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  1. I've been trying to get back into Iwaku for a couple of weeks now. Sadly, all of the people I have RP'd with have bailed on me, so I am stuck without any roleplay. I'm up for anything as long as you PM me or post here.

    Help me (insert name) you are my only hope!

  2. @Eternalfire61 Deadpool rocks! You looking for 1x1 or group? I have a shit ton of ideas that I can sling at you lol. Also what maturity level and post quality are you looking for? My posts are usually shorter when I'm interacting more directly with other characters.
  3. I trying to start a DBZ RP, Check out if ya interested. DeadPool is so raw, I think just like him.
  4. Would you be intersted in being a wizard who needs an apprentice? I haven't done this one and thought it might be fun to do.
  5. If this is still open

    I have a new Fire Emblem rp up. I dunno if you'd wanna join still but eh. *shrugs* Haha.
  6. Love your picture and I absolutely love Star Wars. I'd be interested in throwing some plots around with you, but ultimately it would be what you are interested in as well =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.