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  1. Alisha Stanton’s excitement about her college’s basketball team’s victory carried her down to the game floor, screaming with the crowd while holding onto her roommate, Taffeda Parks, for support. Her sweet soprano voice hit that glass-shattering note, extremely pure and full of energy, bouncing off the walls with the rest of the lightening. The Dolphins of Olsen Beach Community College had won the game of all games; sending them to the finals - totally undefeated.

    She pulled Taffy along at tow, being jerked at a dead stop every now and then, because the drop dead gorgeous blond-bombshell felt the need to lip-lock every 'single' player on the team. Soon, Coach Jenkins called his team to the locker room, and the crowd started the move out. The excitement of the after-game parties were just a hop-skip-and jump away from the campus, right down Society Street. All the Fraternity and Sorority houses are hosting the party extravaganza this year, and there was no way Alisha was going to miss it. She was so ready to thrash; her auburn hair braided into a Brazilian waterfall down her back and her outfit carefully selected for such an elite event. She was all ready to go but, will she get there at all?

    "Taffy, let's go! Get off of him!" Alisha was determined to just leave her friend where she was, glued to Rodan Jenkins, who didn't seem to mind her presence. Time was a wasting. If they didn’t leave now, they’ll lose out of all the good parking and will have to park several blocks away. She was about to blow a gasket. "Taffy, if I have to say it one - more - time..."

    "Alright! Sorry. Just wanting to help myself, ya know." Taffy turned her eyes away from where her feet were pointed, blowing a seductive kiss through the mayhem, so Rodan could capture it in his palm. "Hey, I'll call you!", he yelled out before jogging behind his teammates.

    Lisha shook her head, "I can't go anywhere with you..." Taffy bubbled gleefully, still being dragged through the crowd.


    "Come on, hurry up! We're already late as it is!" Alisha called back to Taffeda, trying to hurry her along as she herself jogged through the dark forest, using one of the flashlights a Junior had offered them as a guide. Alisha wasn’t sure why she opted to follow this group of upperclassmen. She recognized a few faces, like Kai Raines, but the other three guys, one of them being a Senior, she’s never seen them before on campus, or even around Kai. Taffeda – that’s why she chose to leave such a happening block party. When Kai and the upperclassmen invited them to another get-together, Taffy wanted to go because her eyes were set on Kai. They’ve known him ever since they started Olsen Beach, and Taffy’s always shown that she has the hots for him, but he’s never acknowledge it.

    “This might be my night, Lisha,” Taffy begged. “Please, just come with me. I don’t want to go alone. I’ll be able to talk to Kai, ya know. I promise we won’t stay long, K?”

    Alisha shook her head as she followed the group further away from Society Street, towards the old industrial park that sat behind the campus near Bruckner Bay.

    “Hey Kai, where exactly is this other party?” she asked as she pushed aside dead branches out of her way.

    “The old Fusion Electrical plant; some of our buddies are there already setting up. The team’s planning on heading there after making an appearance on Society Street. It’s suppose to be upperclass only, but you two are an exception cause you’re with me.”

    When they broke through the clearing, Alisha stopped dead in her tracks beside Kai. The moon, as it broke through the dark veil of the nighttime clouds, casted an eerie glow against the abandoned energy plant.

    "Is it just me, Lisha...or does this feel like the beginning of a terribly cliché horror movie?" Alisha looked at Taffeda with that, ‘I can’t believe you just said that’ look, before rolling her eyes and following the group towards the only building lit up.

    “Come on, girls. We’re almost there,” one of the other guys said as his eyes fell upon Alisha. Her skin began to crawl. She knew it wasn’t a good idea to go with a bunch of strangers to a isolated place, but Kai was there. He wouldn’t let anything happen to his friends, right?

