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  1. Name: Brianna Whelan
    Age: 22

    Appearance: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index....ttach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=360873
    Extra: Bite mark on the right shoulder, claw marks on her stomach going diagonally downwards from the right.

    It had been horrible. For the last 5 years the city...scratch that...the whole country had been a war zone. Nobody knew the exact reason, some say it had to do with politics, others say it was oil...bio mechanical weapons...so many reasons. It was spreading throughout the world, people spoke of certain safe havens. Although those dreams soon died down. Brianna had barely been out of high school before everything started. Slowly everything began falling apart around her. One day...her dad didn’t come home from work...the next week...no sign of her mother. She was too afraid to leave her house, but when supplies ran low she had to do something...she told Sherry and Jake to hide. When she came home...they were gone. She had no one...well except for one person. With her family gone...he was the only one she could turn to; and she did.

    They never stayed in one place for too long. The soldiers and rebels were always raiding homes and buildings. They began moving to the outskirts of the city, suburbs and rural areas. It was a little less hectic there, they could stay in one place for longer. Eventually they had settled in a small abandoned home. The whole city’s power generators had been destroyed...there was no electricity anywhere...unless you had your own little generator...which thankfully they did. They had been raided that night...he protected her but got hurt in the process, he’d been hurt other times but this time was the worst...and Brianna had had enough of being the weak one that always needed protection she had to do something about it...she didn’t know what but she had too. She didn’t want him getting hurt anymore.

    Eventually they were ready to move on...the raiders had taken almost everything they had so they would have to start building up again. They traveled through the woods hoping on getting to the next town as soon as they could. They assumed the woods would be safer...obviously they were wrong. Camp had been set for the night. Bree was going to take the early shift which was ‘less dangerous’. While making a round Brianna heard some noises within the bush. The two only had one gun, a double barrel shot gun, not much ammo, so they had to be cautious. Aiming the gun she kept her eyes locked in the direction of the noises. When something came out at her she fired...mostly out of fear.

    The animal landed on her, nearly crushing her. She held the gun up in front of her face as she tried to protect herself. The beast was able to take a bite, Brianna screaming in pain. She somehow managed to hit the animal with the butt of her gun and was able to wiggle out of it’s grasp. It reached out and grabbed her but this time with more focus she aimed and blew the beasts head off. Escaping with many injuries and a lot of blood lost she made her way back to the camp where she collapsed. She had no idea what was to come...would she be able to remain in control? Would she succumb to the bloodlust? Would she still be able to protect him from others? Would she have to protect him from herself? The moon was a month away, would she realize what she had become in time?

    Brianna groaned as she felt warmth on her back. Raising her head from the ground she looked around groggily. Her head was pounding, her vision blurred and spinning. Her ears rung as her whole body ached as if she had done the most intense workout of her life, her nose was stuffy and along with the crappy vision her eyes burned as well. Sitting up she scratched her head in confusion as she supported herself with one hand. Her mouth was incredibly dry as she coughed. Looking around everything seemed so bright and the camp site seemed empty. She looked around worried...where had he gone? Standing up quickly she looked around confused, looking in every direction. She couldn’t spot him anywhere. “Where the fuck is he?” She muttered, her voice raspy.
  2. Name: Korbin Blaidd
    Age: 23
    Appearance: tumblr_m31uc6CIPA1qa19iyo2_400.jpg
    Extra: Multiple scars from blades upon his arms and one large scar on his stomach. All from defending her.

    When the shit hit the fan Korbin had been one of the first to defect from the national guard. He had come back to find his home quite literally gone, burned to the ground. What remained of his family he found throughout the ashes, it wasn't what he had expected to come back to. All that he found in his home town that was worth coming back to was her. Getting out was hard, he burned through all the ammo he had for the rifle and pistol he had defected with. He didn't even want to count how many he had fought against, how many he had shot to get her safe. He didn't tell her how they got that generator, he didn't dare to tell her.

