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    ~Huntress Soi's Search ~

    Hey Guys! You can call me HuntressSoi, Soi or just Huntress. You can pick I don't mind I live in the Eastern Time Zone, so if that helps people out at all. During the week I will be on and off, as I do work full time, but weekends I can be on often and replying as often as I can.

    I'm open to any supernatural role plays. No, not the show. More like Supernatural things demons and werewolves. I have many plot ideas and I'm willing to come up with a plot with my possible partner. Not going to be the only one coming up with ideas, it takes two to tango or in our word two to roleplay. I love my yaoi's/malexmale but I'm open to do heterosexual with convincing or a good plot. If you ever have a question please ask, I'm willing to answer. I do have a ton of characters located on charahub.

    Now for my pairings. The only roles I will not play is the human or Angel role.

    Demon x Angel
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Human
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Demon
    Vampire x Angel
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Werewolf x Demon
    Werewolf x Angel

    I do have many more supernatural likes. So if you don't see one just ask me.
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  2. This is just a couple plot ideas that I do have.

    Knight Design's (open)

    Knight Industries a fast upcoming design company that took the industry by surprise. Judson only wanted to do what he loved and live in peace. He made this company to do the those very things and to give other demons, the same chance of peace them self.
    One rival company ran by hunters, feared that Knight Industries is ran by demons. They also fear of losing the top rankings in the fashion industries. Will the fear of the hunters be true and they lose their ranks in fashion or will they figure out Knights Industries is truly ran by demons? Could one lone hunter find her way of the truth behind Knight’s Industries?

    Deception (open)
    There has been a battle between hunters and demons going on as long as anyone can remember, but times are changing. The battle appears to be drawing to a close, now that few demons roam the earth. To the demons advantage, as the numbers decline, the majority of the human populace dismiss the tales of demons as mere fairy tales. This leaves some of the demons to simply enjoy their lives disguised as humans. The problem is there are still dangerous demons hiding behind human faces. This story is about a hunter and the last of the Dark Unicorn. Will the two learn to live their lives as one or will the hunter rid the world of the last Dark Unicorn?
    The Darkest Love (open)
    It's been one hundred years since the Great War between Heaven and Hell. While Heaven is known for its beauty and light and Hell for its darkness and persistent despair, one could go crazy in either place. Now with the Great War over, all demons have been sent to the pits of Hell and a new law has been implemented that says no demon may be allowed to set foot in the human world. However, this law has said nothing about their heavenly counterpart- the angels- and many still roam the human world.
  3. Hey I'd be interested in doing a rp with you. I like the pairing of the Demon x Angel and Vampire x Human
  4. Hello Soi,
    -evil snickering in the distance-
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