    Alisha wrapped her arm around Taffeda’s shoulders and the two girls followed the others through the last stretch of the woods. They saw that there were other people there. A few were standing in the woods, smoking weed, drinking whatever they had in their cups, doing other things they really shouldn’t do. It looked as if the party was more outside than in. There were others who just stood around chatting with people, mingling around small barrel fires like a bunch of hobo’s from downtown. A few faces she recognized as she passed by. Others… no telling who they were.
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  2. Shadow laid along a branch in the Fusion woods, watching the students pass by. He was in an open black hoodie and t-shirt, his jeans slightly torn and dirty. His backpack was hung on the branch above him, weightless despite it's infinite contents. His dark hair hung slightly in his eyes as he studied the young beings below him. He tiltes his head in the general direction of the party, knowing that one of his duties as a reaper may soon need to be carried out. Despite his desire to do so, he knew that he mustn't alter the flow of history by telling the students what awaited them in the plant.
  3. It was strange, when Alisha entered the plant, there were hardly a person present. Music was blaring, echoing down the metal halls and empty rooms, causing her ears to ring. There were a few people exploring the main generator room which was some huge warehouse looking area filled with large metal contraptions with dusty turbines that use to produce enough power for the entire city. But now, they're using solar and wind energy cause it's environmentally safe. Alisha didn't care about any of that. All she was worried about was why wasn't the party looking like a party?

    "Hey, did this thing move outside or something?" she turned around to find the three upperclassmen behind her, and Kai and Taffy no longer in sight. Figures, Alisha thought to herself. She gets here and the first the she does is find a room. I can't believe Kai actually went with her... and left me here with these guys.

    The Senior member of the group stepped towards her, "Um, well... I guess everyone did step outside then. They must of been tired waiting for the basketball team to arrive."

    Alisha scoffed, "Of course. They're already at a hype party. Why would they leave it so soon to" She had a point, but the guy didn't seem to care.

    "Well, you're here. There's some refreshments in the old cafeteria. There might be others there as well..." He offered her his arm, showing that he was being polite. She followed him to the cafeteria, wondering if the night was going to be this boring or will something exciting pump this party up a notch or two...
  4. Shadow stood on the branch, pulling his weapon sheathes from his backpack and strapping them on before loading himself down with his ninjato, kamas, kunais, bo, and an assortment of other weapons before tossing his backpack on and walking weightlessly through the trees towards the plant. As he silently approached, he mentally prepared himself for the most hated part of his job.
  5. Shadow stood on the branch, pulling his weapon sheathes from his backpack and strapping them on before loading himself down with his ninjato, kamas, kunais, bo, and an assortment of other weapons before tossing his backpack on and walking weightlessly through the trees towards the plant. As he silently approached, he mentally prepared himself for the most hated part of his job.
  6. Just as she figured, there was still hardly anyone in the cafeteria. Now Alicia began to wonder if everyone had left cause of the pathetic party, and these guys headed to the main gig on Society to talk people over to there's in order to fill the place up.

    "Um, look...this was probably a nice party like - thirty minutes ago, but it's dead now. I'm just going to go find my friends and head on back up the hill. Thanks for the invite though." Turning around, she began to head back towards the exit, but the two Junior upperclassmen who came with Kai were blocking the doorway and refused to move even after she began to try to push through them. That only ended up poorly. They pushed her down instead.

    Alicia landed on her rump hard, "HEY, what the hell was that for?" Standing up to brush herself off, she tried again but this time the two guys grabbed her arm and hoisted her off the floor. Now she knew it. This wasn't a party after all - it was a trap! There's been so many reports on the news about missing college students being found after several days or weeks around this industrial park. Everyone had their ideas, but no one was able to figure out what had happened to them. They were either found wandering around brainless, in a coma lying under a tree, or floating in the bay dead. Was Alicia about to learn what her fate was going to end up as?