    When they were raided he fought them off, making sure that she would not be harmed. Sure he had taken a rather nasty hatchet just below his ribs for it but he fought for her like he always did. After they had left he even sewed up the wound himself, not letting her near, not wanting to show pain. He was fighting for her, to protect her. Weakness was no longer allowed in this world. As soon as he could they were moving again, he was scavenging everything from bits of cars to fresh animal kills. Anything to survive. Eventually he had even found a tarp to keep the rain and dew off of them, allowing a decent shelter at night. It was there he slept while she went out.

    BANG, the sound jolted him awake. He nearly tore his stitches open getting up while he looked for her. That was their shotgun, he knew that much. He heard her scream and that had him up, grabbing for his knife he looked about, the second time the shotgun rang he was already trying to find her. By the time she collapsed in the camp he was there, fear crossing his eyes as he saw the terrible wounds she had taken. "DAMMIT!" He exclaimed in anger, digging through what supplies they had to clean the wounds. Sewing them shut with what little thread they had left he moved her beneath the tarp, sheltering her while he took the shotgun and reloaded it. A low growl escaped him, angered at himself for letting this happen.

    As morning came he slowly made his way back to camp, a thigh of some large animal slung over his shoulder. He had found what she shot. In the darkness he couldn't recognize it, taking it simply for a bear. None the less he took the best bit of meat he could manage in the night, they needed the food anyway. "Here..." His voice returned, anger within the deep timbre of it. He was mad at himself, not her. "I found whatever it was you shot, I guess it was a bear... so we have breakfast..." He spoke glancing to her. "Try not to move... you were hurt really bad." He dropped the meat next to where there fire had been, quickly he started to make a new one, focusing on his work. He had always been rather forward, even more so as the world fell apart.
  3. Brianna turned around swiftly as she heard Korbins voice, slightly taken back at the anger that seemed to come from him. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him in slight confused. She took in the large limb that was slung over his shoulder; whatever it was that had attacked her was massive and that thigh proved it. “Well that’s good to know.” She responded to his breakfast statement. She looked down at her clothes that were torn and stained with blood...“Right...Well...I feel fine.” As if her body wanted to remind her a sudden pain burst through her head and she winced slightly as she rubbed her temple. “That was a lie...But my wounds don’t hurt...” She sighed and sat down next to him. “My body is just aching a lot...and my ears are ringing...It’s weird, difficult to explain...” She spoke a little quietly. She watched Korbin as the fire had pretty much been started. Looking into the core of the fire she sighed and then looked over at him again. “What’s your problem?” She asked. He seemed angry and disappointed, she wasn’t too sure why. “Korbin...If this is about me...and what happened last night...Don’t blame yourself. It is obviously not your fault. None of us knew that I’d get attacked. Thankfully I had the gun with me. So if that’s your reason for being upset stop being upset...please...”

