Hunting the Healer

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  1. Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Gender: Female
    Born: September 13th 1992
    From: Devon, England
    Power: Phoenix spirit - control of fire, healer
    Description: Green eyes, long red hair, average height and slightly thin build.
    Bio: Tamsin was born with the spirit of a phoenix sealed inside her. As a result she was a sickly child, who remained on the verge of death for sixteen years until finally she broke free of the curse - sort of. Although she separated with the phoenix, the act of doing this caused her to become fused with its power permanently. She has little control of this, but does her best not to cause anyone harm. The only time she has been out of control when was she was five, she may have burnt her school down, along with a few of the people inside. It was at this point that she fluttered from care home to care home, eventually running away at age 12. Tamsin lives to do only good, wishing to make amends for the deaths she has caused. She can often be found seeing to the homeless, as their stories of healing powers would never be believed anyway.

    "Bobby, you really need to take better care of yourself." The girl spoke, examining the putrid feet of the homeless man. Gangreen, yet again. She had seen this man several times now, and despite the supply of antibacterial wipes and clean socks, the man always ended up in the same state. A burning sensation hurtled through the dead tissue as the healing process begin, and Tamsin felt her energy being brutally sapped. "Please, do it for me. One day you really might lose your foot if I'm not around." As always, the man nodded and smiled, assuring the woman that he would indeed do as she asked. But of course, they both knew better.

    By the time the healing process was finished, Tamsin was all ready for a good kip. She had treated half a dozen of the homeless that gathered under this old railway bridge, and seeng as she had no real training, that amount of power usage came at a heavy price. It was for this reason that her body still bore the telltale signs of sickness. The girl was pale and almost emaciated, something that perhaps would have left her, had she taken the more selfish route in taking care of herself. But, that just was not her. Here in New York, where no one gave a crap about anyone else, Tamsin endeavoured to do some good for these people.

    She wouldn't even sleep near them, for fear that her discovery would land them in trouble too. So, off the fiery haired young woman headed, walking the streets until she could find a suitable nook to curl up in for the night.
  2. Name: Silas MacArthur
    Gender: Male
    Born: August 3rd 1988
    From: (Undisclosed) North Dakota
    Power: None to speak of
    Appearance: Pale blue/grey eyes, close cut brown hair, stubble, tall, athletic build.
    Bio: There are those born to hunt, born to find the witches and burn them from the earth. Silas is one of those, a long line of hunters lay in his history, both his parents had excelled at the profession. They taught him all they knew in order to continue the long tradition of serving the church and 'humanity' by removing those who threaten them and their own power from the world. Now is his first hunt after years of training and hardening his mind and heart.

    He had been sent to New York, sent to hunt down a 'healer' and stop her... actions upon the locals. Clad in simple clothes he seemed to melt into the city, dark brown dress pants and a long black petticoat made him simply appear as one of the more well to do men in the city. Within it though he held his weapons, a pistol and a knife, all he truly needed with the training he had received. He was searching, paying those who appeared too healthy to be homeless for information. He was sent on the path to her, ending up at the bridge minutes after she left. Once more onto her path he continued to walk, paying those she helped little mind, they weren't his issue.

    Soon enough he caught eyes upon her back, watching her walk. Judging by the information he had been given it was her. The male kept his distance for now, observing, perhaps having a few second thoughts even. None the less he kept the chase, hands in his pockets, holding his weapons, ready to strike. "Miss Willoughby!" He called, having to make sure it was her.
  3. It was thanks to her trusting and often naive nature that Tamsin turned in response to the man who had called her name. She had never used a false name when asked, which was also one of those stupid and glaring errors that any seasoned monster would cringe at the mere thought of. The problem was, she just wasn't one of those things that went bump in the night. Maybe she wasn't totally human, but she certainly couldn't be counted amongst the evil, unless zealots were involved. Unfortunately for her, those were just the sort of people that had sent this young man.

