothing wrong with werewolf's buuuut... ... ... I don't know... I think my brain is allergic against them because I never like them x3
  5. Lol, okay. Do you want to discuss anything else? If not I can get the thread started tomorrow.
  6. Hmm... One thing:
    Should our characters already have met before or should we make them meet first when the rp begins?
  7. First time they meet is gonna be in the RP.
  8. Key ^^
    Then I'll wait for the first post :3