    She moved closer to her friend and placed her hand on his thigh. She tried to meet his gaze but she found it kind of difficult. Sighing in slight disappointment she stood up and walked towards the tarp. Stepping within it she laid down on the grass underneath and sighed. Closing her eyes she hoped to fall asleep. She couldn’t help but notice that all the sounds and smells around her seemed to intensify. The ringing in her ears receded as other things faded in; her breaths, her heart beat, the cracking of the wood in the fire, Korbins breaths and heart beat, the birds chirping within the forest, creatures skittering in the grass and trees, running water in the distance. So many scents entered her nose simultaneously, it hurt her head, but was so refreshing...the grass, the trees and leaves, the burning wood, different animals, Korbin...The running water from the river. At one point everything seemed to reach it’s peak and then it all faded as Bree fell asleep.
  4. He glanced to her, a small sigh escaping his lips while he watched her wince. It only dug the knife deeper into his chest to see her hurt. He was supposed to protect her dammit! "Don't worry about me, just take it easy..." Korbin replied while she tried to make him feel better. Nothing would, he felt as though he had failed her, worse than the night they lost all of their supplies. He looked to her, watching as she went back to lay down. A bit of relief crossed him to see that she could at least move. Taking a moment to collect himself, to calm his nerves he glanced to her again. Sure, he was connected to her, he liked her, it wasn't something he could say, it wasn't something that mattered right now. The world had gone to shit and as such he couldn't afford the distraction. Working together a few chunks of metal he had managed to scrounge he set up a grill, using a car hood as the main part. Slicing the meat he went about cooking it, his eyes focusing upon it, afraid to look at her for her would simply grow angry again.
  5. Her sleep wasn’t as comforting as she thought...She would watch scenes and random images flash by. The eyes of the beast that attacked her, a very human blue colour. It’s roars and snarls echoed through her mind. It was visible in Brianna’s face that she was frightened. She ran through the darkness of her world, being stalked and chased. Eventually the tables turned within her dream realm. Soon her eyes became the eyes of the predator...she chased the victim, although something wasn’t right, the way she ran...the sounds that escaped her...it didn’t seem or feel like herself. It felt as if she was someone else...something else.

    The loud snap of a twig breaking startled her awake as she shot up from her sleeping position and looked around. “Someones coming...” She muttered and came out from where she lay. Her eyes scanning the surrounding area. Her hearing heightened to inhuman standards. “Korbin...Someone is coming...” Bree spoke quietly as she walked towards the fire, not really paying attention to see if her friend was there. There were footsteps approaching they were getting closer by the second, the shuffling in the dead leaves becoming louder...whoever this person was didn’t seem to be quiet...or didn’t want to be quiet. They were very loud in Bree’s ears.

    She clenched her jaw and looked around frantically as other sounds seemed to begin to distract her from the approaching person. The footsteps were so loud it was almost deafening to her...they were coming from behind her. Turning around at speeds Bree didn’t even know she was capable of she found herself in the air and soon on top of the said intruder. She had the body pinned underneath her as a rather animalistic growl escaped her lips while she leaned in to look at them carefully. Bree made sure that this person wasn’t going anywhere.
  6. Korbin glanced up, hearing the faintest sound of the snap, the sheer fact that it woke her from her sleep took him by surprise. Grabbing for the shotgun as she spoke he fumbled to reload it. "Stay down..." He snapped quietly only to watch her come by him. The fact that she didn't listen annoyed him, she was already hurt, he didn't want to risk her getting hut more. "Stay d-" As she turned and jumped he was cut off, a hand feebly reaching out to try and stop her only to growl in anger, shotgun to his shoulder he was up, rushing toward her side. What the hell was going on with her? What was going on, she shouldn't have been able to do that when she was healthy let alone now. None the less that was for another time.

    Placing the shotgun to the intruder's head he glared down at the male, fear apparent in his eyes while he was pinned and threatened to be shot. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He asked, the barrel of the gun pressing harder against his skull while his finger hovered over the trigger. A foot came to his collar bone, threatening to crush his windpipe while he eyed him and her.

    ((Kicked the paper faster than I thought, unsure about what you were planning though.))
  7. The gun soon came into Bree’s view as she had her eyes locked with the deep blue ones of the man below. She looked up at Korbin and then down at her catch...her catch? Why was her mind thinking in that way? The man swallowed hard and decided to keep his eyes on Brianna. Something smelled odd...like fear...if fear had a scent. She was genuinely confused by what her brain was doing at this point. “Korbin...move your foot...” Bree spoke simply. “He’s not going anywhere don’t worry.” She gripped the collar of the man’s torn shirt and raised him off the ground slightly. “Can please answer the question...” The man nodded and Bree put him down gently.

    “We saw that you guys had a fire going...we thought you could help...” The man spoke, the fear evident in his voice as it trembled. “We don’t mean you any harm...we’re just trying to make it to a safe haven...Apparently there’s one near the border...” His eyes held tears that ran down his cheek as he blinked.