    She fought and struggled as the two guys carried her to the back of the cafeteria where there was the least light. Inside the walls, there were large metal containers embedded within, like capsules for bodies. She began to scream as the guys shoved her inside of one and a glass door closed her inside. Bang her hands against the glass door, she screamed angrily, "Who the hell are you!? What is this? What are you doing to me?" Suddenly, there was a loud hissing sound and the small compartment filled with white gas that smelled almost like formaldehyde. As she coughed and hacked, her eyes watering and her throat swelling shut, the Senior stepped close to the glass door so she could see a ghostly shape of his body pressed against it.

    "We just wanted to test you, Alicia. You're so special to us, and in order to place you where we need you, we have to make sure you accept the treatments." Gasping and fighting the urge to pass out, Alicia barked in protest, but there was no use. The gas entered her lungs and bloodstream. If her body didn't accept the treatment, then she was as good as dead. If it did, then she will wish for death for the rest of her life. Either way, Adecca will be pleased.
  7. He stepped into the shadow of a nearby tree, appearing in a small opening on the other side of the capsule, by the wall. He tapped on the glass quietly to get her attention. "Don't worry, you're safe," he said, then vanished once more, closely watching the situation from the rafters.
  8. Alicia's world was growing fuzzy, but before she passed out from the billowing gas, she heard a knocking behind her. She turned to find the back of the coffin made of glass as well that faced the side of the building. She could faintly see trees, the sky, and a figure staring in at her. He said something about being safe before she passed out.


    The two guys stood nearby waiting for the girl to pass out. When they felt that she'd taken enough of the chemical in her system, they opened the container and dragged her unconscious body out. Avoiding eyes, they began to carry her out of the cafeteria and up a dark hallway.
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  9. Striding across the steel I-bars that composed the rafters, Shadow kept close to the guards. He watched the surroundings, making sure that nobody was around to witness what he was planning. After he was satisfied that they were alone, he reached into his backpack and grabbed a rope. He tied one end to the bar and then silently slid down it, drawing his kamas the moment he touched the ground.
  10. The three guys headed into a room that was deeply hidden behind several large combines. They unlock the security doors and carried Alicia inside. The room was dark with several gurneys, most already occupied with sleeping students. They placed Alicia on one of the empty gurneys, chatting about how she was taking the chemical well. They left the room, heading upstairs to tell their boss that they believed that they had finally found the right girl for their testing.


    A few minutes passed. Alicia began to slowly emerge from her slumber, but her head was hurting, her eyes were blurred, and she felt dizzy and numb all over like she was waking up from the dead. She couldn't see what was in front if her when she tried to stand, so she fell against some sort of metal table knocking it over making a loud crash. As she began to pull herself up, trying to adjust her eyes to the low light, two of the guys returned to the room, yelling that she was awake.

    "Hey, you shouldn't be up from bed, little girl.''

    They grabbed her arms to lift her too her feet. Scared, Alicia began to fight, ''Where am I? What did you do to me?''

    ''You're alright. Don't fight us...just relax, everything will be alright.'' Something told her not to believe them.
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  11. Smirking, Shadow solidified from the darkness, his kamas already in position, his blades curved around their throats. In one swift motion, his blades were by his sides. The only thing that suggested that his blades had been there at all were the thin, thread-looking read lines around each guards neck. "And that, is my favorite part of the job," he said, sheathing them and helping the girl up. "Unfortunately, it means that it's mostly downhill from here."
  12. Confused, disoriented, and feeling completely out-of-body, Alicia found herself being pulled to her feet by someone who, if her eyes served her correctly, just killed the two guys who took her there. She wasn't sure if they were the good guys, or this new person was, but she felt too strange to attempt to fight this guy off if she was in the wrong hands. Where were her friends? Why in the hell did Taffy talk her into coming to this place?

    Deciding the best way to get answers was to ask questions, Alicia turned towards the guy who just 'helped' her. Holding her head, she tried to focus on the guy rather than the blackness that was slowly trying to take over again. "W-who are you? Do you know what's going on?"

    "There they are! Stop them; don't let her get away!"