    "Um...yes?" She soon replied, wondering if perhaps this man had heard about her healing ways and had somehow managed to track her down. Although she did not usually tend to the more affluent members of society, it was not beyond the realms of possibility that one may have come across mention of her name. She was at least cautious, not immediately hastening towards the man, keeping her distance as she waited to see what he would ask of her. In the darkness her expression was difficult to gauge, though her posture was slightly stiff, much like a frightened animal that was ready to run.
  4. Good, she responded to the name, now to make sure she was the healer. He continued to approach, his features kept as stoic and neutral as he could. "Are you the one who has been tending to the homeless?" He asked, keeping his hands hidden while he undid the safety of his pistol with a click that was covered by the sound of his shoes upon the concrete beneath them. He looked her over, trying to come to grips with why he was killing her. She certainly didn't look like a threat, let alone show that she had any thoughts on causing humanity or the church any issues or even pose a threat. So why was he supposed to end the girl? It made a bit of worry well up inside him.
  5. Although being approached was highly irregular, and Tamsin wasn't overly certain about this mans intentions, she still chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. For all she knew, he was in real trouble, or knew someone that was. Maybe it wasn't her place to be helping those in need, seeing as it was impossible to aid everyone, and healing only a few seemed a bit cruel. But whatever the case, she did what she did, and could hardly be expected to stop now.