    “We?” Bree asked. “How many are with you?” She met his eyes for a moment and then followed his gaze over to the side where she saw someone standing behind a tree. Brianna clenched her jaw and looked down at the man. “Call her over.”

    “Ashley honey...come over here please!” He called out.

    Brianna looked in the direction of the tree as a little blonde girl came running out. Her pants torn and her shirt barely on her chest. Clenching her jaw she looked down at the man who watched his daughter run over. The girl was so small, and frail, weak. Looking up at Korbin she nodded and got off the man. “Don’t try anything stupid.” She said and offered him a hand to help him up. The man was much taller than Bree, and was a little hefty. Taking in his appearance Brianna wondered how she managed to knock him down so easily. She met Korbin’s eyes. “You look angry...what’s wrong?” She asked him, her eyes not leaving his.
  8. Korbin let up on the male, still unsure as to why the fragile girl he knew was able to hold him down like that. What the hell had happened? Glancing to the girl as she came he had to fight the urge to not change his aim to her. A small frown crossed him though, deep inside he wanted to help but now he would be defending more than just Brianna... now he had another. Even though the first seemed to be somehow capable of defending herself well she was still his charge. He kept a close eye on the new male, not wanting to let his guard down around someone who practically wandered into their camp. The question snapped his attention back to her however, "A man just practically wandered in, he has a daughter so we have to help, and you are somehow able to get up after the wounds you received and knock a man down... colour me mad and confused." He spoke in response looking to her with a small sigh escaping his lips. "What do we do about them?" He questioned in a whisper once they were far enough away. It was a reasonable question after all, should they truly help them?
  9. “I told you I was alright Korbin. The wounds weren’t as bad as they seemed...or else I would be standing right now...I’d still be lying down.” Bree told him as she placed a hand on his shoulder and met his eyes. “We don’t have to help...but we don’t have to kill them either. They are empty handed and terrified...” She looked at the man who sat with his daughter, holding her close as he whispered answers to her questions. Brianna met his eyes once more and smirked with a hint of sadness. “Let’s stay here for one more night then we’ll see what happens tomorrow alright? Unless you truly want to continue. It doesn’t matter to me...but they will probably be heading in our direction for a while...”

    She wrapped her hands around his neck and hugged him. Sighing she couldn’t help but notice his scent. It was very attractive, masculine, strong, courageous. It made her smile as she took another deep breath. “Mmm...so good...” Brianna muttered as she found herself nuzzling his neck, wanting to engulf herself in his scent. Realizing what she was doing her eyes shot open as she looked at his neck. The gentle thudding of his pulse catching her attention. Bree quickly stepped back and looked up at Korbin with slight embarrassment...“I...I’m sorry...” She spoke without meeting his eyes before walking away quickly and awkwardly. “Did I just sniff him?” she muttered to herself in confusion. “What the hell was I doing?” Brianna continued to speak to herself.

    Confusion setting in once more. Everything that had just happened was confusing her to great extents. First the man loudly approaching their camp...then the ridiculously fast turn and lunge, from there she successfully managed to pin and keep down a full grown man who was nearly double her size, she could smell fear? Somehow Bree was able to listen in on the conversation the man and his daughter Ashley were having...and to top it of she was sniffing Korbin and able to describe his scent without a problem. She ran a hand through her hair as she exhaled calmly. “What the fuck is going on?” She questioned, she wanted to know.
  10. Korbin looked down to her, a small sigh crossing his lips once more. The touch to her shoulder made him flinch, mainly from nerves. Why wouldn't it? He was constantly on edge, he barely slept... all to protect her. Dammit why did he love her? Mentally he shook his head, clearing his thoughts. "Alright, we'll stay the night... We have enough meat to feed them anyway... I'll smoke the rest of it tonight..." Giving her a small nod he was about to turn away before he felt her arms around his neck, a hint of surprise crossing his face while he watched her. The next words out of her mouth brought the slightest hint of red embarrassment to his scruffy cheeks, the fact that she nuzzled into his neck made him stiffen, his mind running rampant for the short moment it lasted. Her apology left him in awe for a moment before he gave an awkward nod in return. "I-It's fine..." He replied.