    Alicia jumped in fright as the voices of more men began to echo in the room, causing her ears to ring. She slapped her hands over her ears and cringed in pain. Whatever that gas was that made her sick, it truly messed her up worse that drinking Mai Tais and shots of Goldslauger at the championship party.
  13. Shadow rolled his eyes, grabbing the girl with one arm behind her shoulders, the other behind her knees. Carrying her, he ran silently, his weapons shifting in their sheaths, through the shadows. Smiling softly, he stepped out in the shadow of a tree outside of the building and knelt, setting her against it.
  14. She knew she was imagining things now, or that gas was really screwing with her mind. One second, she was in the building with a lot of men chasing them, and then the next they were stepping out of a shadow outside of the building. The guy sat her down at the base of the tree and all Alicia could do was shake her head confused before looking up at the guy who just rescued her.

    "What did you do that? We..we were inside, and now..." Closing her eyes to another onset of vertigo, Alicia held her head in her hands, taking deep breaths. "I don't feel so good...," she mumbled, wishing she could just fall asleep where she was.
  15. He dug in his backpack and pulled out a tinder box, then gathered some wood and built a small fire. "This may take a little while to explain.. my name is Shadow."I'm a reaper, although... I suppose I'm a bit of a rogue, now. I work alone. The little trick I just did to get us here was called shadow stepping. And before you get the wrong idea, you're the only one hunted here. The other reapers wouldn't dare come after me."
  16. Alicia wasn't sure she was hearing the guy correctly. With the fire now illuminating his face and clothing, she wasn't sure if he was being serious or actually just joking with her. But, after seeing him kill those men... that is, if that's what she saw, then would he joke about something like that, being a reaper..and that she was being hunted?

    "I don't get it... Reapers are like angels of death or something; a myth you read about in children's books. There's no way you're one... you look normal to me." The fire began to warm her cold body up and unknowingly she wrapped her arms around her and leaned closer to it as she talked. "And, why am I being hunted? I was just going to a party with my friends..."

    Just then, Alicia stopped and tried to stand up on her feet in a hast, wobbly falling back on her knees as she looked around her nervously. "My friends? Taffy and Kai! They were with me... What happened to them..Aahhh, geez, my head really hurts." She flopped back down on her rump, holding her head again as she leaned against the tree.
  17. He sat across from her, gazing into the fire. The glow from it flickered across his face, seeming to alter his features. "Think of what I just did as more on the 'angel' side. You're being hunted because you have seen what is happening at the plant, and you've escaped. I couldn't interfere and help your friends, their lives weren't in danger. I could only get you." He dug in his backpack, pulling out a mortar and pestle before continuing his search.
  18. "My life was in...danger..." That revelation alone caused Alicia to shiver. Thinking back, she suddenly recalled what happened and where those men took her. She remembered seeing bodies - not for sure if they were sleeping or awake, but other than that she really couldn't recall anything else. Nevertheless, she just lived through an hour of her life in complete danger of losing it entirely, and this - reaper - saved her from it.

    "Do you know what they did to me...what they were doing to those other people there?" She watched as Shadow pulled out two items she normally sees in chemistry class, wondering why anyone would carry them around.
  19. He dug out some dried chamomile and willow bark, grinding them into a powder. "They were preparing you to test a chemical. That gas you breathed was a catalyst, something that would set off the reaction once you were injected with the chemical."
  20. The shivers grew worse. "Then...those stories are true about that place." Seeing that she almost became another victim of the local urban legend, Alicia seriously became sick to her stomach. She threw herself around the side of the tree to hid her embarrassment as she hurled her lunch and whatever else she had that night. When she was done, now feeling horribly groggy and weak from God knows what, she rolled herself back against the warmer side of the tree, tilting her head back and closing her eyes.

    The ground seemed to shake underneath her, and she seem to be able to hear the sounds of every creature stirring restlessly in the woods. All the white noise just upset her head more, and cause her eyes to fall out of focus several times. "Are...are they still chasing us? Are we safe?" She was on the verge of passing out, but she feared never waking up if she did.
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