    "Uh, yes. Why do you ask?" Tamsin soon responded, nervously running fingers through her hair, a habit she had picked up somewhere along the way. She wasn't sure just when that had started, but she supposed it hardly mattered. The innocent young girl simply stood, ever so slightly tense as she awaited a reply from this stranger.
  6. Guilt continued to fill him, his mind clouded by second thoughts as he watched the girl. She didn't appear to be a threat to anyone, she was tryin to help. Damn it all. "I need you to follow me, I need your help." He was trying to get her away, he couldn't kill her out in the open after all. The more he thought the worse he felt about it. None the less he turned heading down a nearby ally figuring she would follow. After all he learned of her he could predict that much.
  7. She was hesitant to do it, but Tamsin nodded at the mans words, following him faithfully. She believed that he was genuine, what reason would he have to lie to her? Still, if she was going to help him, the well meaning but achingly naive woman would need a few more details, "What is it? If I could have some detail...I'll be better prepared." If she wasted time trying to figure out what was wrong with the injured or diseased person, maybe they'd die - depending on how dire their condition happened to be. "I hate to pry, but...I hope you understand." Slightly ridiculous words, but Tamsin really did hate to be a bother.
  8. He waited until they were out of earshot before he turned to her, drawing the slick black pistol and aiming it at her. "I'm sorry... But by the orders of the church you must die for your actions." He spoke his hand shaking. He was once more fighting against his personal morality, fighting to try and pull the trigger. As he stared at her he couldn't do it, the sound of the safety engaging echoed in the street while he growled, looking away. "Damn it..."
  9. When she was all of a sudden faced with the barrel of the pistol, Tamsin's eyes widened, her heart leaping into her throat as she halted abruptly. Needless to say, she didn't understand why this person had so suddenly decided to kill her, but she damn sure wanted to know why. It wasn't fair. "But...what have I done? I was just trying to help!" Her fear was blindingly obvious, and even the most coldhearted of men would have taken notice, though it was fair to say that this didn't mean they would spare her. Indeed, some people might have enjoyed her fright. "Who are you, really?" She had to ask, she wasn't a moron, and knowledge is power.
  10. He watched her, wondering why she wasn't running. Anyone in their right mind would run at that point, would flee for their lives. He stared at her a moment. "My name means nothing. I'm a hunter... A hunter of those who aren't human." He spoke, his features turned into a scowling frown as he watched her. He put the gun away, withdrawing and showing his hands. "You though... You aren't the monster they played you to be."
  11. In truth, Tamsin was simply frozen to the spot with fear, not to mention a little confusion. She hadn't ever thought to be in a life or death situation, and she was a bit shocked by it all. Luckily for her, this man had chosen to show her some mercy. Had he not been as altruistic, then no doubt her brains would be splattered on the floor by now. As it was, the naive girl carried on asking questions, simply wanting to understand what on earth was happening here. "But why? Who would want to kill us?" She had met few of the inhuman kind, but none had seemed inherently evil - or maybe that was just her being naive again.
  12. He swallowed a lump that had been forming in his throat. His eyes glanced away, fighting the dogma in his head over it all. "Because you aren't human." He replied looking back to her, his body trembling as he tried to come to grips with it all. He couldn't kill her, if he didn't someone else would. A slight growl escaped him, fighting his inner daemons. "I'm not the only one who does this."
  13. She couldn't really believe that anyone could be so blindly violent. Killing simply because they weren't quite human, it was barbaric, not to mention bloody irrational. Tamsin didn't know what to do, and part of her just wanted to sit down and cry for all the innocents that had inevitably been slain by what Tamsin saw as pure evil. If there were these people all around, she could barely bring herself to think of the holocaust that they had taken part in. Eventually, she did speak again, "Why haven't you killed me yet?" She was here, unable to defend herself, there was no one around. And yet, the girl was still very much alive, and even beginning to feel a little sorry for this hunter. He seemed troubled, and even if he was a murderer, it was difficult for her to completely deny him any sympathy.
  14. Her question made him tense, a bit of anger welling up within him as he looked to her. "Because I can't!" He barked, looking away from her. Shame, disgrace, fear, they all filled him as he looked to her. "You were to be my first, and I can't. You aren't one killing people, burning villages, causing chaos." He spoke watching her, amazed that she was still here. That she hadnt run away by now.
  15. It was either stupidity or nobility that led to Tamsin simply walking the few steps closer to what was supposed to be her adversary, and laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. She was still slightly afraid of him, but it seemed he was no real threat. Instead of running, the girl spoke to him in soothing tones, doing her best to help, despite the idiocy of this, "It's okay. You said it yourself, you're not a killer." If he'd failed his first attempt, then he was clean. It was those around him that were not, and by Tamsin's reckoning, that would be the case even if he had killed. Good people do bad things, it's just the way the world works. "You mustn't blame yourself." She'd said that to herself enough times, and it still hadn't sunk in, so what hope was there for this guy?
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    He looked to her as she approached. It confused him, he had tried to kill her and yet she came closer. "If I don't kill you someone else will try..." He spoke, leaving out that he too would be killed for 'going soft.' He looked to her while she tried to console him, a frown escaping him. He had no where to go, no home, just the cash in his pocket for a hotel and a flight out. He sighed, lowering his head. "I'm sorry...." He spoke feeling truly bad for the girl.
  17. It was difficult to really know what to do, as Tamsin was quietly optimistic about her chances of survival, but also didn't want to offend this person by appearing too cocky. She stayed silent for some time, eventually figuring out a sensible way to respond, "I'll have to start moving then." She was no stranger to a nomadic life. The girl had hoped to stay here a while longer, or even lay down some roots in the city, but apparently that was not to be. "Don't be sorry, you haven't done anything wrong." To her, just hunting her down was not a crime, it was carrying out the act willingly that brought disapproval. Even if he'd murdered her reluctantly she would have forgiven, not that if that had happened she'd have the capacity for that. "Will you be alright?"
  18. He nodded to her as she spoke of moving. "I'll be on the run as well... I'm as good as dead since I couldn't do it." He replied nodding to her. He stiffened his lip, knowing he'd need to be strong to survive now. She would as well, another would come, and another if that one failed. Looking to her he frowned, turning and starting to leave the alley.
  19. For a moment, Tamsin stood without moving a muscle, mulling over what would undoubtedly be quite a bold move. She bit her lip slightly, unsure if what she was about to say was a good idea, or else a terrible one. Finally, the woman decided to take a chance on it, quickly bursting into action, "Hang on." She blurted, hurrying after the man that had been meant to murder her. "If we're both running, why not run together?" Apparently two heads were better than one - or so everyone said. It remained to be seen how true that was, or even if this one would allow it to be tested.
  20. He turned to face her as she called after him. A bit of confusion crossed his features as she proposed they go together. "You trust me that much?" He asked, unsure why she did. How naive she had to have been to do such confused him more. None the less he knew someone of her ability would be very helpful when the shit hit the fan. "Alright."