    Watching her walk away, really... watching her walk away, he shook his head, not catching her whispers. All he could do was try to stay calm, not to let his mind over think what just happened, all of the day's events... it was turning his mind into a tornado. For a moment longer he watched her, the old thought that she was the girl of his dreams had welled up, leaving him without true purpose for a moment longer before he shook his head. Placing the shotgun on safe he walked back toward the new comers, "I think that's bear... you can have some..." He spoke pointing to the grilling meat upon the car hood before he headed back to the woods again.

    A small sigh escaped him as he found the corpse, it still looked close enough to be a bear for him to dismiss it as such. None the less he went about skinning it, doing his best to cut it down before dragging back everything in the skin.
  11. Bree sat away from the man and his daughter...and away from Korbin. “Who the hell sniffs people?” She muttered to herself, still dumbfounded by the small scene that had just unfolded. Of course she had liked Korbin...she had always liked him, ever since middle school. She yearned to be with him, be in his arms, be his...but it felt as if she had just destroyed any chance she had. Sighing she relaxed a bit where she sat as she glanced over at the man and Ashley. She was happy that she was helping them, who knows what they had been through. Smirking slightly she got up and sat next to the two. Ashley looked up at Brianna, a terrified look on her face as she clutched onto her father. “Don’t worry...I’m not gonna hurt you...” Bree spoke feeling rather hurt by the girls reaction.

    Ashley stood up and whispered into her fathers ears. Bree raised an eyebrow as they both eyed her, confusion written on her face as she was able to hear the girl’s words. “...Daddy...She’s not nice...She’s a monster...” Ashley whispered as she moved even further away from Brianna. The father reached up and met his daughters eyes, shaking his head as he held onto her tightly, hugging her. “That’s not a nice thing to say Ashley. This lady is helping us...” He spoke and looked at Brianna. Bree watched the scene unfold in confusion as the little girl shook her head and looked at her. “...no daddy...She’s a monster...” Ashley whispered the last bit. Brianna swallowed hard and clenched her jaw. “I’ll just leave you two be. If you need anything find me or the other man. We’ll be around.” Bree bit her lip in confusion as she got up and walked away. “She’s a big scary monster daddy...But it hurts her...” Brianna could hear Ashley’s voice as she walked away. “Enough of this nonsense Ashley. No one is a monster...there is no such thing as monsters...”

    Brianna could hear their small argument as she walked towards the woods. She needed some alone time...quiet time...Her head was pounding, her skin covered in a thin layer of sweat as she felt really hot. Her stomach was hurting, not a pain for hunger, but an actual sharp, stinging pain. Gritting her teeth she continued to walk. Sounds began to intensify, scents entered her nose as her brain analyzed everything, causing her head to hurt even more. Wincing slightly she found a fallen tree and took a seat. Gripping at the dead trunk she tightly shut her eyes as she took deep breaths. All the surrounding sounds almost seemed like voices. Hisses and echoes, skittering, screeching and squeaking; the forest seemed to become a darker more dangerous place at night. All the scents seemed to intensify, grass, water, plants, small animals, large animals. Her brain was able to name off species, place scents to certain things. Her head began pounding as she looked around the forest, noticing little glowing orbs coming from small mammals and birds.

    She hadn’t noticed how dark it was, and that her vision was nearly flawless, the only light source was the slowly fading moon. She was more distracted by the current pains, sounds and smells. The fact that she was surrounded by small critters wasn’t helping her in feeling any more secure. Why did she come out into the forest again? She couldn’t recall. Although not a hundred percent safe she felt somewhat comfortable...it was odd, truly. Gripping her head tightly she grunted in pain as she began to rock slightly, everything was extremely loud and overbearing. Her grunts turned into small whines and screams until eventually she let out a loud scream, tears streaming down her face. “What’s going on? Why is this happening? It hurts...” Her lips trembled as her words came out shaky. “What the FUCK?!” Her words came out angry as she was slowly becoming annoyed and angry.

    So many emotions...she didn’t know what was going on. Not the slightest clue.
  12. The scream had gotten Korbin's attention, his eyes widening as he jumped up from the fire. He grabbed the shotgun before running headlong into the forest, trying to track her voice. "Bree?" He called as he entered the woods, gun to his shoulder. What was going on with her? Why did she wander back out into here after being attacked before. The next cry turned him, sending him closer towards her. "Bree?!" He called out again, eyes staring into the darkness of the forest while he stalked. The slight words of the girl ringing in his head, a monster? No, the girl was just being a scared child, Brianna couldn't be a monster. Those didn't exist... aside from the cruelest of humans. Soon enough he caught her in his eyes, lowering his weapon as he approached, "Brianna, what's going on?" He questioned, taking slow... cautious steps towards her. (Yea, like I said, not as long.)
  13. There was an echo of her name in the distance as she still grunted and clutched her head tightly. Her name was called again as she looked up, wincing slightly as she tried to see who or what was calling her name. There were footsteps as someone approached her and she let out a low growl as a warning to whoever stalked closer. Bree’s head shot in the direction of the voice as he got closer. Looking at Korbin she analyzed, his gun was lowered, his steps slow and cautious, his voice worried. It was safe, he was safe, he wasn’t going to attack her. With her defenses lowered she ran to him as the pain seemed to dissipate. Wrapping her arms around him she sobbed slightly as she held onto him. “There were so many sounds, they were watching me. It hurt so much Korbin...I felt...” Bree sighed and looked him in the eyes, her forehead rested against his as her cheeks were stained with tears. “There was so much pain...like my head was going to explode...”

    Her words stopped as she held her breath, something was approaching. It was nearly silent, padded feet trotted through the grass. A slow heartbeat, slow breathing. “Don’t move...” She whispered to Korbin. “There are three Wolves behind us. Don’t waste bullets, when I say so just run...” There was a low growl coming from one of the wolves. Shoving Korbin back she turned around as a wolf pinned her to the ground. Holding her hands up the wolf bit into her arm, letting out a small scream Brianna growled in frustration and kicked the wolf off her. The animal went flying and she stood up quickly. “RUN!!” She called out to Korbin as the other Wolves started coming after the two.
  14. He dropped the gun as she ran to him, concern still plain on his features while he wrapped his arms around her back. He held her in close, not showing any sign of letting her go. As long as she wished to stay within his strong grasp he would allow her, without complaint. Why would he? She was his dream but he still saw himself as only a friend to her. Her voice snapped his attention back to the present, his eyes looked to hers while their foreheads met. "What do you mean? Bree, what's happening to you?" His voice was nearly dripping with fear and concern, his care for her plain upon his face while he watched her. Why was this happening to her? What did that bite do to here? Before then she had been, normal... she had been the same girl and now she was acting strange. Rabies? No, it doesn't set in anywhere near this fast.

    Her sudden silence and attention made him raise an eyebrow. Her words made him freeze in response. "Wolves?" He seemed almost skeptical until he heard the growl. How did she know, the visibility in the woods was terrible and so was hearing. The shudden shove nearly tripped him, though he grabbed the gun from the ground. Drawing a bead on the wolf he watched it simply being kicked off of her. The thing had to have weighed over a hundred pounds! Her call made him react quickly, though he made sure he was running behind her, still trying to protect her as he held the shotgun in one hand and a long combat knife in the other, just in case.
  15. Glancing over her shoulder Brianna looked at Korbin who seemed to be falling behind. Stopping in her tracks she grabbed him by the wrist and started running again. “Just run! Don’t waste your time watching behind you. We’re almost at the camp, we can hold them off there.” She continued to run while holding on to Korbin. Soon the fire of their camp came into view and Bree skidded to a halt. Ashley and her father were sleeping. It was up to her and Korbin to keep them safe. Turning around Brianna took up a defensive stance as she snarled in the direction that the wolves were coming from. Clenching her jaw she scanned the area. She could hear the animals, she could smell them aswell, but she couldn’t see them yet. Although there seemed to be more of them joining together. Bree looked around, her jaw still clenched. “It seems that you might have to waste some bullets...Theres about six of them at the moment...” Bree looked over at Korbin and gritted her teeth as something more primal and predatory seemed to take over her.

    She analyzed the surrounding area, a low growl rumbling in her throat. Her body tense and preparing to fight. The wound on her arm had stopped bleeding and was already in the process of healing. The blood that had been running down her arm had dried up. She checked the bite and saw that it was fine. Stepping further away form the camp she clenched her hands into fists. Cautiously watching and preparing to fight.
  16. He looked to her about to complain before she began to drag him along with her. For now he would have to be concerned with her abilities later, they were useful in a fight it seemed. "Just stay behind me Bree..." Korbin spoke, nearly ordering her while he brought the shotgun to his shoulder, placing one shell in his mouth and two between his fingers, ready to reload the double barreled system. He glanced to her for a moment, trying to assess her condition before this all went down. She wanted to go against them unarmed. "Bree, go get a weapon or go hide!" He ordered as he assumed a proper shooting position aiming down the faint glow of eyes within the tree line.
  17. Brianna’s head shot in the direction of Korbin as he ordered her to either arm herself or go hide. “Fuck you Korbin! I can do what I want!” She exclaimed with a growl. Before turning towards the animals. Glancing over at him she clenched her jaw. ‘Maybe grabbing a weapon would be smart...but then that would give him a reason to be a smart ass after the fight...’ The thought ran through her mind before turning around and going through some bags. Eventually she found a knife and looked at it. “I don’t know how to use one of these...” She muttered. Bree was always used to Korbin fighting...but he couldn’t take all the wolves on alone, especially with limited ammo. Clenching her jaw she stood up. Standing next to him...knife in hand her mind began analyzing again, as if she was a whole different person, a fighter.

    Her grip tightened around the knife as her eyes followed the sounds the animals were making. There was one coming up the right, next to Korbin almost, another from the far left, on her side, three in the middle... “There should be one more...” She muttered. Brianna began to panic not knowing where the sixth one was coming from. They were wolves...the hunted in a pack...there was always one ahead, up ahead, towards where they planned on taking the prey. Turning around she looked behind them. “He’s gotta be somewhere...” She muttered as she analyzed the area behind them. The growls grew louder and eventually there was a roar. Turning around in almost a blink of an eye Brianna ducked and dodged the wolf coming from the left. The animal got back up as she locked eyes with it, behind her she could hear the rest coming out of the bushes...
  18. Korbin didn't respond as she growled at him, though he wanted to berate her up one wall and down the other for trying to do this unarmed. He took the safety off the shotgun as the wolves began to reveal themselves. His eyes darted to the one nearest one, her words setting him on edge while he rested his finger upon the trigger. As heard the wolf charge her he turned his gun toward it only to see her level up with it. He didn't have a shot. "Fucking hell..." He muttered before the wolf nearest to him charged, though it quickly got a mouthful of buckshot. Another from the middle took a similar load to it's chest, knocking it over with a yelp. If anything he was a good shot. It wasn't enough however, he had to reload after two shots. Even with his practiced ease of slipping two in at a time he was soon side swiped by a wolf, knocked to the ground, the shotgun wedged in it's mouth while it's claws dug at his arms and chest.

    He brought his boot up into it's guts, giving him enough time to wedge a knife into it's ribs and twist. Shoving the creature off him he hauled himself to his feet, placing another spread into a charging wolf. It was the best he could do, he was fighting harder than ever but he had only killed three before another knocked him down, the shotgun firing into the trees while he wrestled with the beast.
  19. Two shots fired next to Bree. Although she was more focused on the wolf that was staring her down. It lunged as did Bree and they were caught in a mess of fang, claw and knife. The wolf managed to bite her a couple of times, it’s claws scratching her. Eventually her knife made it’s way up and sliced the wolf’s throat. Blood dripped onto her as she tossed the corpse aside.

    A shot whizzed passed Brianna’s face as she felt a sharp pain in her left arm and shoulder. She let out a scream of pain as she clutched at the bullet wounds. “Korbin what the fuck!?!” She screamed out at him in anger before she turned around. “You fucking sh—” Her words cut off as she saw her friend struggling with a wolf on top of him. Ignoring the pain in her arm she jumped at the wolf and tore it off Korbin. Pinning the animal to the ground she prepared to stab it when something else rammed into her and knocked her to the side. Now she was pinned by a large black wolf.

    Saliva dripping from it’s jaws as it roared and growled at her. It’s claws had dug into her shoulders, it’s fangs just inches away from her throat. She pushed against the wolf, trying to keep the animal away from her face. The wolf was heavy, and strong. She clenched her jaw as she stared into it’s amber eyes. A low growl escaping her as she snarled at the animal. There was a pain in her mouth, and her hands. Ignoring the sharp irritating pinches she found herself grabbing the wolf around it’s neck.

    Tightening the grip she heard a couple of small pops and cracks as the wolf began to struggle to breath, the growling and snarling turning into whimpers as it met Bree’s eyes and pleaded for life. Her grip only grew tighter, her fingernails piercing the wolf’s skin with an odd amount of ease, blood began pouring down her hands and arms as there was a final loud crack that echoed through the camp, the wolf laying limp in her arms. Letting go of the animal she looked at her blood covered hands and was slightly confused at the site, her fingernails were pointed, almost like claws, and it wasn’t a small point. They looked like claws that could tear through flesh with ease.

    Looking over at Korbin she stood up and looked back down at her hands. No claws...just fingernails. Raising an eyebrow she bit her lip in confusion. “Are you alright?” She asked Korbin. Whatever anger or primal emotions that were there earlier had dissipated to nothing. “Ow...” Brianna winced as she clutched at her arm and looked down at the wounds, although they were difficult to spot with all the blood that was everywhere.

    Brianna smirked with a small chuckle. “Just a few millimeters over and I probably would have been laying on the ground dead...” She spoke, the sad smirk still on her face. “I should probably get those out...” Brianna said, speaking about the parts of the buck shot that were now lodged into her arm. Sticking her good arm out towards Korbin she smiled hoping that he would take her hand.
  20. He didn't know he had shot her, his attention had been fully upon the wolf trying it's best to keep the beast from mauling his face off. As it was ripped from him he took a moment to breathe, staring up at the dark sky while he trembled. Fear coursing through his veins. He would have been dead, his strength was failing as the multiple wounds he had received bled. A whimper came while he rolled himself to the side, eyes hazy as they tried to refocus after the attack. He could see her strangling the wolf with her bare hands. "B-bree?" He questioned before he heard the pops and cracks. The blood made him move away just a bit, watching her kill the beast with a single hand. "W-what are you?" He whispered mainly to himself. Focusing his eyes on the claws he shuddered, the usually stoic unshakable man had ice running through his veins.

    As she walked toward him he gulped slightly, trying to regain his composure. "J-just need stitched..." He replied looking to the gashes that ran along his arms. He would live but he would need to rest to recover the lost blood. He shot her? The thought worried him greatly, but she was still standing, he had only grazed her. "I'll take care of them..." He spoke, slowly standing, wearily looking to the dead wolves that surrounded them. They were four shotgun shells down, but they were alive. He looked to her good arm, though he didn't take her hand. "Bree... what happened out there? What's happening to you?"